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If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to increase space, temporary industrial buildings are the perfect solution!  Temporary only by name, they are de-mountable, modular structures that provide the ultimate in durability and flexibility.  They allow you to easily add extra space in pretty much any environment or location. 

They stand up to the tests and strains of the most challenging industrial environments. A temporary building provides everything you would expect from a traditional building, without the huge costs. 

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    The changing industrial landscape

    The world is facing sustained pressures and the ability to react quickly to changing demands will put your business at the front of the pack. Temporary industrial buildings are completely adaptable and flexible during its life cycle and beyond. We can relocate your building to other sites to increase its life cycle. You can even rent a temporary structure from Field and Lawn to help manage CapEx.

    Benefits of temporary industrial buildings

    Temporary buildings are the go-to solution for industrial businesses who need storage space fast. Give your business extra capacity with a temporary industrial building to boost your bottom line.  A temporary building can be completely specified to your exact requirements, including; data connections, CCTV, internal/external lighting, alarms, access systems and flooring.


    Temporary buildings are highly versatile and can be easily adapted to meet business needs, including lighting, heating and cooling


    Protect expensive machinery and plant when not in use by storing them safely in an industrial temporary building with access control and CCTV


    Built to stand the test of time, temporary structures are robust and durable, ready to work hard with low building maintenance costs

    Five best industrial building use cases

    Temporary warehouse and storage buildingscan be used across a wide variety of industries and sectors including:

    Temporary warehousing is a great way to quickly increase industrial storage capacity from storing raw materials right through to finished products.

    Temporary buildings can be used for additional production space. With bespoke HVAC options, ambient and temperature controlled options are available.

    For long term and large-scale construction and infrastructure projects, temporary buildings can offer a viable, cost-effective site office space and welfare solutions

    Temporary buildings can be used to house livestock or store grain, feed, hay and equipment. Partitions can be used to provide welfare facilities and office space

    Temporary structures can be used for waste sorting, segregating, recycling, and storage, keeping your site clean and clear.

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    Contact us today to discuss your temporary storage needs.  You can also visit our manufacturing partner, Protan Elmark.  They supply temporary industrial buildings to over 50 countries!

    Finally, if you want to see a temporary industrial building in action, take a look at our latest case study.  We installed a durable valeting bay building at Skoda in Warrington.


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