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Are you considering a temporary building solution? Unlock the full potential and benefits of temporary structures by downloading our comprehensive guides. The temporary building guides are designed to provide you with valuable insights and expert-level knowledge on how temporary buildings can help your business.

Discover how versatile temporary buildings are and how they can offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and complete customisation to meet your specific requirements. From choosing the right structure and roofing systems to understanding compliance planning regulations. Our guides cover all the essential aspects of a temporary building project. Download our guides today and unlock benefits of temporary buildings…

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    We understand that buying a temporary building is a considerable investment.  Our experienced team of temporary building experts would be delighted to show you around a completed, local project.  Visiting a completed temporary building will enable you to experience first-hand the quality, durability and flexibility a temporary building from Field and Lawn can deliver.

    See the manufacturing process

    Our temporary buildings are manufactured off-site, using the latest precision engineering process at a state of the art, European production facility.   If you would like to find out more about the manufacturing process, we can facilitate a factory visit.  

    Inside the temporary modular building manufacturing facility

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