Why temporary Buildings?

BusinessES across the UK are turning to temporary buildings as construction costs rise.


Snow, wind and fire rated for UK regulations

Cost Effective

More cost efficient than traditional buildings

Install Anywhere

No foundations, we can build on any surface


Built to your exact requirements

Durable & Robust

Industrial strength solutions, built to last


Rent and return the structure or purchase

Rapid Installation

Installed in days without disruption

Insulation Available

Choose from insulated, steel or PVC options

Temporary buildings are only temporary by name.  They are industrial strength structures that are built to last in excess of 20 years.  So, why should I choose a temporary building?  Our wide range of temporary building solutions provide a quick and simple way to get the extra on-site space you need,  with minimal cost and disruption.  Here are some of the key reasons why businesses are turning to temporary buildings:

Cost savings

Achieve up to 70% cost savings when buying a temporary building as an alternative to a permanent building or rent to reduce your long-term liabilities. No need for foundation costs, architectural, legal or agents’ fees.  In addition, keeping your storage space on site will save costs and ease operations. Eradicate the extra hassle, personnel, security, plant, equipment and transportation between sites.

Flexibility - Rent short term temporary storage

Rent, buy, dismantle, relocate, or modify your temporary building as your business needs evolve. Our temporary buildings give you the freedom to adapt your current facilities to your growing business requirements. Whether that be the installation of additional doors, the retrofitting of a guttering system or the ability to fully insulate the structure, we can accommodate your requirements.

Speed of construction

Get the extra on-site space you need in weeks, avoiding the delay and cost of significant groundworks and slow build processes. There’s no need to hire off-site space, meaning limited interruption to your business.  If you are looking to get space even faster, then rental options are available.


A temporary building is only temporary by name. They are hard-wearing, long lasting, highly durable structures. They can be in place for over 20 years with the right care. The structure is assessed by engineers to ensure wind and weather loading to provide a long-term solution. Field and Lawn also offer industrial tents, which can be specified with robust steel cladding for additional security. Temporary buildings will be engineered to comply with all the relevant BS and EU standards and weather loadings. Our buildings are always calculated to meet British Safety Standards, Wind Loading BS6399 and General Snow Loading BS6399.

Risk Management

In this uncertain financial time, a temporary building is a lower risk option than investing in the conventional build of a permanent storage facility. In some cases, temporary buildings may be exempt from business rates such as temporary agricultural buildings. Business rates are handled differently within Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Temporary building success stories

See the benefits of temporary buildings in action! How did Skoda Warrington benefit from a temporary industrial valeting bay?

For mechanical workshops, car export storage and valeting bays, temporary buildings are an ideal solution.

To help guide you through the process, our expert team of temporary building specialists are on hand. We can help get the right building for your budget. Contact us today for a free, no obligation site visit and quote.