What are
temporary buildings?

Temporary buildings are an ideal alternative to a permanent building as there is no need for foundation costs, legal fees, architectural consultants, stamp duty and agents’ fees.  They typically offer cost savings of up to 70% against a traditional building.

A temporary building is a hardwearing, long-lasting, highly durable structure. Temporary, refers to the fact that they are de-mountable, modular,  buildings that provide the ultimate in durability and flexibility. It’s a common misconception that temporary buildings are not built to stand the test of time. With the right care, temporary buildings have a life span of 20 years or more.

Temporary buildings are built with engineered modular components that are assembled on site to give businesses space, quickly.  They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length. These are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together,  or using a steel frame, providing a space solution for everyone.

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Temporary buildings - The breakdown!


This is the structural backbone of a temporary building; it supports the other components, lighting and HVAC. To add additional strength and security, steel inserts are used. On large temporary buildings, generally over 40m, a steel frame is recommended.


The roof is typically made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is durable, weather-resistant and allows natural light into the building whilst providing shelter. Translucent PVC can also be used on the roof for additional natural light. To provide enhanced insulation and thermal efficiencies, a double skin, inflatable roofing system can be specified. To maximise the internal height, different bracing options can provide valuable extra space for roof-height racking, storage and access for machinery. 


Temporary buildings can be clad in insulated panels, which slot into the steel framework. There are a wide range of options which provide different benefits. Single skin steel walling is highly cost effective, which is great for industrial storage buildings. Insulated sandwich panels provide more thermal efficiency creating a comfortable working environment.  

Doors and Windows

Doors and windows can be provided to meet individual needs, from rapid action automated roller shutter doors to simple push bar openings.  You can add double or triple glazing to your temporary building when sandwich panel walls are used.  Or PVC windows can be created for additional natural light.


A range of flooring options are available from industrial grade flooring to hard wearing carpet.   We can provide completely bespoke flooring options from steel sub frame with wooden boards and carpeted floors. As the frame is free-standing, you can simply leave the existing ground exposed as flooring isn’t structurally required.   

Anti-condensation lining

Condensation can occur, usually during the cold winter months when the outside temperature is below freezing.  Depending on the roof system specified and use of the building, an anti-condensation lining will help prevent water droplets forming and any potential damage to stock.


Temporary buildings can be set up like a traditional building with lighting and electrical systems, CCTV and alarms.  Lighting plans can be provided and the most up-to-date, energy-saving products are available through Field and Lawn.  Additional heating, cooling and ventilation systems can be installed.


Depending on the ground conditions and intended use, anchoring is usually achieved by driven, threaded metal rods and sealed with chemical resin. Other solutions are available, such as ballast weights for instances when the ground can’t be penetrated.  Field and Lawn can install temporary buildings on most ground surfaces, including grass and uneven slopes.  

Now create your own

Together with our expert suppliers, Protan Elmark, we have developed a temporary building configurator. This tool enables you to select the type of structure you need, specify the exact size, roof system and walling to start a quote.

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Benefits Of Temporary Buildings

Off-site Manufacturing

Temporary buildings are manufactured off site. They are precisely engineered to exacting quality standards in an advanced manufacturing facility.  This means they are quick to install, minimise disruption during the build and don’t require multiple on-site construction trades. 

Cost & programme certainty

The risks with traditional construction are often in the groundworks and can add significant cost and project delays.  With off-site manufacturing, there is very minimal groundwork required; meaning we can provide cost and programme certainty.


Standardised processes and factory conditions mean precision is possible.  With robust testing, checks and standards, defects are minimised.  This means your building is ready from day one.

Re-use and recycle

Due to the modular nature of the construction process, should replacement parts be needed, they can be supplied quickly, reducing maintenance and repair costs.  If more space is required, we can seamlessly integrate additional bays to create more storage space. The risk of redundancy is also limited as should you no longer need the building it can be sold, returned or re-located.  If you’re looking for a small warehouse to let or a full scale, temporary warehouse building, all our structures are offered with rental and purchase options.


Field and Lawn are a carbon neutral company; with that comes great responsibility to protect the environment.  Off-site manufacturing is highly efficient and waste is minimised during production.  Disruption is also minimised during the assembly process such as noise, minimal ground disturbance, and vehicle movements. Field and Lawn use the latest plant, machinery and vehicles to minimise our impact on the environment.


The bulk of the work is completed in a controlled factory environment; this improves safety by reducing the risk of working at height for prolonged periods, manual handling and other construction-related activities. All our in house installation teams are trained to the highest standards. Field and Lawn are a Constructionline Gold member, CHAS accredited, Safe Contractor Approved and hold ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certification.

Benefits Of Temporary Buildings

How did IKEA improve their retail operation by using temporary buildings?

To help guide you through the process, our expert team of temporary building specialists are on hand. We can help get the right building for your budget. Contact us today for a free, no obligation site visit and quote.