Sectors and uses

Temporary storage buildings and loading bay canopies are being used by a growing range of sectors.

A growing range of sectors are seeing the benefits of temporary buildings.  Sectors such as manufacturing, retail, agriculture, construction, automotive, logistics, industrial businesses and education sectors are using temporary buildings to provide covered space, quickly.  They are used for many different purposes, including: 

Our Temporary buildings are fast to build, cost effective and flexible.  If you have a need for covered space, we can provide a solution.  Take a look at the range:

A temporary building is an almost-instant fix to many storage and space related problems. Their flexibility means that they can be used for…

Temporary Warehouse Buildings

Manage seasonal peaks in storage requirements, including ambient and secure storage. Temporary and semi-permanent buildings are perfect for protecting sensitive materials, such as machinery or stock that needs temperature control. They provide excellent protection against both harsh sunlight and rain, as well as from significant changes in temperature.

Loading Bay Canopies

Protect your stock and increase productivity with a loading bay canopy. Our temporary canopies can be freestanding or integrated into existing buildings to provide shelter and protection for loading and unloading delivery vehicles large and small.

Industrial workshops and stores

Semi-permanent, temporary buildings are a good solution to provide workshops for fleet maintenance, vehicle valeting and smart repairs. A semi-permanent building is a great way to increase covered space for stores, including salt and grit stores and general equipment.

Click and collect FACILITIES

Create instant space and give customers a great collection experience with a dedicated and separate covered space for click and collect orders.

Temporary classroom space

Schools, colleges and universities often rent temporary buildings to provide short-term, temporary classroom space, gyms or during peak exam season, temporary exam halls. A temporary building can be used as a large examination hall, providing enough space for students to work under the correct exam conditions.

Relocation and refurbishment work

Moving business premises or undertaking refurbishment work is never easy. Instead of hiring off-site storage, rent a short-term storage option through Field and Lawn. This is a great way to make moving or refurbishment work easier, keeping stock and storage on-site.

Temporary office space

Quicky set up additional temporary or satellite office space during a period of growth. Our insulated temporary buildings make ideal office spaces.

Construction and infrastructure projects

From welfare villages and temporary meeting rooms to on-site material storage. Temporary buildings in the construction and infrastructure sectors can solve many problems.  Protect your machinery and plant from the increasing risk of theft with a temporary storage building.

Disaster recovery

Temporary buildings can be used to provide temporary space for essential services in the wake of natural disasters, rapidly.  They are a vital solution for temporary accommodation and storage after fire and flood damage.  We can rapidly supply a range of temporary buildings quickly to help your business get back up to speed.

Temporary Buildings in action!

To see and search for a full range of uses, read our project case studies.

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