Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings are quick and easy solutions to increase space.

They can be used for storage, warehousing, manufacturing, waste processing, construction, agriculture and more. They offer modular flexibility, speed, and cost savings when compared to traditional buildings.

There are many different types of temporary structures that are suited to a range of requirements and uses. From large storage sheds to highly insulated, temperature-controlled warehousing. Prefabricated temporary buildings are a popular solution for many businesses. Unlike traditional buildings, they can be rented, returned or re-located if your business needs change.

Temporary buildings are modular structures, engineered and manufactured off-site considering all structural calculations relevant to the building’s geographical location. They  are installed by our in-house teams in a matter of days, without significant disruption.

A temporary building can be installed on virtually any surface, slope or tight and constrained space. They can even be designed and engineered to accommodate obstacles such as walls, steps and banking. Just like a traditional building, guttering and drainage options can be provided. Temporary buildings can even be linked and connected into existing buildings. Find out more about our temporary building solutions to find the right type of building for you.

Types of temporary buildings

Single skin temporary buildings

Using a steel skin, this temporary industrial building is ideally suited to industrial storage and provides a cost effective and quick solution for protecting machinery, stock and products from theft and weather damage.

Our single skin prefab temporary buildings are robust and secure and offer semi-permanent build quality.  They have been used as industrial valeting bays for the automotive industry through to mechanical workshops and laboratories. The steel walls allow you to add large bespoke doors which will provide covered space to safely store plant and machinery. 

Due to their cost effectiveness, steel buildings are a first choice for many agricultural and manufacturing businesses looking for quick, industrial, storage and warehouse space.

Insulated temporary buildings

Insulated buildings provide an enhanced working environment for employees and can be used as temporary warehouse buildings for ambient and temperature-controlled storage.  They can be partitioned to create offices, showrooms, and used as short-term manufacturing and logistics centres.  

Our insulated temporary buildings have provided top class temporary welfare facilities for major construction projects and widely used across the events, hospitality and TV production industries for back of house operations.

Insulated buildings provide a premium, high quality yet cost-effective solution for temporary warehouse structures.  The insulated building panels are prefabricated off-site and include 60mm of thermally efficient insulation.  This enhances thermal properties and lowers heating and cooling costs.

Insulated buildings can also reduce running costs, create a comfortable working environment for staff and visitors and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year.

Loading bay canopies

Canopy structures can be open ended or open sided to help your loading and unloading operations. They help protect stock from damage and increase efficiencies with lighting, enabling round the clock productivity. 

One of the key benefits of a loading bay canopy is how seamlessly they can connect to existing warehouses to increase capacity and efficiency.  They can also be completely free-standing structures acting as container canopies at ports and airports.

Ultimately, your success dependent on how you receive and send goods; a warehouse canopy enables you to keep your operations flowing, all year round. 

At Field and Lawn, we recently delivered three new custom loading bay canopies for Oak Furnitureland. They were designed to seamlessly integrate into their existing operation and, were built on-site in a matter of weeks. Read the full case study here. The structures are exceptionally durable and benefit from a significant lifespan of up to 50 years. In addition to this, canopies can be dismantled, relocated, or modified, as your business needs evolve. If you move your operation, you can take your canopy with you


Temporary buildings can be partitioned, insulated, and designed to make excellent multi-functional spaces.  Bespoke elements such as mezzanine flooring, stores and canteens can be created with partitioning.  

A temporary building can provide full functionality with utilities such as water, heating, ventilation and more, creating an optimum environment for working and learning.  This means, temporary buildings are a popular alternative to traditional buildings or other modular or prefab classrooms and structures.  

High quality flooring and finishes can be provided throughout the building as well as bespoke lighting, doors and windows.  

Temporary building success stories

Field and Lawn have supported businesses across the UK to solve storage challenges. Customers, like IKEA, have embraced temporary storage buildings to improve business performance and customer experience. We have delivered five buildings for Ikea. Don’t just take our word for it...

Our experience in temporary buildings enables us to offer a complete turnkey solution, providing everything you would expect in a traditional building without the cost, time and headaches.

We can offer:

The rise of temporary buildings

Having been a popular solution across Europe for some time, temporary buildings are becoming increasingly popular here in the UK.  As construction, labour and material costs soar, temporary buildings remain a safe and solid option to increase space.

Field and Lawn can advise you throughout every step of the process; from the best design options, to support with planning applications and groundworks, through to extending or re-locating your building.

Field and Lawn are industry specialists in providing temporary structures across the UK, with a track record of providing affordable, high quality, temporary warehouses, industrial buildings, loading bay canopies and large retail storage buildings UK wide. No matter what your ground conditions are, we will be able to design a structure that will work in your space.

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