Temporary Buildings - Field & Lawn

Temporary Buildings

We provide a huge range of high-quality structures for industrial and commercial applications throughout the UK and Ireland.

This industry is growing rapidly, and we are proud to be at the forefront of it. We strive to provide cost effective, efficient space solutions and deliver structures that perfectly fit the brief for all our clients. Our modular clearspan structures are a comprehensive alternative to traditional buildings. They are quick to install and are being used by a growing range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, logistics, commercial, agriculture, and sports. Our structures can be designed for any application or location, for long-term and short-term use, whilst complying with all the relevant BS and EU standards. We can install a range of specifications in a matter of weeks from confirmation, either as a direct purchase or rental.

Warehouse & Storage 


Warehouse and storage space is always in high demand but having the right space is critical.

Whether you need to expand your current facility, or wish to install a new one, we can design, manufacture, and deliver a solution that meets all your requirements. We have installed structures for a multitude of uses including supermarket warehousing, vehicle part stores, freight forwarding and parcel storage and click and collect staging areas. Our storage structures are more affordable than traditional buildings and offer just as much flexibility in their design. We can incorporate all the features that you require, including insulation, secure door systems, and even solar power generation. Your custom designed structure can be installed within a few weeks, giving you minimal interruption to your business.


A Field and Lawn loading bay canopy will increase your goods in and dispatch area, thereby improving your operational efficiency.

This will remove the need for goods to be left in the open and provide a safe, sheltered working environment for staff to work under. These canopies can be linked directly to your existing loading bays, your warehouse buildings or can be standalone. Engineered to your specification, with open gable ends, these structures are designed to meet the relevant BS6399 and Eurocodes for wind and snow loading. They offer a quick and flexible solution to create a more efficient use of your existing space. Our canopies can be erected in a matter of weeks from point of order and installed on a variety of existing surfaces with a range of permanent or temporary anchorage methods.

Loading Bay Canopies

Production, Workshop and Studio Space

Production, Workshop and Studio Space

Due to our modular construction techniques and bespoke designs, the structures can be easily used instead of (or in addition to) more conventional buildings to provide quick and functional spaces for all manner of uses.

We have provided bespoke structures for many applications including reception areas, school canteens, vehicle inspections and an ambulance repair workshop. The limits are almost endless because the specification on sizing, materials and finishes is so flexible. You may just need a basic carport shelter, or you may need a fully insulated, temperature-controlled production unit, with partitioned office space, welfare facilities, specialist lighting, security, and fire systems. We can do it all.

Sporting Facilities

Our sporting structures are a cost-effective solution for tennis court covers, MUGA pitch covers, ice rinks, equestrian riding arenas and many more.

The structures are quick to install and easily dismantled, allowing them to be moved to a new location or to be used seasonally. We can help to provide year-round use for your sports facility, giving you the peace of mind and security to utilise that space without disruption. They are manufactured from the highest quality materials, can be built on a range of surfaces, and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Depending on your requirements we can design the structure to be fully insulated and can offer a wide range of additional accessories from lighting, grandstand seating, and specialist floor coverings.

Sporting Facilities

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