Storage marquees

Fast and flexible storage space

Rapid delivery across the UK

Our flexible storage marquees provide a fast and practical short-term solution to increasing your storage capacity.  A storage tent from Field and Lawn can be delivered and installed in a matter of days, giving you a fast, disruption free solution to your storage headaches.  These temporary storage solutions offer a convenient and effective way to store goods, equipment, and other items on your site, without the expense of off-site storage.

We can install on hard surfaces such as yards and car parks using weighting as well as on grass. We can provide appropriate flooring and a range of options to tailor your storage structure. We have a range of suitable structures ranging from 3m to 30m in width and various heights can be achieved, providing clear access for forklifts and internal racking. Our structures are regularly used for commercial storage, packing, distribution, factory style set ups and depot loading/unloading operations.


flexible storage options

We stock a wide range of storage options

One of the key advantages of our storage structures is their flexibility in terms of size and layout and the range of hire options available. We hold the stock ready to go, just let us know how much space you need.  Our storage structures come in a wide range of sizes, from small tents to large-scale structures ideal for commercial and industrial use. This versatility allows businesses and to choose a storage marquee that perfectly fits their space and storage needs. 

In addition to their flexibility, storage marquees are also known for their ease of installation and relocation. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar storage buildings, storage marquees can be set up quickly and efficiently, making them an ideal solution for temporary storage requirements. This flexibility to erect and dismantle the structure as needed provides businesses with the freedom to adapt their storage space according to changing needs, saving time and money in the process.

Interim storage tents

A seamless and scalable storage solution

We recently helped a waste recycling plant to do just that. When their plant was scheduled for routine maintenance, they required a fast, cost effective interim storage solution. Our team visited site to fully understand their requirements and propose a two phased solution to provide an initial dry storage tent for their short-term plant maintenance.

On this particular project, we supplied a 15m x 20m x 3m interim structure to provide much needed storage. Our client was previously using offsite storage which increased travel times and emissions. This had a big impact on their productivity and operational performance. From initial contact we developed a solution that could meet their hard internal deadline. RAMS were produced and we installed the structure swiftly, using our experienced, in-house team. The structure was initially provided on a flexible eight week hire, however, we accommodated an extend the hire, meaning their project could continue seamlessly.

Longer-term temporary buildings

Durable temporary warehouses

A storage tent is an ideal solution for short term needs, however we are uniquely placed to offer a durable, long term solution with our range of temporary buildings. F&L Temporary buildings specialise in designing and installing high quality bespoke storage solutions such as a temporary warehouse building to give your business additional space that will stand the test of time.

F&L Temporary Buildings are a leading supplier of storage structures that can be in place for 20+ years Despite the temporary name, a temporary structure is not just a short-term option. Our temporary building solutions and industrial canopy shelters are durable, semi-permanent structures that provide high-quality extra space, capacity and shelter for your business. Why you should consider a temporary building for additional space:

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