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Temporary buildings and court canopies increase playing time and revenue all year round. If you’re looking to cover an existing pitch, or build a new sports hall, our solutions are engineered to perform in all conditions.  Canopies and court covers are a great option for sport and leisure buildings to boost income, all year round.

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Benefits of temporary structures for sport and leisure facilities

Temporary buildings are the go-to solution for sport and leisure providers who are looking to quickly provide extra capacity and space. From a temporary gym or sports hall right through to a Padel court canopy, we can get you covered.

Maximise revenue

Train and play throughout the year with shelter from the weather

Sound containment

Court canopies can provide valuable sound insulation and support acoustic performance


Our temporary buildings and canopies integrate with existing infrastructure, such as floodlights and fencing

Prevent light pollution

Keep neighbours and wildlife happy and contain floodlighting with a bespoke canopy

Bring outdoor games, inside.

Open plan. Large format building profiles are suitable for a range of sports. Designed to ensure maximum height clearance so the ceiling never becomes a factor during play.  We are seeing more and more sports clubs and leisure venues move towards covered outdoor pitches, including:


Batting net covers


MUGA or five aside
court protection


Court canopies

Padel Tennis

Court covering

Other sports and leisure applications include, outdoor swimming pools, volleyball and hockey.  Our bespoke structures can accommodate a range of pitch and court sizes.  With rapid installation, we can get the job done quickly, typically installing canopies within one week to minimise your down time. 

Multi-use games areas, often referred to as MUGAs are springing up at schools, collages, universities and leisure centres across the UK and beyond.  However, most of these courts remain uncovered and open to the elements.  With the ability to hire out the facilities in the evenings, getting a sports court canopy is great way for sports clubs to boost income. 

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