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Placemaking is the process of creating quality and exciting public and private spaces through good design, planning and management.

Creative placemaking and city dressing enlivens a featured space, rejuvenates structures and streetscapes, improves local business viability, and brings diverse people together to inspire and be inspired.

With expertise across a range of sectors, Field and Lawn are perfectly positioned to support and deliver your placemaking and city dressing projects. We understand the challenges that come with adapting to our evolving high streets and retail centres. There is a growing need to create welcoming and engaging experiences that will encourage people to reconnect with their local community.

Architectural and Urban Lighting

Architectural and Urban Lighting

Make the most of your building façade, central hub, or architectural feature with the latest and most advanced lighting systems.

By using more economical and environmentally friendly LED products, with fully programmable technology, there are huge opportunities to create a stunning visual impact.

We can provide a wide range of lighting solutions and the services we offer include:
• Permanent Architectural Lighting – from monochromatic to colour changing and even fully controllable products. These are designed to enhance your architecture and offer changeability throughout the seasons and to emphasise important events.
• Interactive Displays – bring people together and create popular moments for social media. Using the latest technology, establish trends and draw people to locations with something for them to capture with friends and organically promote to the world.
• Temporary Event Lighting – colour wash, spotlighting and show-lighting to maximise impact and promote branding.
• Exhibition and Display Lighting – create focal points for your displays and help to heighten print displays and branding.
• Tree Lighting – temporary or permanent solutions can be achieved using up-lighting or wrapping the tree.
• Projection – from standard gobo projection to full projection mapping across entire building façades.

Banners, Flags and Bunting

Banners, flags, and bunting can be a colourful and cost-effective way of promoting your brand or event or enhancing your area.

We can supply and install a range of different sized banners or flags in PVC, fabric, and mesh materials. These can be erected as cross street displays, on lamp columns or attached to building façades. We can assist with your planning, permits and advertising consents, as well as take care of all infrastructure requirements.

We have installed hundreds of miles of bunting over the years and can honestly describe ourselves as true bunting experts. We can supply bespoke bunting in fabric and PVC, printed double sided and in a range of sizes. Bunting is an excellent way to dress the High Street, either seasonally or for a special occasion.

We can also provide a wide range of permanently fixed flagpoles, including fibreglass, aluminium and brushed steel, along with all brackets, fixings, and rigging. We can also provide a range of temporary flagpoles along with bases for hardstanding or grass to promote your event.

Banners, Flags and Bunting

Experiential Displays and Event Branding

Experiential Displays and Event Branding

We have years of experience in producing and installing bespoke displays.

Our creative teams can help to take your vision and make it a reality. We can develop your plans with concept visuals, mock-ups, technical detail, and full project management. We have a tried and tested service delivery plan that takes care of everything, guiding you through the process to ensure all requirements and results are met.

We can advise on infrastructure and electrical requirements, alongside expert project planning and logistics, whatever the scale of your project. Some of our services include large-scale experiential displays, public art installations and branded pop-up exhibitions.

Our range of event branding includes temporary flagpoles, fence scrims, branded pop-ups and wayfinding/advertising solutions. We can provide items on a rental or sale basis and can provide maintenance services as well. We work in partnership with event organisers, councils, and BIDS to provide a full service to any event branding requirements.

Wayfinding, Wraps and Signage

These are excellent tools for the quick and effective distribution of local information or advertising.

They can be designed, produced, and installed rapidly. Wayfinding, wraps and signage can be used to promote a brand or event, provide geographical direction for tourists, encourage local rules on the use of particular areas, and to improve the aesthetic of vacant shops and building sites.

Our services include:
• Window display wraps and pavement vinyls
• Queue management systems
• Information wayfinders and graphics
• Sanitising stations and provision of face masks and gloves
• Social distancing infographics and wayfinding solutions specific to your environment
• Full building wraps and large-scale exterior print solutions for long-term building refurbishment or exhibition projects.

Wayfinding, Wraps and Signage

Urban Greening

Urban Greening

We have recently expanded our placemaking services to offer urban greening infrastructure.

We aim to be at the forefront of changing trends within our industries, and to promote the green agenda. After engaging with our clients to discuss urban greening opportunities, we are responding with a new range of sustainable and smart placemaking solutions.

Customised to your requirements, we can supply and install green social spaces, parklets, planters, bike racks, and living walls. Your green infrastructure can include decorative lighting, street furnishing, branded graphics, and a host of other complementary services. This is your chance to place a big green stamp in your local area to show residents and visitors that you care about the environment and creating more sustainable attractions.

We can support your team with planning, infrastructure, and long-term maintenance. Our service delivery plan will take you through the design, planning, installation, and ongoing management phases, keeping you well informed along the way.

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