Structuring Success: Behind the scenes at Womad Festival

External shot of a BAR marquee supplied by Field & Lawn for WOMAD Festival

from field to festival in 80 marquees!

Womad Festival is an annual cultural festival, showcasing music, arts and dance from around the world, held at the picturesque Charlton Park Estate. This large-scale event features a wide range of activities, including music performances, workshops, and learning zones. The festival grounds host a range of structures, from dressing rooms and catering areas to children’s workshops and luxury facilities.

On the ground:

Womad Festival required a diverse range of marquees and structures for both front and back-of-house operations. Services such as carpeting, ramps, linings, cassette flooring, and banner rails were also provided. The build program spanned three weeks and involved a daily team of 12 in-house riggers.

A range of festival marquees supplied by Field and Lawn at Womad Festival

What was provided:

The team at Field and Lawn worked with event organisers to tailor marquee services to accommodate the varied needs of the event. This year, our event marquees team supplied a total of 80 temporary structures for the festival. These marquees ranged in size from 3m x 3m conical marquees to large 12m x 35m clearspan structures. Marquees were allocated for production, hospitality, infrastructure, and various activities.

As part of supplying these structures, our team was responsible for the delivery and Installation of each marquee. The entire festival site was covered with marquees delivered, installed, and later dismantled by our dedicated in-house crews. This setup included both conical marquees and clearspan structures.

Responsive repair and maintenance services were offered throughout the festival to ensure the seamless operation of all structures. Our team was on hand 24 hours a day to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

Bespoke marquee solutions:

At Womad festival, the Field & Lawn team showcased expertise by installing a diverse range of structures to cater to various event needs. The Crew Catering Marquee, a spacious 12m x 30m clearspan structure, featured a cassette floor, catering section, lining partition, charcoal carpet, ramps, and a portal beam—ensuring the crew’s comfort and efficiency.

For the younger attendees, two 12m x 25m clearspan marquees were dedicated to hosting creative and educational workshops in a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Entertainment at the festival didn’t end there, specialised treatment rooms provided a relaxing space for massages, while the Physics Pavilion Marquee, measuring 10m x 20m, provided a dedicated area for scientific exploration.

The festival also prioritised the performers, providing three artist dressing rooms in different sizes (6m x 18m, 6m x 18m, 6m x 12m) to accommodate their pre-show preparations.

Merchandise and water stations found their place under a 5m x 5m and a 6m x 6m conical marquee, while the Showering and Changing Marquees, featured non-slip flooring and adjustable legs. Each of these amenities was thoughtfully installed to allow a seamless experience, enhancing the festival’s accessibility and convenience.

The luxurious touch extended to the La-di-da Loos a 10m x 15m lined marquee with clear panels, accompanied by a 3m x 3m conical structure offering a lavish restroom experience.

Oxfam marquee at WOMAD Festival

The finished result!

The provision of a wide array of marquee structures and related services by the event marquee team played a crucial role in ensuring the success and smooth operation of the Womad Festival, offering a comfortable and functional environment for artists, crew, and visitors alike.

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