Urban Greening

In 2020 we expanded our placemaking services to offer Urban Greening products and streetscape infrastructure.

Urban Greening used to just mean parks, trees and open green spaces within cities. But during the last decade, green-thinking architects started to include micro-green spaces in their urban designs. Parklets are an innovation from San Francisco when, in 2005, people took over a parking space filling the meter all day and rolling out some turf and a few potted trees. The idea grew into what we see today – a semi/permanent seating feature lined with a plants, trees and shrubs taking over a 2m x 5m parking space and creating a little green oasis to relax in.

We will always aim to be at the forefront of changing trends within our industries, to respond to our clients requests and to promote the green agenda. After engaging closely with those people who work for BIDs and Councils that we regularly partner with. We began exploring their needs for more green spaces and what urban greening opportunities existed. We are responding with a new range of sustainable and smart green-focused placemaking solutions.

Customised to your requirements, we can supply and install parklets, planters, bike racks, green screens, lamp column planters and living walls. These green products and infrastructure can include decorative lighting, branded graphics and a host of other complementary services. This is your chance to place a big green stamp in your local area to show residents and visitors that you care about the environment and creating more sustainable attractions.


We can support your team with planning, infrastructure, and long-term maintenance. Our service delivery plan will take you through the design, planning, installation, and ongoing management phases, keeping you well informed along the way.