The Future of Festivals

A temporary bar structure for an event with a large blue event big top in the background.

It is safe to say that last year the UK’s summer festival season looked a little different to usual. We have much higher hopes for 2021!

Covid-19 wiped out the majority of events, not just in the UK, but around the whole world. For the handful of events that did go ahead, social distancing protocols forced the industry to come up with new ways to host them and we saw drive-in events, balcony concerts and inflatable bubble pods instead of mosh pits, stage diving and crowd surfing.

However, the mood is shifting now that the vaccination programme is well under way and mass testing is widely available. Many UK festival organisers are much more optimistic that they will be able to hold their events in the traditional format, when the restrictions are lifted just a few months from now.

Our structures have been used throughout the pandemic for COVID related purposes; from testing and vaccination centres, to break-out spaces, workshops, and classrooms. But we can’t wait to be back out in the fields and city centres installing marquees for some of the most recognisable shows and festivals in the UK event calendar.

We have all our fingers and toes crossed that things will return to normal but until the end of lockdown, or if social distancing measures remain in place post June, we can still help.

If you need to transform your indoor event to an outdoor one, or new plans and layouts must be adopted to optimise space and provide safe and comfortable distances between attendees, we can come up with a solution to ensure that you can still organise a viable festival or show.

You may need bigger bar marquees for socially distanced queues, multiple entrance structures for staggered arrivals, or covered stage and seating areas to offer protection from the elements. Or you may need to consider additional cover or heating for rescheduled events now taking place on the cooler days and nights of September/October.

We can supply marquees for:

  • Bars
  • Ticket Entrance
  • Security Check
  • Food Vendors and Catering
  • Production Offices
  • Storage
  • Welfare
  • Stage Cover
  • Shops and Information Points
  • Medical and COVID-specific Medical
  • Quarantine and Testing
  • Cleaning

If you’re planning an event for 2021, get in touch now to discuss how we can make it a success.