In Focus: Temporary Warehouse Buildings

Inside a temporary warehouse building

Inside a temporary warehouse. How to maximise on-site storage space

Field and Lawn provide temporary building solutions and temporary structures across the UK and Ireland. Our temporary buildings are available to for hire, or to purchase and are manufactured to your exact requirements.  This blog will explore how a modular, temporary building building solution can quickly and cost effectively provide high quality storage space or a temporary warehouse for your business.

temporary warehouse building for ikea

Image: An insulated temporary warehouse building for IKEA, Birmingham.  Read the project case study here.

What are temporary storage buildings?

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to increase storage space, look no further than a temporary building! Temporary only by name; they are de-mountable, modular structures that allow you to easily add extra space in pretty much any environment or location. 

Temporary buildings are quick to install and are being used by a growing range of sectors, including; manufacturing, retail, logistics, industrial, education, commercial, agriculture, and sporting venues for additional on-site storage capacity. They are semi-permanent, ultra-durable structures with a long lifespan of in excess of 20 years.

A temporary warehouse building from Field and Lawn can be installed on almost any ground surface, without the need for foundations. Furthermore, they are tough, durable and designed for all year round use, providing the perfect solution for your temporary warehousing requirements.  Therefore, a temporary building provides a compelling alternative to costly and time consuming traditional buildings.  They also offer many advantages to renting storage space off site

Types of temporary warehouse buildings

There are many types of temporary warehouse buildings, the three most popular solutions include:

1. Insulated buildings: 

If you have a sensitive storage requirement or will have members of your team working from the warehouse, an insulated building will provide high levels of comfort.

an insulated temporary building external view

2. Industrial buildings: 

Often, these warehouse buildings are constructed using steel sided panels, these storage sheds are robust and cost effective.  An industrial temporary building can be customised with lighting, bespoke roller shutters doors, security systems and more.  They make for great workshops and industrial storage solutions.

external overview of a temporary building

3. Industrial warehouse canopy:

Industrial canopies are useful structures that can firstly help the loading and unloading operation, linking into an existing warehouse.  Alternatively, if you need extra storage space for pallets or a lay-down area, an industrial canopy will give you everything you need. 

A lorry empties goods under an industrial canopy

Find the best solution for your storage needs

The possibilities are endless! With so many options available, we have developed a handy guide to help you find the right temporary storage facility for your business. 

Our product range is diverse, and we can supply short term industrial storage tents through to fully insulated, semi-permanent highly insulated ambient temporary warehouse facilities.  

Download the free guide on Finding The best Building for you

Downloadable guide

What are the main differences between a temporary warehouse structure and a fabric structure?

A storage marquee does share some similarities with a temporary building as they are easily installed, removed and relocatable.  That’s where the similarities end. 

A temporary building is hardwearing, long lasting, highly durable structure. Temporary buildings can be in place for up to 50 years. The structure is assessed by engineers to ensure wind and weather loading to provide a long-term solution. The key differences include:

Material: Marquees are typically made of fabric or other flexible materials, while temporary buildings generally have insulated steel clad sides with additional insulation in the roof. A range of doors, glazing and heating and cooling options can be installed in a temporary building.

Size and shape: Temporary buildings can be larger and more customisable in terms of size and shape, with multiple access and security options, including wide, secure roller doors. Due to their modular construction, additional space can be seamlessly integrated into a temporary building.

Functionality: Temporary buildings can be used for a variety of long-term purposes. This includes warehousing, secure and ambient storage, office space, classrooms, event spaces, and click and collect facilities, due to their enhanced durability and security.

Why choose a temporary building?

A temporary building will give you much more than a typical storage container could ever provide.  Our temporary storage buildings can be:

> Fully insulated delivering U-Values as low as: 0.18 W/m²K

> Temperature controlled or refrigerated

> Custom designed with glazing, roller shutter doors, loading canopies, link corridors and more

> Fully fitted and partitioned for offices , meeting rooms and everything in between 

A temporary building can be completely specified to your exact requirements, including; data connections, CCTV, internal/external lighting, alarms, access systems, flooring, glazing and racking. 


With years of experience in delivering high-quality temporary warehouse buildings. We offer tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your exact storage needs.  We have supplied temporary building solutions to a wide range of clients.  From large, multi-national blue-chip corporations to small, industrial businesses. 

We have a proven track record of successful temporary building projects across various industries.  Our client portfolio includes: 


Standards and specification

A temporary warehouse building can be made to measure, using a wide range walling, roofing and insulation options. If you want to explore more about the standards and specification options, our new guide will give you a quick insight into the types of building solutions that are available and how they meet the highest of quality standards.   

The guide will also inform on the wide range of bespoke options available as you can completely customise your new building.  Rest assured, our installation team is UK based and we only use our own, in house fully trained operatives.  In addition, Field and Lawn hold the following accreditation:



While temporary buildings are most frequently used as temporary storage buildings, there are many more uses for these innovative buildings.  We have provided industrial workshops, valeting bays, machinery stores and more! The flexibility of a temporary building can be astounding! Field and Lawn have over 35 years of experience in providing structures and multi-purpose temporary buildings.  we have a strong portfolio of completed projects and satisfied customers like Ikea.

Get the Extra Storage SPACE YOU NEED - Configure A building

If you are looking for a temporary warehouse building or on-site storage structure, we have the expertise to deliver a solution for you.  Field and Lawn have over 35 years of experence in installing temporary warehousing and storage buildings.  Our team of temporary warehouse experts are ready to help you build your new warehouse space!