Temporary Industrial Structures: What you should know

Temporary Industrial Structures: What you should know

Office. Warehouse. Showroom. Workshop. What do all of these have in common?

They are normally within buildings which take up permanent residency among several other permanent buildings. The cost to rent or buy a space for your business can be eye-watering. But what if there was another way which was less expensive and gave you more flexibility? We introduce you to Field and Lawn’s range of temporary industrial structures.

Field and Lawn has over 30 years’ experience in designing and constructing temporary industrial structures for a whole variety of purposes and sectors. Whether it’s a short-term temporary facility, or a more long-term storage space, we can offer a range of options.

Temporary Industrial Structures: What you should know

Before you decide if a temporary structure is right for your business, let us take you through some of the advantages to show you why going down the temporary route could be the most suitable route for you.

Less expensive than a permanent building

We don’t need to tell you that buying or renting some space for your business does not come cheap. With a temporary structure, your outlay is far less than a bricks and mortar building. From our personal experience, we’ve seen this generate significant cost savings for our customers.

Shorter lead time

If you’re constructing a whole new building from scratch, the thought can be overwhelming and the actual project can be time consuming. With a temporary industrial structure, your lead time is greatly reduced so that you can minimise downtime and keep your business productive. If you decide your new structure needs more room for storage, a showroom or just some additional office space, you can increase your space quickly without affecting your workforce.

Designed for year-round use

The Field & Lawn team is well aware of one of the common issues that people have with temporary structures. What if they’re too cold and how can that be controlled? This is simpler than you think as Field and Lawn’s temporary structures are suitable for all seasons. The durable PVC covers protect the interiors from the rain, snow and wind and the interior can be heated throughout during the Winter.

Equipped with all the essentials

You might think that a temporary structure will look much like a traditional warehouse with barely anything inside. Good for a storage space, but not so good for an office you may say. However, Field and Lawn’s temporary structures can be fully equipped with electricity and lighting so your employees won’t even know the difference.

Safe and secure

Without the traditional timber or bricks of a permanent build, security can be a concern. But we’ve already got this in mind. Temporary structures can incorporate steel or composite panels, roller shutter doors and fully lockable pedestrian door systems for complete peace of mind.

Enhanced flexibility

The most exciting thing is that with a temporary structure, you don’t need to be confined by the limits of four walls. The Field & Lawn team has constructed every type of temporary structure imaginable, from your traditional warehouse set-up all the way up to spherical domes for an event space. Our best temporary structure is whatever works best for you.

Temporary Industrial Structures: What you should know

We can create temporary industrial structures for any purpose and we’d be delighted to discuss your requirements.

Contact us at your nearest branch to speak to one of the team.