Temporary fan zone marquees

Fan zone for scottish rugby with event marquees installed by Field & Lawn

Enhance spectator experience with bespoke marquee solutions

When it comes to creating an unforgettable experience for sports fans, fan zones play a pivotal role. They provide an ideal setting for fans to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a major sporting event. Fan zones can be used for a wide range of sporting events including football and rugby. In this article, we explore fan zones, their advantages, and the crucial role of clearspan marquees in creating an unforgettable fan experience.

Bar in a fan zone at sporting event

What are Fan zones

Fan zones allow sports fans to experience the atmosphere of your event from outside the stadium, often in a public space where the event can be broadcast live, so everyone is part of the action. Providing safe spaces for supporters to watch your event can build a sense of community and enhance fan experience on the day.

Implementing fan zones at your event means spectators can engage with their favourite sports teams. Consequently, they often spend more time at the ground before and after the match. This creates an opportunity for venues to generate further revenue during a sporting event by selling food, drinks and merchandise. Alternatively, a fan zone can be created away from the stadium in a market square or large park. This is a good solution for European football competitions or major events like the Olympics.

Fan zone structures

Clearspan marquees:

As one of the most popular types of event marquees, our clearspan structures provide the perfect solution for tailoring your Fan zone experience. Their spacious interiors, flexible design, and practical features make them ideal for creating impressive and functional large event spaces. Working around your available space and event requirements, Field & Lawn can install our clearspan marquees on any surface, tailoring the structures to your needs.

Specification options:

You can customise your setup with a range of finishes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of our marquees, creating an immersive environment that matches the atmosphere of the stadium. Our marquees are also compatible with various technical storage requirements, such as sound systems, lighting rigs, and AV equipment, so you will have everything you need to broadcast your sporting event should you want to include a large screen in your fanzone.

Fan zone marquee outside sports stadium installed by Field & Lawn

Where can you install a fan zone?

Our teams of expert marquee riggers are experienced at designing and installing event infrastructure for large venues, including a long-standing partnership with Murrayfield Stadium. Furthermore, our event marquees can be installed on virtually any surface, so your options for location and layout are practically unlimited.

When installing a fan zone, it’s crucial to think about the location in order to maximise the experience for your fans. You might want to consider the following:

Accessibility: Does the fan zone have clear entrance and exit points? Ensure clear entrance and exit points for fans to easily access the area.

Space: What size is the area do you have available? Determine the size of the space you have available and plan accordingly to accommodate your expected crowd size.

Layout: If there are going to be large crowds in the area, it’s important to allow for the flow of visitors to avoid queues. At Field and Lawn, we can help you design the optimal layout for your fan zone, allowing you to best utilise the space you have.

Barriers for crowd control in a fan zone outside a stadium

Additional event infrastructure

Our clearspan marquees have a multitude of uses and can even help with additional event infrastructure in your fan zone. Looking for additional structures for your venue? Field & Lawn can also provide:

Bar structures: Bars are crucial element of any fan zone, clearspan marquees can house dedicated bar structures. These marquees provide fans with refreshments including food and drink, creating a comfortable and inviting space to socialise.

First aid and security: At every event, safety comes first. With the right infrastructure in place to guarantee that first aid is quickly accessible to everyone in the fan zone, clearpan marquees provide an excellent means of ensuring the safety and well-being of guests.

Ticket checks: Clearspan marquees can be installed as ticketing points throughout your venue. These stations streamline the process of verifying match tickets and managing crowd flow, ensuring only authorised individuals gain entry to your event. This helps maintain order and enhances overall safety and security

Placemaking and branding

To create a memorable fan zone, consider incorporating branding and placemaking elements such as flags, banners, and illuminations. These additions can enhance the atmosphere and create a visually appealing environment that resonates with your audience. At Field & Lawn, we offer a wide range of sports-themed placemaking solutions. Why not take a closer look at our sports collection here?

Temporary event marquees for fan zones offer a fantastic opportunity to engage with sports fans and provide them with an unforgettable experience. By utilising clearspan marquees and considering the placement, layout, and additional infrastructure, you can create a vibrant and welcoming fan zone that keeps fans coming back for more. Let Field & Lawn help you design and install the perfect fan zone for your next sporting event!