Temporary Buildings in Scotland – A local supplier

Inside a temporary warehouse built by Field and Lawn

Edinburgh based temporary building supplier

Field and Lawn provide a wide range of temporary buildings in Scotland.  From warehouses, loading bay canopies and demountable buildings to agricultural sheds and storage.  Our head office is centrally located in Edinburgh. From here, we cover Scotland, Ireland and the North East of England. In our latest blog,  Our Scottish temporary building specialists share their expertise on temporary buildings and how they are becoming an extremely popular solution.

Our Scotland branch had a depth of experience in project management, engineering solutions and providing expert customer service to guide customers through the process of buying or hiring a new temporary building.  Our team discuss how businesses like yours, who may not have even considered a temporary structure before, can get a new temporary building up and running quickly.

Temporary buildings, where to start?

Temporary buildings are rapidly growing in popularity here in Scotland, but they have been a popular and well-established storage solution across Europe for many years. If you are just discovering the possibilities of what temporary buildings can do for your business, there are some key points to consider. 

Temporary buildings and the weather

Scotland’s weather varies greatly across the country and requires site specific considerations for wind and snow loadings. The good news is that our temporary buildings can be engineered to perform in any conditions. 

If you’re looking for a warehouse extension in Inverness, a temporary gym in Kilmarnock or a flexible storage space in Kirkcaldy, we offer bespoke, site-specific structural calculations. Our structures meet the highest standards of durability and can be installed in any location. All our structures are built to exacting standards to ensure they stand up to the testing Scottish weather.

How to finance a new temporary building?

Temporary buildings offer significant savings when compared to a traditional new build warehouse. No architects, no expensive groundworks and no consultants. Field and Lawn can project manage the full build cycle. This includes supporting you through planning permission with one of our recommended partners. When it comes to financing, there are two main options. You can either buy a temporary building or take advantage of our short- (and long-) term rental options. Let’s look at both options.

Purchasing a Temporary Structure   

Looking to buy a temporary building locally? We engineer, supply and install – from start to finish. We have a great team here in Scotland and you will benefit from a local, single point of contact to manage your project.

Buying a temporary building can be up to 70% more cost effective than choosing to build a traditional extension. There’s no need for expensive architects, legal fees and costly time delays. We can install your building, without any fuss, within a few weeks. If your business needs change, you can remove and relocate your building or simply sell it once it’s no longer required.

Hiring a temporary building in Scotland  

If you are looking for a fixed period storage solution, we offer flexible hire options for temporary buildings. All our rental stock is ready to be delivered in as little as two weeks to increase your on-site storage space, rapidly.

Our clients find hire solutions that tie in with fixed length tenancies and contracts allow for crucial expansion. We help them to meet their expansion needs without the investment required to purchase a new warehouse, workshop or storage building. Depending on the size and location, we can install a temporary structure in as little as 24 hours.  

Speedy Storage Solutions

Temporary building supplier based in Edinburgh

Field and Lawn were founded in Scotland and are major suppliers of temporary buildings in Scotland. With over 35 years’ experience in providing temporary structures, we provide a trusted, personalised service as one of the leading temporary structure providers in Scotland.

Our in-house team have installed a wide range of temporary building solutions across all major sectors. This ranges from short-term warehouses and retail storage to long term industrial manufacturing buildings and loading bay canopies, providing extra capacity for the coming decades. Temporary buildings are incredibly versatile. Our temporary structures can be used for a range of applications including retail, warehousing, storage, vehicle inspection and valeting bays right through to agricultural sheds.

Local temporary building installation

From our head office in Edinburgh, we can supply temporary buildings to all areas of Scotland, from Dumfries and Galloway to The Shetlands.

Looking further South? Field and Lawn provide temporary buildings nationally with branches in Bristol, Manchester and London.

Hopefully, the information above will help give you some insight on why temporary buildings are an increasingly popular solution. If you are looking to take the next step towards getting a temporary building, please contact Field and Lawn, Scotland to discuss your project.