A perfect partnership for temporary buildings

the team visit Protan Elmark who manufacture temporary buildings

Quality, collaboration and innovation on the agenda.

The team from Field and Lawn’s specialist temporary building division recently visited Protan Elmark’s purpose built manufacturing facility in Poland. Field and Lawn work exclusively with Protan Elmark in the UK to design, engineer and supply a wide range of temporary buildings.   The purpose of the visit was to learn about new product developments and enhancements to the manufacturing process. This type of collaboration enables Field and Lawn to provide the best possible temporary building solutions for customers.

The trip included a comprehensive tour of the production facilities, which are ever expanding to meet increasing, world wide demand for temporary buildings.  Protan Elmark supply temporary buildings to over fifty countries around the globe.

Temporary buildings are de-mountable, modular structures that provide additional on-site storage space quickly. They are approximately 70% cheaper than traditional buildings and can be used in virtually any environment or location. 

Temporary buildings are quick to install and are being used by a growing range of sectors. Sectors include; manufacturing, retail, logistics, industrial, education, commercial, agriculture, and sporting venues. 

Design and engineering workshops were held to look at more efficient design solutions to provide best value for customers.  This involved discussions on bolstering Field and Lawn’s temporary building rental stock.

Sustainability was on the agenda, with meetings held to agree new ways of packaging and transporting the building components.  As a result, new ways of working were identified to reduce single use plastics and maximise efficiencies in transport and logistics.

The visit concluded with discussions on joint marketing activities, production efficiencies and next steps to continue to nurture the strong partnership.

To conclude, Field and Lawn would like to extend our thanks to the team at Protan Elmark for hosting the informative and valuable visit.  By working in collaboration, sharing best practice and innovating together we can continue to deliver high quality, cost effective temporary buildings across the UK. 

Inside the temporary modular building manufacturing facility