Last minute marquee hire for the World of Park and Leisure Homes Show

The show will go on!

WhoWorld of Park and Leisure Homes Show

WhereNAEC Exhibition & Trade Centre, Warwickshire

Size22 marquees covering 515 sqm

UseShow / Corporate

As their existing supplier was unable to facilitate a change in dates just 6 weeks before the event, we were contacted to see if we could helpDespite the show falling in peak summer season, with some careful project management we were able to deliver last minute show marquee hire for the full range of required marquees.  

Trade stand at the world of park and leisure homes Last minute show marquee hire


The World of Park & Leisure Homes is the UK’s leading brand for park & leisure homes.  It attracts a diverse audience covering both the trade and public. From the initial phone call the client shared a well prepared specification for the last minute show marquee hire. This detailed their requirements for high quality individual trade stands for show exhibitors. The client required: 

  • 7Nr. 3 x 3 clearspan marquees  
  • 7Nr. 6 x 6 clearspan marquees  
  • 8Nr. 5 x 5 pagoda tents  

All with flooring, carpet, and several needing to be fully lined. 

Our team rapidly assessed operationally available kit, reviewing the entire branch programme to expedite removal of kit form other events such as Parklife to give enough time to clean, check and transport the marquees to the event. 


The Installation window gave us tight two-day turnaround from a previous event, the efficient removal of kit was key to the success of the deliver.  This was expertly project managed, ensuring that we co-ordinated with the removal team so that extra care would be taken to keep the kit clean and to remove the kit in the correct order and to minimise the prep time required to turn the marquees around. 

Efficient logistical planning helped this process, all while coordinating with other ongoing contracts and operational teams during the peak summer season. 


During the mobilisation phase, we identified the need to tweak some specifications slightly, such as increasing the size of certain tents to better suit the client’s needs. The client’s specification was comprehensive and included both pagoda marquees and clearspan structures.  

The spec included cream pleated ivory linings, ply flooring, and anthracite carpets, creating a uniform and professional aesthetic for exhibitors. The pagodas and clear span tents were designed to provide flexibility and unobstructed interior space. 

Despite the challenges posed by the date change and the peak summer season, our meticulous planning, effective project management, and seamless co-ordination and large capacity of kit, ensured the successful delivery.  The client’s detailed specifications were met, and the event proceeded with the full range of marquees, providing an excellent platform for exhibitors and attendees. 


Image Credit: MPM Events Ltd

Temporary counting facilities installed for Ealing Council

essential election infrastructure for the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections

WhoEaling Council (London Borough of Ealing) 

Where – Ealing

Size – 3,750 sqm

Use – Election Infrastructure

Over a year in planning, Field and Lawn worked alongside the client to provide one of the largest temporary counting facilities in the South for the Mayor of London and London Assembly elections.

Gable of temporary counting facility for london elections


We were asked by a long-standing client about the possibility of expanding their counting capacity for the local election counts in May. This year, the client had been asked to count votes from neighbouring boroughs and required significantly more space. The client required our support and expertise to secure a licence for the challenging build and a bespoke solution to accommodate 800 staff.


Our Project Manager worked with the client to undertake site visits to establish a suitable location. Following this, a bespoke marquee layout was agreed for the temporary counting facilities, with two main structures proposed, measuring 25m x 85m and 20m x 70m. The event marquees were completed with cassette flooring, bespoke ramps, and a full HVAC system.

We had to carefully plan every element of the build programme, working under a strict licencing agreement and curfews due to working in a public park. Detailed logistical plans together with 3D visuals were created and agreed with the client. We also mitigated risks to surrounding trees and their canopies. Finally, we condensed the programme into a five-day window and kept in constant dialogue with local community to minimise disruption.

Even though we had a limited build time and were working in a complex open public park, the marquees were ready to handover to the client well before the deadline.


  • Full HVAC 
  • Internal and external lighting  
  • Glazed pedestrian doors with push bar opening
  • Internal partitioning
  • Access ramps
  • Entrance canopy
  • Event trackway

Event Power

We were also responsible for providing heating, using four 150kw and four 235kw heaters with overhead ducting providing an efficient and effective heating solution.


Groundbreaking marine safety event

innovative marquee solutions to provide space for a range of applications

WhoProfessional Diving Academy

Where – Dunoon, Scotland

Size – 580m2

  • 20m x 20m main structure
  • 3m x 6m break out area
  • 6m x 9m event briefing zone
  • 6m x 18m reception and catering space


The structures were required for a marine safety training conference. This event has been many years in the making, bringing together global experts in Dunoon, Scotland for a unique conference on deep water marine safety.


Field and Lawn were tasked with creating an innovative marquee solution to provide space for a range of applications during the five day event.  The scope of the marine safety event was broad, requiring flexible marquee space for:

  • Bespoke training and simulation
  • Showcasing and exhibiting products
  • Networking and hospitality

One of the biggest challenges was accommodating a large, raised diving bell, which was approximately 6m high. The bell was the centrepiece for the training exercises. 

The location provided its own set of challenges, Dunoon sits on the remote and exposed west coast of Scotland. With this, came transport and weather considerations.  To mitigate the risk of adverse weather affecting the structure, we installed a dual pinning and weighing solution to secure the marquee safely.

Finally, the rapid turn-around time added to the challenge.  We were tasked with designing the structure, project managing the fit out and installing within two weeks from initial contact.

marine safety equipment in a field & Lawn marquee


A dedicated Project Manager was assigned to ensure we met the client deadlines and delivered an exemplary experience. 

A 20m x 20m clearspan structure was provided, sitting on a 3m leg to provide an eave height of 6.5m.  The eave height was critical and precisely designed to accommodate the raised platform and diving bell.  The structure was built around the platform adding complexity to the build.  Within the main structure, additional marquees were provided to wrap around the main event space.  This solution delivered the required clear zones to make the event a success.  

interior of marquee installed by field & Lawn

Specification & Service

  • Planning, design and project management
  • Level floor, carpet and lining to interior marquees
  • House and emergency lighting
  • Power generation and fuel management
  • Power distribution and cabling
  • Heating
  • Toilet facilities


Election Marquee Installation for Central Bedfordshire Council

Providing essential election marquee infrastructure to local authorities

WhoCentral Bedfordshire Council

Where – Bedford

Size – 900 sqm 

Use – Election Infrastructure

Field & Lawn have been working closely with local authorities and public sector organisations for over 35 years. With a wealth of expierience our team were tasked with quickly increasing polling capacity and counting space by installing an election marquee for one of our local authority clients.


Central Bedfordshire Council required a counting centre for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections at their head office. Given the significance of the electoral process, they required an accessible, efficient and secure marquee for political parties and count staff.  In addition, a full temporary power, heating and cooling system was required. 


Our Project Manager developed a comprehensive solution, which included a high specification solid sided marquee as well as a wide range of temporary event infrastructure.  To support the client, we provided a turnkey solution, managing every aspect from the marquee to ensuring fuel supply for the temporary power generators.

The main clearspan structure measured 15m x 60m and was equipped with flooring, specialist event carpet and solid sides. This marquee offered ample space for security checks , public viewing areas  and counting stations, ensuring a smooth counting process.

The marquee installation was completed in just three days, minimising disruption at the Council’s office. Additionally, safety measures such as fire exits and emergency lighting were installed.


  • Full HVAC 
  • Internal lighting  
  • Glazed pedestrian doors with push bar opening 
  • Access ramps 
  • Solid sides
  • Flooring and carpets
  • Entrance canopy  


Six Nations Success at Murrayfield

Hospitality marquee hire elevated with a fresh collaboration

Field and Lawn, together with GL events UK have delivered a world-class hospitality village for the Six Nations tests at Scottish Gas Murrayfield.

Field and Lawn have provided event marquees to Murrayfield Stadium for over 20 years. Every year the focus has been on improving the guest experience, but this year the client wanted to elevate their hospitality offer even further.

We teamed up with GL events UK to deliver a completely refreshed layout. This created a better visitor flow, enhanced branding and improved back of house logistics.

A complete event infrastructure solution

Overview drone shot of temporary event structure installed at Murrayfield

The impressive set-up saw over 5,500m2 of marquee space installed in a tight area in the stadium curtilage. The build comprised 14 bespoke marquees including small bar structures, kitchens and toilets ranging from 3m to 20m span. The expansive hospitality suites ranged in size between 10m x 20m up to the largest 20m x 105m structure. This suite catered for a total of 2700 guests, complete with modern curved roofs and elegant linings designed for high-end corporate hospitality.


Working closely with the operational team at GL events, Field and Lawn developed a range of options. This included photo real CAD renders which were presented to the client, Elior. This included detailed site plans to demonstrate how the village would look and feel for visitors.

CAD drawing of Murrayfield Structure
Murrayfiled Drone shot of structure supplied by Field & Lawn

Once the final designs were approved, in-house, expert installation teams from both Field and Lawn and GL events UK worked as a unified team to build the village. The exceptional teamwork enabled us to complete the build safely within a tight 4-week build programme, ready for the first game in February.


One of the biggest challenges was working during significant adverse weather. We experienced a typical Scottish cold snap, temperatures dropped to as low as –7 °C while our crew were working. Despite the weather outside, we maintained a temperature of 16 °C within the structures for 5 weeks. This was achieved by 4 large boilers supplying heat to 50 nykuu units across the structures. This ensured our crew kept warm and all equipment within the marquee remained undamaged.

On top of this, storms Isha & Jocelyn showed wind gusts of up to 81mph which has a significant impact on our kit and the safety of our crew. To navigate these obstacles, we were in constant contact with our client and site crew, ensuring we followed the agreed weather management plans.

We ensured the safety of all suppliers on site was the main priority, providing daily briefings to highlight any hazards created by the weather. Our Solar Welfare unit was on site throughout the build to provide a drying area for our site crew and plenty of tea & coffee!

Field and Lawn have branches across the UK which enables us to provide a responsive service. Regular safety checks were conducted by our local branch in Edinburgh, which is based just 11 miles from Murrayfield.

Murrayfield External shot of structure

Supply chain partners

This project utilised a range of experienced and trusted supply chain partners for key packages at Murrayfield, including heating, joinery, toilet hire and tack-off lining. All suppliers we contracted with worked to the same high standard that we pride ourselves on. They all contributed hugely to the final product.


Structuring Success: Behind the scenes at Womad Festival

from field to festival in 80 marquees!

Womad Festival is an annual cultural festival, showcasing music, arts and dance from around the world, held at the picturesque Charlton Park Estate. This large-scale event features a wide range of activities, including music performances, workshops, and learning zones. The festival grounds host a range of structures, from dressing rooms and catering areas to children’s workshops and luxury facilities.

On the ground:

Womad Festival required a diverse range of marquees and structures for both front and back-of-house operations. Services such as carpeting, ramps, linings, cassette flooring, and banner rails were also provided. The build program spanned three weeks and involved a daily team of 12 in-house riggers.

A range of festival marquees supplied by Field and Lawn at Womad Festival

What was provided:

The team at Field and Lawn worked with event organisers to tailor marquee services to accommodate the varied needs of the event. This year, our event marquees team supplied a total of 80 temporary structures for the festival. These marquees ranged in size from 3m x 3m conical marquees to large 12m x 35m clearspan structures. Marquees were allocated for production, hospitality, infrastructure, and various activities.

As part of supplying these structures, our team was responsible for the delivery and Installation of each marquee. The entire festival site was covered with marquees delivered, installed, and later dismantled by our dedicated in-house crews. This setup included both conical marquees and clearspan structures.

Responsive repair and maintenance services were offered throughout the festival to ensure the seamless operation of all structures. Our team was on hand 24 hours a day to make sure that everything ran smoothly.

Bespoke marquee solutions:

At Womad festival, the Field & Lawn team showcased expertise by installing a diverse range of structures to cater to various event needs. The Crew Catering Marquee, a spacious 12m x 30m clearspan structure, featured a cassette floor, catering section, lining partition, charcoal carpet, ramps, and a portal beam—ensuring the crew’s comfort and efficiency.

For the younger attendees, two 12m x 25m clearspan marquees were dedicated to hosting creative and educational workshops in a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Entertainment at the festival didn’t end there, specialised treatment rooms provided a relaxing space for massages, while the Physics Pavilion Marquee, measuring 10m x 20m, provided a dedicated area for scientific exploration.

The festival also prioritised the performers, providing three artist dressing rooms in different sizes (6m x 18m, 6m x 18m, 6m x 12m) to accommodate their pre-show preparations.

Merchandise and water stations found their place under a 5m x 5m and a 6m x 6m conical marquee, while the Showering and Changing Marquees, featured non-slip flooring and adjustable legs. Each of these amenities was thoughtfully installed to allow a seamless experience, enhancing the festival’s accessibility and convenience.

The luxurious touch extended to the La-di-da Loos a 10m x 15m lined marquee with clear panels, accompanied by a 3m x 3m conical structure offering a lavish restroom experience.

Oxfam marquee at WOMAD Festival

The finished result!

The provision of a wide array of marquee structures and related services by the event marquee team played a crucial role in ensuring the success and smooth operation of the Womad Festival, offering a comfortable and functional environment for artists, crew, and visitors alike.

Organising your festival or event and need bespoke marquee solutions? Field & Lawn has over 35 years of experience installing marquees for some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals. Speak to our team today and start putting plans in place!