Things to consider when specifying your new temporary building

The importance of an expert site visit

Specifying and installing a new temporary building is a quick and efficient way to increase space. It also eliminates the complexities of undertaking a traditional construction project. Starting on a temporary building project, especially if it is your first temporary building, involves a fair amount of planning. There are so many options and avenues available that it can be confusing, especially when you want to ensure you are selecting the best temporary building option for you and your business.

You may have several questions that need answering before you start. For example, how does a ‘temporary’ structure compare to a traditional building? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why a site visit and consultation should be a significant part of your process when specifying your new temporary building. It will cover how Field and Lawn Temporary Buildings can help you during your early market research.


Who will attend the on-site consultation?

Your local branch has a pool of experienced Project Managers. All our in-house Project Managers are trained and experienced in managing temporary structure installation. They bring a problem-solving and consultative approach and will answer any questions you have from building regulation compliance to timescales and lead times. They can even support you with a planning application if it is needed. Depending on the location, time and complexity, one of our in-house site foreman or National Sales Manager may also attend the consultation.

What happens during the consultation?

Get to know you. Firstly, we take care to understand your business, your products and services, your people and location. We look into how you intend to use the new building in order to gain as much information about your requirements as possible. We also cover why you need additional space to help you when specifying your new temporary building.

Get to know us. We are experts in our field, but we understand that you need to have confidence in our ability to deliver and the quality of our product. We will bring material samples, case studies and information about us so you can have confidence in our ability to exceed your expectations.

Site survey. We will review the current ground conditions at an early stage to discuss anchoring options and advise on potential costs such as a new base, pull tests and ground investigation reports. We can make recommendations on surveys that may be required such as utilities and topographics.

Options appraisal. We will discuss and summarise your options for us to prepare a Q&A.

Your opportunity to give us a grilling! Find out what you need to know directly from the experts.

Why is the consultation so important?

We can save you money and provide expert advice with an initial consultation. By investing an hour or two in a consultation, we will be able to provide a much clearer picture of the following aspects:

Design Development:

To offer the best solution and ensure that the building will perform for many years. Defining the purpose and design of your temporary building is paramount. Whether it’s for a temporary workspace, additional storage, or other specific needs, careful consideration of the floor area, load capacity, and welfare facilities is essential. This ensures the structure is futureproof and tailored to your unique requirements and long-term plans.

Site considerations:

Site surveys play a pivotal role in assessing available space. They can also determine the optimal location for your temporary structure, and address access considerations. Factors such as proximity to existing buildings, conservation areas, and world heritage sites must be evaluated during the planning stages. Our experts can help you with these important considerations.

temporary industrial warehouse

Planning permission and building regulations:

Navigating planning permission and building regulations is a critical aspect of the temporary building procurement process. Expert guidance is essential in understanding the local planning authority’s requirements and ensuring compliance with building regulations. This includes considerations for permitted development and licensable activities.

Costing and quoting accuracy:

Balancing the cost and time implications of your temporary building project is key to its success. A site consultation enables our experts to provide accurate costings, taking into account construction project timelines, temporary work requirements and potential working day constraints. This will minimise disruption and downtime to protect your business operations.

Aftercare and maintenance:

Ensuring the longevity of your temporary structure requires careful consideration of aftercare and maintenance. Our experts and structural engineers can give you guidance on load-bearing capacity and detailed design drawings, providing you with CGI sketches of your new building.

To summarise, a consultation will help us deliver a robust and highly accurate proposal, including a design concept that integrates into your existing premises.

How can I benefit from expert insight?

As part of our client-focused approach, we offer a free, early-stage on-site consultation with one of your local temporary building experts. To benefit from this expert insight, contact us and select ‘yes’ to the free consultation. Generally, the consultation takes an hour. When our team visit your site, the same team will be responsible for delivering your project, giving you complete peace of mind that we fully understand your requirements.

We have a pool of knowledge and experience providing the best temporary building solutions to many industries. Our approach is consultative and solution-orientated. We won’t push you down the wrong path for your new structure. You might think there isn’t enough time in the working day for a site survey. However, we are confident that our experts can help save you time and money. With their insight and expertise, they may provide options that you haven’t even considered.

Warehouse and storage operations: Health and safety hazards and how you can avoid them

Helping you to store stock and manage your warehouse operations safely

Warehousing and storage activities present various hazards and risks if not managed correctly. We have installed a wide range of temporary warehouse buildings and have seen first hand how safe and efficient warehouse and storage operations can play a vital role in ensuring health and safety compliance and operational excellence.

So, if you are currently overstocked, bursting at the seams and are struggling to store safely, here is a quick guide to improving your warehouse and storage operations. We will delve into the various hazards at play and provide expert insight to mitigate and avoid them.

Warehouse and storage industry background

The warehouse and storage industry plays a pivotal role in the global supply chain, ensuring the smooth flow of goods from manufacturers to end consumers. From worker safety to inventory management, efficient, well managed warehouse and storage facilities are key to your operational efficiency.  From small storage buildings to expansive temporary warehouse buildings, a bespoke structure can ease operational challenges.  

Completed Ikea temporary structure

Warehouse housekeeping

Effective warehouse and storage operations start with strong housekeeping practices.
Warehouses are busy environments with constant movement. Proper housekeeping is fundamental to safe warehouse operations. Maintain a clean and organized workspace. Keep aisles and other areas clear of debris and clutter as this can be a common cause of slips, trips and falls. Cover and secure cables and other tripping hazards. If you are overstocked, finding the space to keep walkways clear can be a challenge. If you simply don’t have capacity to segregate walkways from storage zones and maintain emergency exit access, it may be time to increase your storage capacity with additional on-site storage.

Effective stacking and material storage

Incorrectly loaded or damaged pallet racks can lead to collapses, endangering both personnel and inventory. If floor space is at a premium, the most common option is to store higher, stacking stock up to the eaves of a building. However, this isn’t always the safest solution. It is vital to inform and educate warehouse staff on the load capacity of each rack and implement strict adherence to weight and height limits for storage.

To mitigate this risk, conduct routine inspections of pallet racks. This will identify any signs of damage or wear. You should replace or repair components as needed. To mitigate the risk, if you can no longer meet the demand for space, a temporary building can be easily integrated into an existing building. With clear eaves, large and safe racking solutions can be made to measure for your new storage building.

Hazardous materials and handling

Warehouses may need to handle or store hazardous materials, posing risks to both employees and the environment. products will have storage guidelines which need to be followed. If you are unable to store incompatible materials separately, one option would be to create a sperate storage space for these materials. A smaller storage building can be a complete stand-alone structure, or integrated to an existing store, without foundations. This provides a highly cost-effective and quick solution compared to a traditional building.

Material handling equipment (MHE) is essential for the efficient movement of goods within a warehouse. These include, roller cages and forklift trucks. Within a temporary building, you can custom design your space, by specifying roller shutter doors and other bespoke elements to make managing your warehouse safe and simple. We can work with you to design your new warehouse to accommodate all plant and equipment from the start.

Loading and unloading operations

Don’t let your loading bay become a dangerous bottleneck. If your existing warehouse operation requires unloading and loading operations, these are high risk activities. Wet and slippery conditions around vehicles and heavy loads present health and safety issues. Installing a loading canopy is one way to set your loading area up for safety. Where forklifts or pallet trucks are in operation, it’s especially important to keep the area dry and visibility clear. If you want to increase throughput, without risking rushing create an additional covered loading and unloading area.

A safe and comfortable working warehouse

There are a number of ancillary items that can improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations. These include; lighting, flooring heating and cooling. A temporary warehouse can be completely fitted out to meet your exact needs. A freezing warehouse is no safe place to work and retrofitting insulation can be cost-prohibitive. To provide a comfortable working environment and maintain a safe working temperature, we can provide a fully insulated warehouse solution.

Loading bay canopy side on.

General building safety and temporary buildings

There is a common misconception that a “temporary” building is just a short-term measure. Whilst this is true, they also provide a highly durable and long-lasting solution. With the right care, a temporary building can be in place for over 20 years. Our temporary warehouse and storage buildings meet all UK Building Regulations, snow and wind loading requirements and are precisely engineered to stand the test of time.

Keep your warehouse and storage operation safe and compliant

If you are Whether you need short or long-term storage and warehousing, our temporary storage buildings are a cost-effective alternative to traditional extensions or expensive new builds.   

A proactive approach to planning your warehouse and storage requirements means you can identify and mitigate risks early.  If you are at capacity and urgently need additional warehouse and storage space, a temporary building solution can be installed within a matter of days.  

From initial contact with one of our temporary building experts to handover typically takes just 6-8 weeks.  With the affordability of a temporary building, speed of installation and complete flexibility, they are fast becoming the go to solution for many business who need to increase space fast. 

Temporary Winter Storage Buildings: The ideal solution for winter storage

Are you winter storage ready?

When it comes to finding the right storage solution for the winter months, temporary buildings offer a durable, flexible and cost-effective solution. These structures are designed to provide shelter and protection all year round. However, during the darker winter months, they can be particularly useful to businesses. Our latest expert insight explores how you can get winter storage ready.

Temporary buildings: Use cases

Winter weather can be harsh, with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures posing a threat to your stock or general operations. Our temporary buildings are designed with these conditions in mind. They are snow and wind-bearing, meaning they meet all UK building regulations. In addition, they can be fully or partially insulated for optimum comfort and performance. 

Our industrial steel buildings provide excellent durability and can resist heavy snow loads, ensuring that your stock will remain protected. Additionally, these structures can be equipped with insulation and heating options, further safeguarding from cold air and moisture damage.

Our temporary buildings are often used for extra storage space to manage stock and inventory during the peak retail season. We have also installed a number of canopies to provide shelter for unloading stock. Our all-purpose industrial canopies and temporary buildings will give you exactly what you need.

A winter storage building for warehousing

Key advantages

One of the key advantages of temporary buildings is their flexibility. Unlike traditional permanent structures, these buildings can be easily erected and dismantled, allowing for quick and disruption-free installation. This makes them an ideal solution for those who require temporary storage during the winter months. Whether you need shelter for a few weeks or the entire winter season, temporary buildings can be customized to suit your specific needs. Temporary buildings can also be rented which offers even more flexibility.

What are your options:

The three main building types for winter storage buildings are insulated temporary buildings, industrial buildings, which are generally not insulated or industrial canopies that provide shelter and additional covered space.

For those needing a larger storage space, temporary storage buildings are an excellent option. These versatile structures can accommodate a wide range of items, including vehicles and plant. With their open plan footprint and a wide range of bespoke features, storage buildings provide a secure, weatherproof environment. This protects practically anything from the winter weather.

Bespoke storage buildings for winter

When it comes to storing unusual items such as boats helicopters or aircraft, we can provide a solution.  opting for a dedicated storage building or industrial canopy will help protect . Investing in a proper storage solution not only prolongs the lifespan of your valuable assets but also saves you the hassle and cost of repairing or replacing them due to winter damage. 

In conclusion, temporary buildings offer an optimal solution for winter storage needs. Whether you require a spacious storage facility or industrial structure, our temporary buildings provide the flexibility, durability, and protection necessary to keep your stock safe during the colder winter months. Invest in a reliable and versatile temporary building and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are winter storage ready, secure and protected, even in the harshest weather. 

Temporary warehouse storage: Your options for increasing warehouse capacity quickly

Unlock storage space and capacity: Explore temporary warehouse buildings

Do you need to increase your capacity with more temporary warehouse storage? A temporary building could be just what you are looking for. Our buildings will help you meet both short and long-term storage and warehousing requirements.  Our latest expert blog will provide you with a range of options to help you find and select the best warehouse building for your business.

Why Temporary Warehouse Storage?

Interior of temporary insulated building at Ikea Reading

Despite the “temporary” name, our structures offer a long-lasting, semi-permanent solution that is precisely engineered to your business requirements. Furthermore, our temporary storage buildings are a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to traditional building projects, undertaking extensions or hiring off-site storage space. They provide many advantages, including:


We can provide a price for your new warehouse in 24 hours giving you an accurate budget cost to help you plan.  Once delivered to your site, we can install the new structure in as little as 4 days, without significant disruption or downtime.


Due to our temporary warehouses being engineered off-site we can control quality during every stage of the process. Given that they are designed specifically for your location, temporary warehouses last for years, offering safe and reliable storage. Furthermore, they are backed by a robust warranty and comply with UK Building Regulations.


They are in face around 70% cheaper to build than a traditional warehouse building. Moreover, our temporary and semi-permanent buildings don’t require foundations, expensive Architects or design consultants.  Additionally, we provide the design drawings based on your specifications within the price.

side of temporary warehouse storage building


If you require a short-term storage solution, you can rent a temporary warehouse in order to manage seasonal peaks or new contracts. Due to their modular construction, a temporary building can be easily extended, re-configured or relocated to a different site if your storage requirements change.

Temporary Warehouse Buildings: A Flexible Storage Solution

We offer a wide range of temporary buildings, storage structures as well as canopy shelters. These flexible, adaptable solutions will help your business meet any storage challenges.

Temporary buildings are built with engineered modular components that are assembled and installed on-site.  They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length. These are also typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together or using a steel frame, providing a space solution for every requirement.

Types of temporary storage buildings

Overall the most popular types of warehouse buildings we provide include:

A temporary warehouse:

Our most popular and flexible modern warehouse structure can be provided as an insulated, part-insulated or non-insulated building.  It can be manufactured to your bespoke size requirements and completed with a solid range of options, such as doors, racking, full building management systems and lighting.

Steel warehouse buildings:

This industrial warehouse structure will provide a robust and durable storage building solution. Our industrial steel buildings are most commonly used as overflow storage, with this purpose in mind they create a weatherproof and secure steel warehouse structure. Consequently it will be suitable to store and protect stock, raw materials or house machinery such as packing and bailing machines.

Loading bay canopy shelter:

If you are looking for covered shelter, loading canopy or a lay down space for pallets, goods or materials a canopy shelter will generally be an ideal option to create covered space. The shelter can also be integrated into an existing building, used as a standalone shelter and can be open sided or open ended.

Industrial storage to super-insulated options

With all of the above options, we offer various types of insulation and finishes for our temporary warehouses in order to cater to your specific storage requirements. Insulation can be provided through cladding and various roof insulation options.

Insulated Temporary Buildings for Cold Storage:

Engineered for projects demanding the highest level of insulation and building performance

  • Ideal for medical/pharmaceutical, food, and agricultural produce storage.
  • Operates within controlled temperature ranges to maintain product quality.

Ambient Storage:

  • Offers dry, clean, well-ventilated storage at room temperature.
  • Suitable for all types of product storage and certain perishables.

Non-insulated structures:

If you simply need covered space, a non-insulated structure offers cost effective, dry and weatherproof storage.  It can be specified with industrial grade PCV walls, or steel cladding.  These structures are suitable for applications where insulation is not a priority such as industrial warehousing. 

Why Consider Temporary Warehousing?

It’s important to remember that these structures are engineered to stand the test of time. While they are referred to as “temporary” they can be in place for over 20 years.  They provide many advantages over a permanent building,

  • Seasonal storage: Prepare for seasonal sales spikes, especially in the lead-up to events like Christmas.
  • Expansion: Secured a new contract or looking to grow without moving locations?
  • Integration: Our buildings can be easily integrated with your existing building without disruptive building alterations or the stress and inconvenience of off-site storage

Get your bespoke storage space

We are leading providers of bespoke temporary buildings across the UK, working with clients large and small to deliver high quality temporary storage building solutions.  We provide a wide range of warehouse buildings that can be installed within days.  Our installation process is highly efficient on account of our buildings being manufactured off-site.

They are installed like a modular building, seamlessly adding extra storage space.  We can install your new storage facility on most ground types and locations.  The good news is that we don’t need to create foundations for our buildings which saves significant cost and time.

When exploring extra storage options, the most important considerations include the location, required space, and specific requirements such as temperature control and security. Our team of experts have decades of combined experience in helping businesses like yours get the warehouse and storage space they need without delay. In addition, we have a range of resources available and would be more than happy to discuss your project and provide a free budget price and design:

FREE GUIDE Ultimate Guide to Temporary Buildings  

Insulated temporary buildings: Prevent the chill this winter

high performing insulated temporary buildings

If you need to increase your on-site space and capacity, insulated temporary buildings stand out for their durability, efficiency, and flexibility. Our insulated structures, offer a range of benefits, making them an ideal choice for anyone in need of temperature sensitive storage, high quality space or durable semi-permanent building solutions without delay.

Understanding Insulated Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings are often referred to as semi-permanent, modular buildings or portable buildings. They are structures designed to provide a quick and flexible space solution. As a result, we can install a fully insulated building in a matter of days, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from warehouses, temporary accommodation and workshop buildings.

Insulation is a crucial element that significantly impacts the functionality, performance and comfort within a building. Our insulated buildings feature materials that reduce heat transfer, in order to ensure thermal efficiency to create a comfortable, controlled internal environment. Field & Lawn insulated buildings typically use a sandwich panel wall construction, with a 60mm PIR foam insulated core, so that they provide a thermal insulation level of U[W/m2K] -0.36. Additionally we can provide enhanced levels of insulation up to 120mm.

Quality and durability

Temporary insulated building with windows

Despite the temporary name, our structures are built to last in excess of 20 years. They will provide a semi-permanent building solution, using the latest modular construction technology to engineer and manufacture a building to your businesses requirements. Furthermore, our temporary structures comply with all UK building regulations and include comprehensive, location specific wind and weather loadings.

Take a look inside…

Want to see inside a temporary building? Then take a look at the completed projects gallery:

When to use a temporary building

If you need additional on-site space, then a temporary building is a great solution. Unlike traditional buildings, they are quick to manufacture and install and are highly cost effective when compared to traditional construction. Our buildings are designed to be in place for many years as a semi-permanent solution. If you have a short to medium term requirement for additional insulated space, a temporary structure can be rented with a flexible agreement. Subsequently our insulated temporary buildings have supported a range of businesses, providing:

Storage and warehouse solutions:

Insulated temporary buildings are ideal for temporary storage space and warehousing, this is due to offering high quality, secure space to store goods and materials. Moreover they are manufactured to your exact requirements and can be integrated with existing warehouse buildings on your site. In addition you can specify the structure to include racking, access doors and heating, lighting and more, exactly like a traditional building, but without the high cost.

Offices and workspaces:

Our buildings provide comfortable and efficient office spaces. So, whether used as a marketing suite or a workshop building, these structures offer a conducive working environment.

Sporting facilities and changing rooms:

Sports facilities often require temporary solutions, we have delivered a number of insulated temporary buildings within the sport and leisure sector.  They provide an optimal environment and can be fully partitioned.

Advantages of insulated temporary buildings

Production, Workshop and Studio Space

Quick installation:

Insulated temporary buildings can be rapidly erected, providing additional space without the lengthy construction time associated with traditional permanent buildings. The design is flexible, offering various clear span widths and eave heights to suit specific needs.

Cost effectiveness:

Compared to a traditional building, a temporary building on the whole is around 70% cheaper to build and install. 

Energy efficiency:

Insulated buildings significantly enhance energy efficiency by reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. The insulation acts as a barrier in order to shield against external temperature variations. Also further insulation can be provided with a range of insulated roof options.


Temporary insulated buildings conform to necessary building regulations, ensuring safety as well as compliance with BS EN standards.

Choosing us for your insulated temporary buildings

Field & Lawn offer a range of temporary insulated buildings, including temporary warehouse options, in order to offer the perfect blend of functionality and efficiency from our bespoke, made to measure solutions to our standard temporary structures that are available to rent. 

Our service includes:

• A no obligation site visit and appraisal
• Free design drawings and calculations
• Expert project management
• A comprehensive building warranty 

In addition, our dedicated team of experts will work with you to create a solution to your space requirements, specifying your new insulated building to meet your needs.

Need more information?

If you want to explore the range of options in detail and review the high specifications we also offer, our guide to temporary building standards and specifications will provide more detail.

A building revolution: Temporary Building Solutions For Schools

Find out how a temporary building can quickly provide extra space and capacity at your school, college or university.

During the summer holidays, many schools, colleges and universities will use the extended break to undertake essential repairs and maintenance across their sites as well as undertaking significant capital projects like classroom extensions and building upgrades.  As the new school year rapidly approaches, we know all too well that the race to get projects finished in time is on.  Where there is a risk of projects running over, beyond the summer holidays, temporary building solutions for schools can be the answer.

Temporary buildings can help deliver additional space quickly for a range of short and long-term requirements.  We have seen temporary structures used most commonly as gyms, temporary classroom facilities and examination halls.  However, more recently our flexible temporary buildings have been used to create a high quality school dining hall facility for a secondary school in Bedfordshire. 

Case Study: Temporary dining hall for schools

An open plan flexible dining hall facility

A secondary school approached us with a time-critical need to increase dining hall space and capacity on their school campus.  They needed a seamless, well-designed, and cost effective dining space that would provide a warm space for students to eat and relax and enjoy school meals throughout the academic year.  Field and Lawn provided a 10m x 20m temporary school canteen complete with secure glazed doors, lighting, heating and cooling and access ramps. 

“Temporary” only by name

While they may be called “temporary” our temporary buildings are robust and highly durable structures that comply with all UK building regulations.  They are designed to be in place for in excess of 20 years and are re-locatable.  This proves to be a great option for multi academy trusts, that wish to deploy space quickly, where needed to create high quality additional space. 

A temporary school building can be specified to high standards of thermal performance and include everything you would expect from a traditional building such as heating, lighting, security and more. 

Our insulated temporary buildings combine an innovative blend of thermal insulation, robust construction, and patented technology, making them ideal solutions for industries where building performance matters. 

A complete modular building solution

Temporary buildings have been revolutionising the construction industry,  and we have seen first hand how they can help schools approach and solve capacity and space problems.  

Speed of Installation: A modular dining hall can be installed in as little as 5 days!

Cost Efficiency: Modular temporary buildings are in the region of 70% cheaper than traditional brick and mortar buildings.

Reduced On-Site Risk: Temporary buildings are manufactured off site, reducing the risks associated with long-term construction projects on education campuses.

Minimal Disruption: Fewer contractors on-site means minimal disruption around the school site. Lower noise pollution, less mess and far fewer vehicle movements adds to the benefits of temporary buildings.

Lower Up-Front Costs: Unlike traditional building projects, modular builds required lower upfront investment.  A temporary school building can be hired for short term requirements.

Temporary or Semi-Permanent: The versatility of modular temporary buildings means it can adapt to your school’s needs, whether for temporary or semi-permanent use.  They are easily extended if you require additional space.

Get the extra space you need

A prefabricated modular cafeteria, dining room or temporary kitchen will provide your school, college or university, students, and staff with a comfortable, safe environment quickly. Rapid construction, minimal disruption, and reduced risk means you’ll have less hassle getting your new facility up and running compared to opting for a permanent building. 

Flexibility of design offers you the opportunity to get a dining facility that fits your exact requirements to include areas such as kitchens, seating, food preparation, serving and cleaning areas.  Just like a traditional building, our temporary buildings can be partitioned to create the space you need, designed for your bespoke requirements. 

Flexible, temporary spaces for schools

Temporary buildings are a flexible solution that can provide additional on-site temporary space quickly.  Beyond dining halls they have a range of uses for education including classrooms, gyms, sports halls and equipment stores.  Our temporary buildings are designed with student and staff comfort at the heart and are fully compliant with UK Building Regulations.

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn are expert, national temporary building providers. We install a wide range of temporary building solutions in the education sector.  We offer a full turnkey service, including design drawings as standard and complete project management, giving you a high quality, temporary building that will work for your school.  

Design your Temporary building for free!

Start your building now with our free online design tool.  

The Power of Insulated Temporary Buildings: Energy-Efficient Industrial Solutions

Insulated temporary buildings

Enhanced building performance is a key driver for any business. Even though energy costs have started to fall, they remain unpredictable as we head into winter.  In this article, we cover how a temporary building can perform through winter and beyond, providing a safe, cost efficient and quick solution for extra on-site capacity. 

About temporary buildings

While they are classed as “temporary”, these buildings are only temporary by name. They are robust, industrial strength structures that can stand the test of time. They can be in place for over 20 years and can be installed on virtually any ground surface.  Most commonly, they are used for storage buildings, warehouse buildings, welfare facilities, workshops and valeting bays. 

An insulated temporary building provides everything you would expect from a traditional “permanent building”, without the time and cost constraints of traditional construction.  They are modular buildings, which means they can be installed in a matter of days, at short notice, without disruption on your site. They can be:

Fully or partially insulated delivering U-Values as low as: 0.18 W/m²K  

Temperature controlled or refrigerated  

Custom designed to your exact requirements 

Rented over shorter periods to manage peak


Installed on-site in a matter of days


Built to last in excess of 20+ years


Completely bespoke and customiseable

Our insulated temporary buildings

As standard, we use a BALEXTHERM insulated wall panel, with 60mm insulated PIR foam. This provides Thermal a insulation of U [W/m2K] – 0.36. Different core thicknesses (80, 100, 120 mm) can be supplied depending on your requirements. However, 60mm is the most common option and provides a good balance between cost and insulation performance. 

Our insulated temporary buildings combine an innovative blend of thermal insulation, robust construction, and patented technology, making them ideal solutions for industries where building performance matters. 

Insulated thermo roof.

In addition to insulated wall panels, thermal performance can be further improved by different roofing solutions. A popular option uses a 3-layer thermally efficient insulation lining that has been patented by our manufacturing partner, Protan Elmark. It features a specialist aluminium layer that traps heat inside the building. An additional fastening system is used to cover the visible frames in the roof area. This prevents the formation of thermal bridges, improving thermal performance. 

Click and collect temporary building

Inflatable roof

Another option is an inflatable roof, which combines two layers of robust PVC fabric with a wall mounted compressor system.  The quiet and efficient system re-cycles the air from outside and inflates the roof.  The fans capacity is 620m3/h.  This forms an insulated air pocket between the two PVC layers.  The pressure range of the air pocket can range between 0.1-0.5 mPa.  The adopted pressure standard is 0.15 MPa, that’s equivalent to approximately 22 psi. 

Anti-condensation Lining

An insulated or part-insulated temporary building will reduce the effects of condensation and maintain a safe and comfortable working environment. An additional interior anti-condensation lining can be installed or retrofitted to improve this even further.  This material is fixed below the actual roof and protects the buildings contents from condensation. The lining is flame retardant and has a material thickness of 500 g/m2.

Hire an insulated building

If you are looking for a short-term temporary structure, you can hire a temporary building.  This means you will benefit from additional space quickly without significant, up front expenditure.  When you rent a temporary building, you can simply return the structure to us, after the rental period.  Or, if you want to keep the building, we offer a purchase option during the rental period. We hold a number of temporary structures in stock at any time. 

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn are expert, national modular, insulated building providers. We install a wide range of temporary building solutions from temporary warehouses, industrial canopies and workshops.  We offer a full turnkey service, including design drawings as standard and complete project management, giving you a high quality, temporary building that will stand the test of time.  In addition to insulated buildings, we also install a wide range of non-insulated, industrial structures

Design your building for free!

Field and Lawn are expert, national modular, insulated building providers. We install a wide range of temporary building solutions from temporary warehouses, industrial canopies and workshops.  We offer a full turnkey service, including design drawings as standard and complete project management, giving you a high quality, temporary building that will stand the test of time.  In addition to insulated buildings, we also install a wide range of non-insulated, industrial structures

Who we work with


Temporary building design. Made easy.

A free blueprint for designing your bespoke Temporary Building.

When it comes to designing a new building, traditionally, it can be an expensive and time-consuming exercise, requiring a range of consultants just to get the project to site.  Then you will face the challenges and costs of procuring and managing a complex construction project.  A temporary building can be designed, manufactured and installed in weeks.  

More space. Less stress.

Unlock the benefits of temporary buildings

Field and Lawn provide a full, turnkey service, including free structural calculations and design drawings through to expert project management, delivering a high quality, fully functioning temporary building in as little as 5 weeks.  Despite the “temporary” name, they are robust structures that can be in place for over 20 years.  

From temporary warehouses to industrial manufacturing facilities, they provide durable, high quality space in a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional building.  

Start your temporary building design now. For free

Our temporary building configurator gives you the chance to design and specify your new temporary structure for free. One of the many benefits of choosing a modular temporary building for your on-site space requirements is the ability to customise and create a completely bespoke solution.   

You can now achieve this without spending a fortune on expensive Architects, Consultants, Engineers and Designers. Our online temporary budling design tool makes the design process even quicker, super simple and best of all, free! 

You can design your ideal temporary building with our online temporary building configurator today.  Enabling you to take control of your temporary building design, with a few clicks.  No expensive consultants required! 

About Temporary Buildings

A large temporary storage tent

The ability to quickly create additional space, with minimal disruption, is one of the key benefits of a temporary building. They can offer many other significant benefits compared to a traditional building. They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length. These are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together,  or using a steel frame, providing a space solution for everyone.


Installed on-site in a matter of days


Built to last in excess of 20+ years


Completely bespoke and customiseable

Specifications and options

They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length. These are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together,  or using a steel frame, providing a space solution for everyone.

Understanding the temporary building landscape:

Quality design and bespoke functionality

Temporary buildings are most commonly used by businesses to meet an urgent need for warehouse, storage and manufacturing capacity. However, the structures can be used for a wide range of additional functions from light aircraft hangars, industrial canopies, welfare facilities, plant / machinery stores and everything in-between. 

More on modular construction

Building a warehouse and storage building

Modular construction offers exceptional functionality and the ability to customise your building to create an exceptional structure that will stand the test of time. Whether you need a temporary warehouse, or an industrial manufacturing facility our free online design tool is the first step in creating your new building.  

Temporary buildings are completely modular, meaning they are manufactured off-site and installed without disruption. The structure can be installed an virtually any ground surface or slope.  Modular buildings offer unparalleled flexibility, adding extra space without the cost, waste and hassle of traditional construction. The result? Minimal disruption and maximum adaptability. 

Design compliance and regulations

Every building from Field and Lawn is carefully engineered by experts to comply with local wind and weather loadings and UK building regulations. Temporary building design requires an in-depth understanding of these building regulations and planning permission, to ensure safety and compliance while delivering innovative, bespoke designs.  

Our temporary building experts are on hand to help you every step of the way. Even if  you are just looking to modify or extend an existing building right through to a new construction project, we can provide a best in class temporary building structure and unmatched expertise. 

Sustainability in focus

Field and Lawn are a certified carbon neutral company and sustainability remains a focal point in our to temporary building design. Selecting eco-friendly materials and embracing sustainable practices such as highly efficient insulation to improve the buildings thermal performance and comfort to off-site manufacturing which minimises waste. 

Why choose Field and Lawn

    We provide a complete temporary building solution.  Our turnkey service includes design drawings, structural calculations, expert project management and installation to give you the building you need.  Quickly.


  1. Industry expertise: 35+ years experience
  2. UK Based with short lead times
  3. Exceptional quality, backed by a comprehensive warranty  
  4. A portfolio of successful projects and happy clients – request a reference!
  5.  Flexible options, including rental agreements

Who we work with


We have four regional branches and offer a wide range of large, robust PVC industrial tents designed to meet your temporary storage needs. our product range also includes Our industrial tents are not only suitable for industrial and commercial storage but also serve as excellent solutions for workshops, showrooms, logistics operations, and commercial businesses. With high-quality materials, robust construction, and versatile options, our temporary warehouses provide the perfect solution for businesses seeking flexibility and cost-effectiveness in their storage.  Our quality assurance standards will give you piece of mind:


Unlock the benefits of a Padel court canopy

ace Padel court canopies and covers from field and lawn

If you run a Padel club, you may be looking at ways to further increase playing time as we head into the darker winter months.  Padel tennis is growing rapidly with new padel tennis courts springing up across the united kingdom.  Field and Lawn are experts canopy experts, having installed a range of solutions at various sports facilities.  

When it comes to sport and leisure facilities, the need for extra capacity and space is often a top priority. That’s where temporary buildings come to the rescue, offering a quick and efficient solution. From temporary gyms and sports halls to the fantastic addition of a Padel court canopy, we’ve got you covered!

A description of our padel court services

Padel tennis court canopy

If you currently have an outdoor padel court and require a padel canopy, we can install a bespoke solution in a matter of weeks.  

By investing in a  padel court canopy, you can train and play throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions. Say goodbye to rain stopped play and don’t be limited by the light! you can increase your clubs revenue throughout the year with a reliable court cover.  

Benefits of an outdoor padel court canopy

Sound containment: Court canopies not only protect you from the weather but they also provide valuable sound insulation. A enclosed court structure will keep noise more contained. 

Integration: Our padel court canopies can integrate with existing infrastructure such as floodlights and fencing. This means you can install a canopy structure without significant retro fitting.

Prevent light pollution: If  you have a floodlit outdoor court, you can keep your neighbors and local wildlife happy by containing floodlighting within a bespoke canopy. 

Bring outdoor games, indoors

Our bespoke, made to measure open-plan canopy profiles can cover a  range of sports, giving maximum height clearance. From cricket nets to MUGA courts and tennis court canopies, we have you covered. 

Sporting Facilities

Why invest in a padel court canopy?

Boost income: For sports clubs and tennis centres looking to generate additional revenue, investing in a sports court canopy is an excellent strategy. By providing covered and all-weather facilities, you can hire out the spaces during evenings.

Attract players: With top of the range facilities, players will choose you other other places to play and practice.  

Rapid installation: We understand the importance of reducing downtime at any sports facility. With our efficient installation and experienced in-house teams, we can typically install your new canopy in a matter of days, ensuring your sports and leisure activities can continue.

If you are looking for a short to medium term temporary solution, hiring a temporary industrial building may be the best option.  Once the hire period is complete, we simply collect the structure.  If you are embarking on a longer-term project and require longer term temporary storage, an outright purchase option may be the perfect solution to get the additional space you need

Want to know more? contact our team today

If you want to find out more about the possibilities of court canopies and coverings for your sports club, leisure facilities, gym, or training venue, our experienced team are here to help.  We can provide a bespoke quotation through to a complete turnkey service to get your canopy structure. 

Other sports and leisure canopies

Beyond padel tennis courts, we work with sporting organisations from equine to trampoline centres to install bespoke  canopy solutions.  With over 35 years of experience in providing bespoke solutions, we are well positioned to help you on your next project.  

A temporary building used as a horse riding centre

Temporary structures: Industrial temporary buildings for construction and infrastructure projects

Why are tier one construction contractors turning to industrial temporary buildings on large infrastructure projects?

Temporary buildings are widely used in retail and logistics as a fast and affordable method to increase storage space.  In recent months, we have seen an increase in demand from construction contractors working on longer-term, large-scale projects requiring extra space.  As a temporary building can be installed in most locations, they make for excellent site storage facilities for construction and infrastructure projects. 

While the structures may be called “temporary”, the reality is they’re usually in place for many years, such is the quality and life expectancy of our structures.  The benefit of a temporary building is that once the project has completed, it can be easily relocated to other sites or another project.  As they are modular buildings, it is possible to easily add or remove bays, giving you the right space for your site.  They meet all relevant building regulations and are designed to comply with local wind and weather loadings, which we include as standard during the design process.

external overview of a temporary building

Where can you install a temporary building?

A temporary building can be installed on almost any ground surface.  Our expert team can design bespoke solutions to fit a building on your site. A temporary building does not need complex groundworks and we can accommodate slopes, obstacles and existing structures in the design.  Field and Lawn can provide a temporary building solution for your project.  

Case Study: HS2 Infrastructure Storage

A large industrial temporary building with a loading canopy

Field and Lawn provided a bespoke 15m x 32m, temporary structure for a tier one construction contractor who required a medium-term storage facility.  The building features a large, 5m integrated open sided loading bay.  The structure was finished with internal pallet racking for additional storage. The valuable storage space will be used to store items needed throughout their build programme.

Based on this success and the flexibility provided by industrial temporary buildings, we are embarking on a programme of ten further industrial buildings across the UK. Considering the total cost and speed it takes to install, the high standards and quality will impress even any site or project manager.  Giving you more flexibility and space than a standard portacabin. 

What can temporary industrial buildings be used for?

The possibilities are endless! Primarily, they are used for storage facilities, warehousing space, industrial canopies and material stores.  However we have solutions for a full range of uses, from offices, canteens, drying rooms and full semi-permanent welfare villages.  A temporary building will also provide industrial workshop space, a fabrication and finishing building or security structures.  They can be specified with full insulation, partitioned and specified to meet all your space needs. 

A steel sided industrial temporary building structure

Field and Lawn have over thirty five years of extensive experience in designing and installing temporary structures and modular buildings.  Our product range is diverse, and we can supply short term industrial storage tents through to fully insulated, semi-permanent highly insulated ambient temporary storage facilities.  


Hire or purchase?

If you are looking for a short to medium term temporary solution, hiring a temporary industrial building may be the best option.  Once the hire period is complete, we simply collect the structure.  If you are embarking on a longer-term project and require longer term temporary storage, an outright purchase option may be the perfect solution to get the additional space you need

Industry expertise for construction

When it comes to delivering high quality industrial buildings, working with an experienced team like Field and Lawn can make a significant difference. We are experts in working with industrial contractors and construction companies to provide safe and robust solutions.  With over 35 years of experience, our team bring a unique blend of problem-solving skills, engineering knowledge and project management expertise. 


With years of experience in delivering high-quality temporary warehouse buildings. We offer tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your exact storage needs.  We have supplied temporary building solutions to a wide range of clients.  From large, multi-national blue-chip corporations to small, industrial businesses. 

We have a proven track record of successful temporary building projects across various industries.  Our client portfolio includes: 

Conoco Phillips

Configure my building

With construction costs of traditional storage increasing, it may be the first time a temporary building solution has been considered.  We have a varied portfolio of completed projects across the UK and would be delighted to arrange a site visit.  This will give you and your team an opportunity to see, first hand how durable, high quality and cost effective temporary buildings can be.

safety and compliance

When it comes to working in partnership with construction contractors, we are a trusted pair of hands.  We have robust and audited procedures and meet the Constructionline gold standard, holding IS0 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 48001 certification.  We are also JOSCAR registered and will meet all supply chain standards required to work on main contractor sites.  


Temporary warehouse construction: How to beat rising construction costs

A Better Way to Build a Warehouse: A modular, pre-fabricated solution.

Field and Lawn are a leading temporary warehouse construction company and supplier of pre-fabricated temporary warehouses, semi-permanent buildings and industrial canopies.  The demand for warehousing, logistics, and distribution buildings has significantly increased in recent years.  

Meeting this demand for storage space by building new warehouses has never been harder.  Construction contractors are booked months in advance. Therefore, it is no surprise that warehouse construction costs have also risen. In addition, while material lead times are falling, there are still lingering supply chain issues that can delay project start and completion dates. 

These factors mean that if you want a traditional warehouse building, you could we waiting many months, if not longer. 

Building a traditional warehouse requires significant planning, considerable space, a big team of consultants and a large budget.  Temporary buildings are a great way to create warehouse space, on-site without the complexities, costs and timescales of a traditional warehouse construction project.  This article will help you find out more about how to build a temporary warehouse that will save your business time, money and stress. 

We can deliver a complete turnkey project in as little as 6 weeks from quote to completion. Giving you the warehousing space you need. Fast.  

So, you need a new warehouse building?

external overview of a temporary building

A temporary structure can be used for warehouse buildings, logistics centres, storage facilities (including temperature-controlled storage) and state of the art logistics hubs. From small industrial projects to large scale design & build schemes (with full project management) Field and Lawn can build your new warehouse.

There are several construction options to consider depending on what the building will be used for.  If you are looking for a simple industrial storage shed, a steel sided structure is a no-fuss, quick solution that can be installed in a matter of days.  Temporary buildings can also create high quality, buildings that rival traditional buildings in terms of performance, aesthetics and practicality. If you need to house sensitive goods, such as food, drink and other temperature sensitive products, by selecting a fully insulated building.  If the warehouse will be occupied, an insulated building could be a good option to provide a comfortable working environment all year.

Be your own architect!

You can design your new warehouse with a few clicks, using our temporary building configurator.  Choose the size, specification and finishes and we will do the rest!  No need for complicated technical consultants as our in-house team will get all the calculations and drawings completed for you, with no hidden costs.

How can you build a temporary warehouse?

Building a temporary warehouse and storage building

Here are some more benefits of choosing a temporary building for your next construction project: 

Cost: Temporary buildings have very few complex component parts.  This means their construction cost is in the region of 70% lower than a traditional building.  Maintenance is also significantly cheaper.  They don’t require multiple trades, such as dry lining, plastering, brickwork, cladding or groundworks.  Again, this all helps to reduce cost.

Sustainability: Businesses must reduce their carbon footprint and a temporary warehouse is a great way to do this.  They are made off-site using the latest and most efficient construction techniques that reduces waste. Once they have reached the end of their lifecycle many components can be recycled or re-used.

Flexibility:  Temporary buildings are futureproof for potential rapid growth and expansion of your business. You can quickly and easily add extra space to a temporary building.  They can also be moved or re-located if your needs change.

What is the average cost to build a warehouse in the UK?

A large temporary building with insulated walls

Temporary warehouses differ significantly from other traditional construction projects due to their unique modular assembly. Determining the cost of warehouse construction is crucial for effective planning and commissioning. While costs vary depending on various factors, estimates that for a basic traditional warehouse, you can expect to pay between £690 and £901 per square meter.  

See how our price measures up!

a forklift works inside a large temporary warehouse building

If you are looking for warehouse quotes, compare a temporary building to a traditional building and you will be able to make significant savings, not only in cost but time.  We can provide a free quotation in as little as 24 working hours. 

Warehouse construction and development

Warehouse design has evolved to increase productivity.  The latest automated picking and packing technology has seen many existing warehouses retrofitted to meet modern standards.  Technology integration and maintaining product quality throughout the distribution process remains a key focus. You can achieve this with a temporary warehouse.

This is because a temporary warehouse can be designed to your exact specification to house machinery, equipment and storage solutions such as racking and mezzanine flooring. Automation and smart inventory management systems can also be built in.  The clearspan structure provides ample space for plant movement inside the structure.  

Industry expertise for temporary warehouse construction

When it comes to constructing temporary warehouses, working with an experienced team like Field and Lawn can make a significant difference. We are experts in temporary warehouse construction, with over 35 years of experience.  Our team bring a unique blend of problem-solving skills, outside the box thinking and project management expertise. 

Temporary building customers

With years of experience in delivering high-quality temporary warehouse buildings. We offer tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your exact storage needs.  We have supplied temporary building solutions to a wide range of clients.  From large, multi-national blue-chip corporations to small, industrial businesses. 

We have a proven track record of successful temporary building projects across various industries.  Our client portfolio includes: 

Conoco Phillips

Visit a temporary building

With construction costs of traditional storage increasing, it may be the first time a temporary building solution has been considered.  We have a varied portfolio of completed projects across the UK and would be delighted to arrange a site visit.  This will give you and your team an opportunity to see, first hand how durable, high quality and cost effective temporary buildings can be.

A comprehensive guide to temporary warehouse buildings

Unlock the benefits of temporary warehouse buildings

Finding a robust storage solution is at the top of the priority list for many businesses.  With the prospect of rising rents and soaring construction costs of traditional storage buildings, temporary warehouses are becoming an increasingly popular solution.  

If you need to build and install a temporary warehouse, this article is for you!  It will cover the fundamentals of temporary warehousing including the various options you need to consider to build a temporary warehouse. 

Temporary warehouse buildings offer a flexible and fast alternative to traditional warehouses. This expert-level guide will provide valuable insights and information on the benefits, considerations, and key factors you need to know when it comes to temporary warehouse buildings.  

Understanding temporary warehouse buildings

external overview of a temporary building

Temporary warehouse buildings are flexible and robust structures designed to provide quick temporary storage solutions. These buildings are typically made from high quality and long-lasting materials such as aluminium.  They are completely modular, which means they can be assembled on-site quickly and removed once they are no longer required.  They offer many benefits when compared to traditional warehouse buildings. Unlike traditional warehouses, temporary warehouse buildings can be easily and quickly relocated or expanded as required. They can also be used for a full range of warehousing applications. 

Do temporary buildings make good warehouses?

Yes! Temporary buildings make excellent warehouses.  This is why:

Flexibility: Temporary buildings offer unrivalled flexibility compared to traditional buildings. Whether it’s seasonal inventory spikes or short-term projects, temporary buildings provide the agility to meet evolving storage requirements.

Cost-effectiveness: Temporary warehouses are typically more cost-effective than constructing or leasing a traditional warehouse or off-site storage. The initial investment and ongoing operational costs are around 70% lower compared to a traditional warehouse.

Speed: When you need storage space fast, a temporary building can be rapidly installed.  Traditional construction can take months or even years, whereas temporary buildings can be operational in a matter of weeks. without the need for expensive Consultants and Architects. 

Quality and durability: While temporary buildings may be temporary by name, they are robust, highly durable structures that can stand the test of time. An engineered aluminium frame provide strength, ensuring the safety of stored goods. Temporary buildings comply with Eurocodes for snow and wind loading conditions and can be specified with insulation, ventilation, and other features to maintain optimal storage conditions. 

How can you build a temporary warehouse?

Building a temporary warehouse and storage building

We can create a temporary storage shelter on almost any ground surface.  Working around existing site constraints or objects, even connecting a temporary warehouse to existing buildings.  Our temporary buildings have a small footprint and do not require complex groundworks or foundations.  The first step is to choose the right structure. Temporary buildings come in various finishes, including single skin PVC structures, single skin steel cladding, right through to insulated sandwich panels for enhanced thermal performance. Each option has its own benefits and is suited for different purposes, such as urgent storage, industrial applications, or temperature-controlled storage.

Next, there are several roofing options to consider for your temporary warehouse. Options include single skin PVC, inflatable roofs with improved thermal performance, or fully insulated and lined roofs for maximum thermal performance.  Consider the nature of your stored goods.

Finally, you can customise and specify temporary warehouses, as they are made to measure, bespoke for your business. You can tailor the building to your specific needs, including colours, door options, rainwater guttering, lighting, security systems, and electrical services. Customisation allows you to create a complete and fully functional storage space that meets your operational requirements, now and into the future.

Construction of a temporary warehouse is highly efficient as it requires minimal plant and groundworks finishing trades.  This reduces build costs and increases speed. 

Cold storage or temperature sensitive products? No problem

A large temporary building with insulated walls

We can provide completely refrigerated storage solutions, which maintain a consistent temperature for goods that require cold storage.  From beer kegs to medical products temporary warehouse buildings are a safe and robust solution to protect temperature sensitive stock.

Temporary warehouse storage: Ensuring effective operations

a forklift works inside a large temporary warehouse building

Operations within a temporary warehouse are the same as a traditional warehouse building.  They can be specified to optimize storage space. Implementing efficient shelving systems, such as pallet racking or mezzanine floors, will maximise storage capacity. All of these options are possible with a temporary warehouse.   This combined with a robust and secure clear span structure will provide the best use of space.  Inventory management and tracking systems can be used to streamline operations and enhance visibility. You will be impressed by the efficiency a temporary building can achieve.  

Temporary Warehousing. Should I hire or buy?

Again, unlike traditional buildings, a temporary warehouse can be rented for short-term requirements to manage seasonal peaks in storage or provide a long-term semi permeant storage unit. When considering temporary warehouse solutions, hiring offers the benefit of flexibility, allowing businesses to quickly add additional space when needed without a long-term commitment. 

A temporary storage building is a good choice for short-term storage requirements. On the other hand, purchasing a temporary warehouse building provides long-term advantages, including ownership benefits.  As temporary buildings can be easily re-located, there is a strong second-hand market for temporary storage buildings.  By investing in a temporary warehouse, businesses can have greater control, more bespoke customisation options, and an asset.

The future of temporary warehouse buildings: modular and sustainable solutions

The future lies in modular construction techniques and sustainable practices. A temporary warehouse from Field and Lawn consists of prefabricated components that are easily assembled on-site in a matter of days. This means businesses benefit from a highly cost-effective solution that can save up to 70% on traditional construction costs.  You can also scale space up as needed. Furthermore, the off-site approach minimises construction waste to provide an environmentally responsible storage solution.

Temporary Warehouses and Planning Permission

Before constructing a temporary warehouse building, businesses must understand the legal and regulatory requirements associated with such structures. In the UK, planning permission may be required depending on factors such as the size, location, and duration of the temporary warehouse. Navigating the planning permission process involves submitting the necessary documentation and ensuring compliance with local regulations and building codes. Additionally, health and safety regulations must be adhered to, including fire safety measures, emergency exits, and adequate lighting.

Field and Lawn Limited: your partner in temporary warehouse solutions

We have provided many temporary structures across the UK. With years of experience in delivering high-quality temporary warehouse buildings. We offer tailored, bespoke solutions to meet your exact storage needs. Field and Lawn’s expertise lies in designing and installing robust and durable temporary warehouses that ensure the safety and security of stored goods. 

We have a proven track record of successful temporary building projects across various industries.  Our client portfolio includes: 

Conoco Phillips

Why choose Field and Lawn?

Temporary warehouse buildings provide an ideal storage solution. You can tap into the expertise of Field and Lawn to meet their temporary warehousing needs. Whether it’s temporary storage, or modular structures, Field and Lawn stands as a trusted partner in delivering high-quality, innovative temporary solutions to a wide range of businesses looking to increase their storage.  

Visit a Field and Lawn project

We understand that a temporary building is a significant investment. It may also be the first time you are considering a temporary building solution.  We have a strong portfolio of completed projects across the UK and would be delighted to arrange a site visit.  This will enable you to see first-hand the quality and durability of our temporary buildings.  

Temporary warehouse structures: Available Now

Field and Lawn are ready to provide a free, no obligation quote for a temporary storage building.  See how we measure up!