Placemaking for Pride events

Looking back on pride month and city wide placemaking activations

Pride month is celebrated annually in June and to mark the  many public spaces, town centres and highstreets across the UK are transformed for pride events.   

Pride Flags - Large Scale Event Installations

The pride flag is arguably the most historically and culturally significant symbol of the LGBTQ+ community, and the most recognisable. 

In celebration of 50 years of Pride in the UK, The Crown Estate commissioned one hundred Pride flags to hang above Regent Street. 

These large, cross street flags were expertly installed by Field and Lawn.

 Continuing the tradition for Pride flags to be updated, Vecchietti’s design is being increasingly used across society to be more inclusive of all LGBTQI+ people.

 A vinyl has also been displayed at 59-61 Regent Street to educate the public on its meaning. 

pride flags hang across the street in London. A great way to deliver effective placemaking

Pride Flags

Pride in London commemorated the anniversary of 1972’s historic march by retracing its route during this year’s event.

We were delighted to play our part in London Pride, brining 100, intersex inclusive, cross street flags to Regent Street.  We also delivered more love, more joy and more pride in Covent Garden. “The More Joy x Covent Garden” activation featured over 2,000 individual flags.

More love and more joy logos are featured on rainbow bunting in Covent Garden for Pride

Field and Lawn can support you with all aspects of the placemaking mix

Do you need permission to fly the pride flag?

Planning permission can be a complicated subject when it comes to placemaking within a public space.  Different rules apply depending on whether the  flags or flagpole is situated vertically on a roof, projecting from another part of the building or located within the grounds of a building.  Our team of experts are experienced and can advise on when planning consent will be required.  Field and Lawn offer a full, turnkey placemaking service.

Creative Placemaking

Effective placemaking is the process of creating quality and exciting public and private spaces through good design, planning and management. Creative placemaking and city dressing enlivens a featured space, using urban design techniques to XXX .  It can have a long-lasting positive effect on the local community, business and the economy, increasing footfall and dwell time through engagement.  

Field and Lawn are placemaking experts and have been behind some of the most remarkable placemaking and city dressing activations in the UK.  

More Placemaking ideas for pride and beyond

The Placemaking mix can be further enhanced by other cultural activities and community engagement activities.  For example,  large scale, public art exhibitions, projection mapping and heritage days can all form part of  placemaking strategies.  Above all, focus on creative expression, inclusion and participation.


Field and Lawn are one of the leading placemaking and city dressing providers in the UK.  With four regional branches, we provide a nationwide service.  Our experienced team can assist in a wide range of placemaking projects.  Beyond placemaking, we also provide festive lighting services, event marquees and temporary buildings.  

Field and Lawn take a collaborative approach and work with business improvement districts, local authorities, landscape architects, community groups, artists and other stakeholders to plan, create, install and manage successful placemaking and city dressing projects.  With expertise across a range of sectors, Field and Lawn deliver a wide range of placemaking solutions across the United Kingdom.  

With a track record of successful placemaking projects, are perfectly positioned to support and deliver your placemaking and city dressing projects. We understand the challenges that come with adapting to our evolving high streets and retail centres. There is a growing need to create welcoming and engaging experiences that will encourage people to reconnect with their local community.