Marquee Hire for Schools

Short and long-term marquee hire for schools

Field and Lawn provide national marquee hire for short-term and long-term temporary school accommodation. With four regional branches and over 800,000 sq. ft. of high quality marquee space available, we can rapidly deploy to provide high quality temporary space.

We have a range of clearspan marquees which provide open plan learning space.  These structures can be specified with flooring, heating, lighting, glazing and windows to provide a safe and comfortable environment. 

Rapid deployment

Short and long-term solutions

Quality heated structures

Marquee sizes and specification

Our marquee sizes range from small marquees with widths of 3m, 6m and 9m to medium and larger structures with widths of 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, up to 25m.  Lengths can be extended in 3m, and 5m bays so you can customise the marquee to your requirements and school site.   

Project gallery

Short-term marquee hire

If your school requires additional space at short notice, our marquee hire may be the perfect solution. Our marquees can be deployed rapidly, within days and installed quickly, depending on the size.  We offer marquee structures that can serve as temporary classrooms, canteen areas, dining halls, and examination halls. Here’s what you can expect from our short-term marquee hire:

Versatility: Our marquees can be installed on various surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, gravel, or grass.

Customisation: Marquees can be free-standing or connected to existing buildings, providing the extra space where you need it.

Comfort: We offer a range of flooring options, lighting, and heating to create a comfortable learning environment for pupils.

Safety and security: Field and Lawn have robust processes in place to deliver exemplary levels of health, safety and environmental performance.  We are Constructionline Gold accredited and have an approved ISO accreditation:


Extremely effective heating

All our marquees can be supplied with complete heating systems.  This will provide a consistent, warm temperature throughout the structure.  The system is subtle and may be thermostatically controlled.  

Flooring, lighting and installation

We understand the importance of cleanliness in school environments. Our marquee floors come with various flooring options, including industrial-grade carpets and non-slip vinyl flooring, which are easy to clean and maintain.

Our marquee structures are equipped with lighting options, ensuring a comfortable and well-lit space, even during the winter months.

We can install your marquee on practically any ground surface, we use a range of anchoring systems to from traditional pins through to complex cantilevered solutions.  We provide all the relevant risk and method statements and loading calculations so you don’t have to!

Wide range of space solutions

Field and Lawn offers a wide range of marquee sizes to accommodate your specific space requirements. Whether you have awkward spaces, need changing facilities, a fully functioning gym or sports hall, we can provide the ideal solution. 


Long-term solutions 

In addition to marquees, we can provide a robust, fully insulated temporary structure.  A temporary building is a hardwearing, long-lasting, highly durable structure. Temporary, refers to the fact that they are de-mountable, modular,  buildings that provide the ultimate in durability and flexibility. It’s a common misconception that temporary buildings are not built to stand the test of time. With the right care, temporary buildings have a life span of 20 years or more. 

Contact Us Today

Field and Lawn is your ideal partner when it comes to marquee hire for schools and corporate events. We have the experience, expertise, quality standards and policies  to provide the perfect marquee solution.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and ensure your staff and pupils have the space they deserve while maintaining the highest safety standards.


Video! Reflections from The Royal Highland Show.

See our event marquees like never before!

The Royal Highland Show is regarded as one of the biggest agricultural shows in the UK, attracting 217,000 people in 2023.  Field and Lawn hire over 40 event marquees to the Show and their exhibitors.  That is roughly 45,000m sq. of marquee space!

Watch the video

Explore the marquees and see some epic drone footage from The Royal Highland Show. The video reveals epic drone footage of the event, an exclusive interview with our Head of Projects and jaw-dropping views of our marquees and event structures.

This year, one of the highlights was the impressive Golden Shears structure, providing a 30m x 20m agricultural structure. It was the perfect backdrop for the 2023 Golden Shears Sheep Shearing & Wool handling World Championships.  Over 380 competitors and 78 wool handlers from over 30 countries competed in the event.

The marquees take around four weeks to build and after a successful event, the hard work continues as we de-rig the marquees.  The team turn their attention to cleaning, checking and preparing the marquees for their next outing. 

About the build

The Royal Highland Show is a massive undertaking, erecting over 40 structures of this scale requires meticulous coordination and teamwork. The complexity of the build demands attention to detail and adherence to tight schedules. However, with our 35 years of experience in delivering marquees to large scale events and outdoor shows, the team delivered an exceptional build. 



Our corporate, clearspan marquees provided the perfect platform for big brands to showcase a diverse range of products and produce.  These marquees were thoughtfully designed with accessibility in mind. 


corporate branded marquees

Some marquees featured bespoke branding that perfectly aligned with each exhibitor’s identity, creating a visually stunning and cohesive experience. These corporate marquees not only impressed visitors with their professional appearance but also provided a functional space for businesses to connect with their customers.

corporate clearspan marquee hire

Thank you for having us!

Finally, our thanks go to the team at The Royal Highland Show for having us, it is always a pleasure working together. We can’t wait to go again next year!

Looking to hire a marquee?

Field and Lawn have been at the forefront of the UK’s event marquee hire and structure industry for over 35 years. With our vast experience and expertise, we have proudly provided our services to some of the country’s most celebrated events, shows and exhibitions.  Contact us for a quote for your next event.

Marquee Hire for Christmas Parties

Winter and Christmas party marquee hire: TALK TO THE EXPERTS

Field and Lawn provide nationwide marquee hire for Christmas parties. As the festive season approaches, the thought of hosting a corporate Christmas party or company celebration or might seem like a long way away.  However,  now is the time to plan your Christmas party! Field and Lawn have been providing party venues for years and our range of marquees make the ideal space for a Christmas party or end of year company gathering.  With over 35 years’ of experience of supplying marquees, we are well suited to helping you host the perfect corporate event.  

Expert Project Management

Nationwide Marquee Hire

Premium Marquees

Winter and christmas marquee hire

Marquees aren’t just for summer events!  While our peak marquee hire season is during the summer months, our marquees can be used all year round to create superb, luxury, Christmas party venues for festive celebrations.  

Whether it’s an autumn anniversary, Christmas gathering, New Year’s celebration, or winter birthday, our team will work closely with you to create a bespoke marquee plan tailored to your needs. With our long-term marquee hire options, you can even host multiple parties in a custom-designed venue. 

inside a marquee ready for a Christmas party

Extremely effective heating

One of the questions we often get asked by our customers looking to hire a marquee for a corporate Christmas party is how warm will it be?  

The good news is all our marquees can be supplied with complete heating systems.  This will provide a consistent, warm temperature throughout the marquee.  The system is subtle and may be thermostatically controlled to keep the marquee warm throughout the event, ensuring your guests stay comfortable.  There’s something truly wonderful about being warm and cozy inside a marquee while the winter chill sets in outside. Our specialist heated winter and Christmas marquees provide the perfect contrast to a frosty festive backdrop.  

Full, professional project management

Whether you’re hosting a company Christmas party, or New Years eve celebration or even a luxury winter wedding, our marquees provide incredible celebration spaces. You will have the support of a Project Manager who will be accountable for the successful delivery and installation of your marquee, from start to finish.  it will give you a completely seamless planning experience.

We can install your marquee on practically any ground surface, we use a range of anchoring systems to from traditional pins through to complex cantilevered solutions.  We provide all the relevant risk and method statements and loading calculations so you don’t have to!

Christmas party event extras

The unique charm of any winter event can be enhanced by magical lighting schemes, twinkling fairy lights and uplighters that create a warm and welcoming environment for your guests to enjoy.   

Enhanced by the dark winter nights, our lighting setups add a touch of magic to the atmosphere, creating an enchanting Christmas party venue.

festive lighting

Make your corporate Christmas party or large-scale event a truly unforgettable experience and take the stress out of organising the event!  Our team can help you arrange the added extras and finishing touches,  such as lights, chairs, tables, furniture and the all important dance floor!

We also can assist with:

  • Covered walkways
  • Carpets and flooring 
  • Access ramps and railings
  • Linings and drapes 
  • Festive lighting and illuminations

Marquee Sizes

If you are looking for marquee hire for Christmas parties, Field and Lawn have a vast range of high quality and versatile marquees to suite your event or special occasions.  Our marquee hire fleet includes small event structures from 3m up to 9m.

Our medium sized marquees range between 10m to 20m. Our largest event structures span between 25m up to 30m.  

Our marquees can be hired with soft or solid sides.  We can also provide marquees with glazed panels or PVC windows.

If you already have your Christmas party venue sorted and simply require extra space and capacity, we can provide bespoke covered areas for your guests.  If you’re hosting a corporates party at your offices, we can provide catering marquees for external catering companies too!

Contact our team today to start planning your perfect winter wonderland!

Graduation marquee hire: Graduate in style with a Field and Lawn marquee!

Planning a graduation event? Talk the experts in graduation marquee hire

As the academic year comes to a close, schools, colleges and universities are planning graduation events and celebrations.  One of the most significant milestones for any student, is the graduation ceremony. These events mark the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and academic achievements. 

Field and Lawn provide stunning marquees for corporate events, celebrations and graduation ceremonies across the United Kingdom.  We are trusted by universities such as St. Andrews, Swansea University, Cardiff University, The University of Bristol and others to ensure that every graduation day is a success.

What type of marquees do Field and Lawn provide?

We can provide a full range of marquees from large, clearspan structures for graduation ceremonies to essential infrastructure marquees and pagodas.  These marquees can provide space for graduation gown collection, hospitality and catering, security and ticket checks, storage, welfare and catering.  

Marquee sizes specifications

Our graduation marquees can be designed to your exact requirements. All our marquees are exceptional quality and versatile. We renew our PVC every three years to ensure it is sparkling for your event.  In addition, all our kit is cleaned and meticulously quality checked before it leaves our branch.  Our marquee hire fleet includes small event structures from 3m up to 9m. Our medium sized marquees range between 10m to 20m. Our largest event structures span between 25m up to 30m.  We can link marquees together to create large auditorium style structures suitable for either graduation ceremonies or graduation parties and receptions. 

Our marquees can be hired with soft or solid sides.  We can also provide marquees with glazed panels or PVC windows.  We can provide a range of flooring options as well as lining and decorative features to create a stunning, graduation venue on your campus, or within school grounds.  Contact your local branch to discuss your exact requirements:


Event planning

A graduation event is a significant undertaking to organise.  We will provide you with a dedicated Project Manager who will integrate into your team to assist with planning your graduation event.  We will share our programme, giving you full visibility on key dates, times and activities.  We always provide bespoke risk and method statements ahead of any installation.  Our team can also help with additional requirements from flooring, seating, tables and chairs, to air conditioning and heating. Not forgetting the all important dance floor! 

Why choose to hire a marquee for graduation?

Traditional indoor venues might be limited in their capacity, availability and flexibility. This can make it difficult to accommodate students and their guests comfortably or push the costs up during peak season. This is where marquee hire can help! From small and intimate ceremonies to extravagant events, a temporary structure can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  

Marquee hire throughout the academic year

Beyond graduation ceremonies, our event marquees are regularly hired by schools, colleges and universities for a wide range of other events throughout the year.  

School, college, and university open days: Our marquees can provide additional space and create a great first impression to prospective students and their families visiting for an open day event.   

Freshers fairs: The freshers fair is a big event that happens in the first few weeks of the university life.  It brings together clubs, societies, local businesses and the university community to showcase what’s on offer.  We can provide individual marquees or large, open-plan marquee halls for these types of events.

School leavers days: We can provide the perfect marquee to celebrate students moving into the next chapters of their education.   

School proms:  The prom has made the trip from across ‘the pond.’ It’s an event cemented into the calendar here. We can provide a bespoke marquee for proms on almost any ground surface, if you are looking to hold a prom at your School. 

Corporate events and exhibitions: From fundraisers to balls, to large art exhibitions to showcase student work, or even an end of year party for staff!  we can provide a suitable marquee.

Additional marquee hire services

The key to all good events is planning and attention to detail. We instil these principles into every event we supply, large or small. That’s why we are the supplier of choice to   We can help you with the finer details of organising your event from creating bespoke access ramps, to furniture rental to make managing your event easy.  

Oktoberfest Marquee Hire

Celebrate Oktoberfest in style!

As autumn approaches, it’s time explore event opportunities beyond summer. The rich tradition of Oktoberfest is now celebrated around the world. The iconic German beer festival provides a great commercial opportunity to bring the spirit of Munich’s Oktoberfest to your own outdoor events.

The history of Ocktoberfest

Originating from Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest is an annual folk festival that dates back to 1810. It was initially a celebration of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage, and it quickly became an eagerly anticipated annual celebration event. In modern times, Ocktoberfest has evolved into one of the world’s largest beer festivals. It draws millions of visitors to enjoy German sausages, Bavarian pretzels, and of course, the famous Oktoberfest beer at Ocktobervest themed events up and down the UK.

Marquee hire for Octoberfest events

As the festival takes place between September and October, a marquee is often a great venue option. It can be completely themed to transport your guests to the heart of Bavaria. Our clearspan event marquees provide the ideal setting for your Oktoberfest party, offering flexibility in size, design, and layout.

A clearspan marquee will provide ample room for seating, dancing, and entertainment. Field and Lawn have a vast range of corporate marquees, suitable for Ocktoberfest.  Our marquees come in a range of sizes from small event structures from 3m up to 9m. Our medium sized marquees range between 10m to 20m. If you are looking to hire a large marquee for your event, we can provide structures that span between 25m up to 30m. 


Inside a large clearspan marquee used for corporate events set up as a bar

We love a great beer tent!  Field and Lawn provide a wide range of bar structures and beer tents throughout the year to festivals, shows, events and exhibitions.  Here is a recent example from an outdoor festival. This marquee hire was complimented with long wooden tables and benches to help create a social, lively atmosphere.

The complete Bavarian experience!

To truly embrace the Oktoberfest spirit, our range of structures extends beyond clearspan marquees. We offer authentic smaller beer tents and conical marquees.  These smaller marquees make for great merchandise tents, and security check points. 

Event catering

temporary catering kitchen

Delicious food is a cornerstone of Oktoberfest, if you need to install a temporary catering kitchen for an outdoor Ocktoberfest event, we have a marquee for that!   Our temporary catering tents provide the perfect space for serving up German specialties. From mouthwatering sausages to freshly baked pretzels.  We can provide catering tents that are ready to be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure smooth operations and a seamless dining experience for all.  This includes soft or solid sided marquee structures with specialist catering flooring.

Back of house tents and infrastructure

While your guests enjoy the festivities, event managers need to consider the often overlooked details. Such as all behind-the-scenes support to ensure a safe and successful event. Our back-of-house storage marquees offer the perfect solution, providing ample space for storing supplies, equipment. We can even provide ambient storage solutions to keep things cool.

Beyond storage, you can hire a marquee for security and ticket checks, welfare, first aid and VIP hospitality and if your organising live music, we can also provide temporary dressing rooms for performers. 

A large event marquee with HVAC

Unleash the festive atmosphere

Believe it or not, Oktoberfest isn’t just about beer and food! it’s about entertainment and creating an electric atmosphere. We understand the importance of live music, dancing, and other acts to heighten the festivities. Our event marquees can be designed to accommodate stages, dance floors, and seating areas, allowing for unforgettable entertainment. 

Are you looking to hire a marquee for Ocktoberfest?

ield and Lawn are marquee experts.  With four regional branches and over 800,000 sq. ft. of marquee space available we can cover your event.  Our team of experienced project managers can bring the magic of Oktoberfest to your next event. 

If your event is purely for corporate entertainment or a celebration, our range of structures, including clearspan marquees, bars and beer tents, catering tents, and back-of-house storage marquees, will help you create a word-class, authentic Oktoberfest experience. 

Field and Lawn are here to help you with your Octoberfest marquee hire requirements and can bring creative ideas to make your Ocktoberfest event a roaring success. Contact us today to transform your vision into a reality. 

“Ein Prosit!”

Last Minute Marquee Hire!

What to do when you need to book a last-minute marquee in an emergency!

Field and Lawn can help with your emergency marquee booking. We have over 800,000 Sq. Ft. of marquee space in stock across our four regional branches.  That’s enough marquee space to cover around 280 tennis courts! We may have the capacity to step in and help you find a marquee at very short notice.  It’s never too late to reach out to us if you need last minute or emergency marquee hire.  We will do our very best to help you find a solution. 

Field and Lawn provide high quality structures for hire, supplying a range of events, including corporate events, festivals, shows, exhibitions, hospitality, sporting and cultural events across the UK. With four regional branches, we can provide a quick response if you need an urgent quote to hire a marquee. 

Managing the unexpected!

corporate marquee hire, a large marque at the royal Welsh show for a corporate client

While we prefer to plan well in advance, we are aware of the challenges you face when organising large corporate events, especially when plans can evolve late in the day. Even with the most meticulously well-planned event, the unexpected can happen.  One of the biggest headaches event planners and managers face is the sudden need for additional marquee space.  At the last minute! 

You might get a last-minute request from a client or guest numbers could increase before your corporate event.  You may have even been let down by an existing supplier and are in urgent need of help. Is this all sounding familiar? We’ve been there and our expert team have saved the day with a perfect marquee for lots of late bookings.  

In these situations, adding more structures may seem a straightforward solution but this does come with its own set of challenges.  We can work with you to make sure you have all the space you need for your next event. 

Need to hire a marquee quickly? call us!

What can Field and Lawn help with?

Field and Lawn hold a large stock of marquees and clearspan event structures.  If you are looking for a small marquee or pagoda through to a large marquee structure, we can help.  Our range of tents are flexible and adaptable and can be used for a number of purposes at outdoor events, including:

• Bars

• Welfare and Medical tents

• Catering facilities

• Entrances, ticket and security check areas

• Covered walkways

• Storage structures

• Weddings including wedding receptions

• Hospitality

• Corporate hospitality and team days

• Ceremonies, parties and celebrations 


Brighton Marathon uses a range of temporary structures

As one of the largest marquee providers, we have a vast range of structures for any event. Our small corporate event marquees range in widths from 3m up to 9m.  These are all modular and are built to your exact requirements in 3m length increments. for example, a 3m x 27, 6m x 45, 9m x 60m.

Our medium marquees range between 10m to 20m in width. With our largest event structure spans up to 30m wide.  These flexible marquees are available in 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m widths.  Again, as they are  modular they are extended in 5m length increments. such as a 12m x 45m, 20m x 70, 30m x 120m structure.  This provides a great deal of flexibility for event managers.

How much notice do we need to provide a marquee?

guests gather inside a corporate hospitality marquee

Peak marquee hire season covers the busy summer months of June, July and August. Like all large marquee hire companies we have big contracts to fulfil during this period and our order books are near capacity.

Field and Lawn’s installation teams are directly employed, in-house. This means during summer we are working across the country, supplying events such as the Royal Highland Show, Glastonbury, Parklife, the London Marathon and many more. It’s best to enquire about marquee availability as early as possible.

If your event takes place in summer, we typically start to receive enquires early in the year. If you’re attending a large event and need a marquee, we may already be supplying other customers at that event, so it’s never too late to ask for a quote and check our tent availability.
If you’re looking for a marquee in the “shoulder” months of March, April and May through to September and October, we can offer more flexibility. If you are looking for last-minute marquee hire, Field and Lawn still may be able to help you. Contact your local branch to enquire about the latest availability.

Marquee hire and event extras

Through our network of trusted and well-established partners, we can quickly help with additional hire items.  This includes marquee furniture, equipment, lighting, tables, chairs, linings and more to rescue your special event or occasion.

We are only a call away so if you need to hire a marquee quickly, contact your local branch for help.


We hope this guide has provided some tips and insight into how to create a wow factor venue for your next corporate event.  If you would like a marquee hire quote, we would be delighted to help.  With four branches across the UK.  Contact your local branch for a free quotation:

Behind the Scenes at the Royal Highland Show Build

What does it take to bring the royal highland show to life!

The Royal Highland Show is an annual showcase for rural and agricultural products, produce and lifestyle.  As the largest agricultural show in Scotland, the event draws enthusiasts and industry professionals from far and wide to the magnificent Royal Highland Centre in Scotland.

The Show has something for everyone, from competitions to shopping, live music and tasty food and drinks.  It also helps to raise funds for the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS).

The event is anticipated to attract in the region of 55,000 people a day between the 22nd – 25th June 2023.  

The scale of the event means it requires significant temporary infrastructure.  Locally based Field & Lawn Ltd are responsible for the monumental task of constructing a remarkable array of marquees and temporary structures for the event. Building around 14,000m2 (3.5 acres) of covered space. 

Field and lawn - marquee hire for the royal highland show

The month-long build programme started in May and involves meticulous planning and preparation with a team of over 20 people working on the build.  The build programme will see over 40 structures installed for the Show. Good progress is being made across the site.

One of the highlights of the build this year is the impressive Golden Shears structure which spans 30m x 20m.  The Golden Shears World Sheep Shearing and Wool Handling Championships returns to the Royal Highland Show in 2023 after 20 years.  It promises to be a standout event over the weekend under the largest marquee on the site.  

Piers Ballantyne, Head of Projects, Scotland for Field and Lawn commented on the task:

“Having been involved with the show for over, 25 years, we are thrilled to be part of the Royal Highland Show team once again. The scale of the show and the sheer number of marquees needed makes it a very complex build, but one we look forward to every year.  We are on programme, putting the finishing touches to the structures and can’t wait to see the show open!” 

finishing touches added to the marquees ahead of the Royal Highland Show

Mark Currie, Director of Operations at the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland said:

“Field and Lawn are world experts in their field, and we are grateful to have them as part of our team over the Royal Highland Show and across other events at the Royal Highland Centre. The Show is shaping up to be one of the biggest to date, and the Golden Shears Sheep Shearing Championships is part of that appeal. We can’t wait to see and hear the buzz coming from the marquee on the Sunday of the Show when the World Champion is announced.”

The Royal Highland Show Opens on the 22nd June

As the four-day event is just days away from opening, tickets are still available and can be purchased online: 

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn are one of the UK’s leading providers of event marquees and structures with over 35 years of experience, including some of the country’s most celebrated events.  

an event structure built by field and lawn

The Download Festival download! Music festival marquee hire in pictures

Music festival marquee hire Download festival in pictures

Download Festival is one of the most recognisable UK music festivals and 2023 marked the festivals 20th anniversary. A spectacular line-up featuring the likes of Metallica, Bring Me the Horizon and a red-hot closing set from Slipknot were some of the highlights of the long weekend. The festival takes place every year in Castle Donington and attracts over 100,000 festival goers.

There are over 1,000 music festivals taking place every year across the UK from small, independent and boutique festivals through to global icons such as the Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts. Bringing a festival to life requires a large amount of temporary infrastructure. Most festivals, often in rural locations, create a small city for a weekend requiring marquees for everything from security and welfare to catering and storage.

Field and Lawn are one of the UKs largest festival hire companies, dedicated to providing event marquees and temporary structures for festivals and large scale outdoor events.  We have many different styles of structures and marquees available from large party tents through to small, side of stage pagodas.

Download festival merchandise stand

Field and lawn at download festival

As music festivals have grown in scale, diversity and popularity, creating distinct themed areas and stages as well as focusing on .  This year there was a significant focus on festival welfare facilities, providing top class facilities for visitors.

Field and Lawn provided nineteen structures at Download 2023, working in partnership with GL events who also delivered a number of temporary event structures and marquees across the festival site. The structures range from a large press and media tent which was 15m x 20m with ringbeam flooring, carpet and doors.  Right through to merchandise tents, showers entrances, kitchens, medical, and welfare tents. 

Festival Tent Hire

Field and Lawn provide a personal approach with unmatched experience, and top-quality products. From elegant VIP area hospitality tents to bar structures.  This year the marquees provided much-needed shade from the scorching sun, creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment for festival-goers.  If you are looking for a festival marquee, we provide a wide range of versatile tents and marquees from large, clearspan structures to conical marquees and pagodas..  

Are you a festival organiser?

back stage marquee for artist liaison

Field and Lawn work closely with festival organisers to understand their specific needs, ensuring that each marquee is tailored to the event’s unique atmosphere and requirements. This attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction have made them the preferred choice for many music festivals and major music events.

Field and Lawn marquees are built to withstand the unpredictable UK weather conditions, ensuring the safety and comfort of festival-goers. Additionally, our in house installation teams are able to get the job done without fuss, creating visually striking structures that seamlessly blend into the festival landscape. Our high-quality marquees not only provide essential shelter but also add a touch of elegance to the overall festival ambiance, in particular our VIP corporate hospitality tents:

A large event marquee with HVAC


this year, our marquees played a role in ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of festival-goers. As the sun beat down during scorching sunshine, the marquees offered much-needed shade and protection from the elements. Attendees were able to seek respite from the heat, relax, and enjoy a cool and comfortable environment. 

As the music festival culture continues to thrive in the UK, the demand for event marquees remains on the rise, especially during peak summer months. By hiring the right marquee you can create a true festival atmosphere and ensure the comfort of festival-goers. 

Festival Marquees For Hire

Our festival tents provide venues for a wide range of events, corporate hospitality structures, welfare and security structures for all types of festivals and outdoor events.  Our music festival marquees are durable, flexible and high quality.  Our festival marquees can be used for stadium concerts, outdoor events and shows to deliver covered space.  Our marquees create a real venue that will wow any festival guests.  If you are looking for an event structure or music festival marquee hire, Field and Lawn have a track record of delivering excellence.  

Marquee hire beyond music festivals

As well as music festivals, Field and Lawn provide marquee hire for all types of outdoor events, shows and exhibitions.  Be it your local beer festival, large wedding, community festival or arts festival, we can cover them all! Festival Marquees can help with other sorts of events as well,  and we often work with shops, street food markets, event organisers, businesses, clubs and venues. We can help with event furniture, dance floors, lighting, heating, cooling, staging and PA systems. 

an event structure built by field and lawn

How to create a wow factor venue for your next corporate event

Marquee hire for corporate events

Make your next corporate event truly memorable with a Field and Lawn marquee! We have been providing marquee hire for corporate events for over thirty five years.  So, we know that organising a top-class corporate event is not easy! It takes careful planning and a great deal of time to bring a corporate event together. It’s important to make sure your guests feel like they’ve just experienced the best event or exhibition in the world whilst ticking off all your businesses objectives.

Field and Lawn are one of the leading providers of event marquees for corporate events. We supply some of the biggest and best  events in the UK. This article covers how your temporary venue can contribute to giving your next corporate event the real wow factor.  

Getting the right marquee for your event

Field and Lawn has a large fleet of marquees and clear-span structures available for hire, covering events of all sizes. From small event structures starting at 3m wide to large marquees spanning up to 30m, we can provide a structure that gives you the space to plan and deliver a spectacular event. 

Corporate marquee sizes

If you are looking to organise a small, boutique corporate event our small corporate event marquees range in widths from 3m up to 9m.  These are all modular and are built to your exact requirements in 3m length increments. ie a 3m x 27, 6m x 45, 9m x 60m.

Our medium sized marquees range between 10m to 20m in width. With our largest event structure spans up to 30m wide.  These large marquees are available in 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m widths.  Again, as they are  modular they are extended in 5m length increments. ie a 12m x 45m, 20m x 70, 30m x 120m.  This provides a great deal of flexibility for event organisers.  

marquee specifications

Hospitality Corporate Events

Our marquees can be equipped with soft or solid sides, glazed panels, PVC windows, levelled flooring, carpet, linings, partitions and doors, providing flexibility and customisation options. Furthermore, we can also connect marquees together to give you additional space. If you are organising a corporate event, we would always recommend high quality flooring for your marquee. 

We offer a range of flooring options including interlocking ply flooring, suspended flooring, cassette flooring and ringbeam Flooring.  Standard ply flooring can be laid to the contours of the ground.  If you’re looking to create a levelled surface, we can supply event structures with cassette or suspended ringbeam flooring. This is generally fitted as part of a steel framed sub-structure floor. This option of flooring gives a flat and level surface up to a height of 600mm.

Floors can be constructed to significant weight calculations.  Take a look at this corporate car exhibition! 

How much space to I need inside a marquee?

guests gather inside a corporate hospitality marquee

A simple 10 x 15 metre marquee structure will provide enough standing space for around 200 people. A 15 x 20 metre marquee will give standing space for approximately 400 people.  If your guests are going to be seated, they will need double the space to allow for chairs and tables.

Please note that this is a simple rule of thumb and becomes more complex when taking into account fire exits, and a combination of people of furniture. Our Project Managers are more than happy to do these calculations for you, so that you get the space you require, whilst meeting Fire Regulation Guidelines.

Marquee hire for corporate events and hospitality

corporate marquee hire, a large marque at the royal Welsh show for a corporate client

When it comes to corporate events, Field and Lawn has a proven track record of delivering exceptional structures and temporary venues for a wide range of corporate events. From Christmas parties, through to product launches, and everything in between. 

We stock a wide range of clearspan event marquees, which have no internal support poles. This gives you maximum use of space, making clearspan event structures ideal for large-scale corporate events, product launches, award dinners, and parties. 

We also use these types of structures at music festivals such as Glastonbury, Creamfields, and Parklife, highlighting their durability and adaptability.

Temporary catering, corporate kitchens and bar structures

Food and beverage is a big part of any event.  If you are bringing in a brigade of chefs to cook up a storm, we can provide specific catering structures with catering finishes such as flooring and infrastructure.  These back of house structures can be connected to the main marquee with covered walkways and canopies.  Bar structures are one of our favourites!  

temporary catering kitchen

Marquees for University Graduation Ceremonies

We have created stunning temporary corporate venues for university graduation ceremonies and freshers events. Our marquees make great spaces for these events.  We have worked for University West Of England, Swansea University, Cardiff University, St Andrews University and a variety of schools and colleges.

Luxury Marquee finishes

corporate events for marquees

If you really want to make your corporate event stand out and be memorable, you can select additional luxury finishes.  Full height glazing panels and glazed double entrance doors let in natural light and add instant sophistication to a temporary event structure.

Impressive agricultural show structures

agricultural show structure at a corporate event

Field and Lawn’s marquees are renowned for appearing at the most recognisable agricultural and country shows.   While we supply a full range of open-sided and covered livestock sheds and display halls.  We also offer exhibitors bespoke branded, high-quality corporate marquees. Giving our corporate clients high end marquess to showcase their products and services.  We supply high profile customers who exhibit at shows such as the Royal Highland Show, Royal Welsh Show, the Great Yorkshire Show and Bath and West Show.

Unforgetable Party Marquees

a large corporate hospitality marquee

From glitzy award dinners through to large luxury weddings, we can supply beautiful marquees for company events.  These structures can be fully customised with lighting, dance floors, and luxurious finishes. 

Professional marquee installation and removal

All our installation teams are highly trained and experienced, they ensure the safe and efficient setup of marquee structures.  Risk and method statements are meticulously followed during installation and takedown, ensuring a seamless event experience.

Comprehensive range of extra services

Field and Lawn go beyond providing marquee structures by offering a comprehensive range of additional services for corporate events to make every events truly exceptional. From helping with tables, chairs, lighting, and heating to bespoke access ramps and safety banisters, we can supply everything needed to create the perfect corporate marquee hire experience.  


We hope this guide has provided some tips and insight into how to create a wow factor venue for your next corporate event.  If you would like a marquee hire quote, we would be delighted to help.  With four branches across the UK.  Contact your local branch for a free quotation: