Specialist marquee solutions for D-Day 80

insight into the d-day 80 event build

Field and Lawn are deeply honoured to have been involved in the poignant event organised to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.  

We were the principle temporary structure provider for the extensive production. The event was over a year in planning, and we provided in excess of 4,600m2 of marquees. Our event structures formed dressing rooms, production infrastructure, catering facilities, first aid points, press and media zones, plus a significant hospitality venue which hosted a lunch for all the VIPs. 

clearspan event marquees at a large d-day 80 event

About the event

The event was attended by His Royal Highness King Charles and the Queen Consort, they were joined by the Prince of Wales, leading UK politicians and WW2 veterans on Southsea Common in Portsmouth. 

The significant back-of-house infrastructure for the production took our in-house site teams over three weeks to build.  In total, it took just over 100 crew days to build the project.  Detailed designs, schedules and layouts were provided to the event organisers as well as comprehensive RAMS to complete the prestigious installation safely and to a critical deadline, whilst meeting stringent security requirements.

We were supported by GL events UK who delivered the 20m x 50m hospitality structure for the event. 

Our reflections

Field and Lawn’s Regional Director for the South, Ben Coleborn said.

“This was a once in a lifetime project and it demanded the very best from everyone involved.  From the initial meetings it was clear that it was going to be a very significant and high-profile event, with the eyes of the world watching.  We worked as one team, with the BBC and the amazing team at Chromatic Productions, to create a temporary setup that was fit for our incredible veterans, royalty and the public.” 

arial view of event marquees forming the back of house infrastructure


Our team are experts in working for significant high profile events. We would be delighted to help with marquees and event structures for your next event.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our guide to marquee hire for staff parties

Five things you need to know about hiring the best marquee for your corporate staff party

There is no better way to say thank you and recognise your staff than throwing an incredible party! Our team have helped business across the UK with bespoke marquees for all types of staff parties and special events. Helen Midleton, a Senior Project Manager at Field and Lawn has curated this expert guide to help you learn more about hiring the perfect marquee for your staff party.

corporate party marquee hire

1. What type of an event is it?

The first thing to consider is how will the space be used? Are you looking to hold an informal get together, company birthday party, staff BBQ or formal sit down awards dinner. This will have an impact on how much space is required and what you need to accommodate within the structure.

2. Make it multi-use

My top tip and something that a lot of clients opt for is making the marquee multi-use. This means you will benefit from cost savings. For example, if you are planning a client focused business event such as a product launch and want to also hold a staff fun day, why not hold the two events over the course of the week. You can use the same space before or after the staff event. We can achieve this with some careful planning to incorporate extra areas within the marquee such as a stage for presenting or an exhibition area. It may be more cost effective to do this rather than host separate events. Ask around other departments and co-ordinate to save time and money.

Election marquee hire from field & Lawn marquee experts

3. Location, location location!

You will need to consider if there is a space suitable at your own work place to site the marquee. For example making use of a large car park or communal green space. It’s best to take advantage of a hire free venue with existing facilities such as toilets or catering provisions. If this is not possible, we can provide a full solution from power to toilets to take the stress away.

However, an external venue also has it’s benefits especially if the work site is not suitable. Beautiful venues such as stately homes or open fields will give you an environment away from the workplace. This may help staff to relax and make it more memorable for your guests if you are combining two events. Our marquees can be installed on most surfaces and we can provide level flooring on sloped sites.

4. Time of year

The time of year can have a big impact on your event. For events in summer, an inside/Outside feel can be created with a marquee to take advantage of the summer weather. Sides can be opened or large clear side panels can be used to let the natural light flood in.

If you are looking to hold the event in summer, supplier and venue availability can be limited in the busy months. Remember there is no reason why you can’t host an event in autumn or winter. This will give much more choice and availability. We can provide a wide range of ancillary services such as heating, furniture hire, lighting and even a dance floor! We can also provide mood lighting which can enhance the event space and create a cosy venue perfect for the cooler months or for a Christmas party .

party marquee hire for staff parties

5. Put your brand front and centre

If you want to boost morale and celebrate your company there are a variety of branding opportunities, internal or external that can be taken advantage of with party marquee hire. From completely bespoke PVC to internal, on-brand coloured linings. These would also be suitable if doubling up the space to host a client event before your staff party.

Final considerations

Party marquee hire can provide an ideal background for corporate events; from formal staff celebrations to an informal barbecue. We often provide marquees for events where there just isn’t the space inside for larger guest numbers, or if the event is designed to be outside but needs a contingency plan for wet weather. This article has focused on parties and celebrations but our event marquees can make the ideal venue for any event. We would be happy to discuss your event or visit the location to provide a comprehensive solution.

Field and Lawn have a vast range of high quality and versatile party marquees for hire, suitable for all occasions.  Our party marquee hire fleet includes small staff event structures from 3m up to 9m. Our medium sized marquees range between 10m to 20m. With our largest event structures span between 25m up to 30m in width. The length is only limited by the space you have available. So, if you have 30 employees or 3,000 we can provide the space!

Temporary fan zone marquees

Enhance spectator experience with bespoke marquee solutions

When it comes to creating an unforgettable experience for sports fans, fan zones play a pivotal role. They provide an ideal setting for fans to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a major sporting event. Fan zones can be used for a wide range of sporting events including football and rugby. In this article, we explore fan zones, their advantages, and the crucial role of clearspan marquees in creating an unforgettable fan experience.

Bar in a fan zone at sporting event

What are Fan zones

Fan zones allow sports fans to experience the atmosphere of your event from outside the stadium, often in a public space where the event can be broadcast live, so everyone is part of the action. Providing safe spaces for supporters to watch your event can build a sense of community and enhance fan experience on the day.

Implementing fan zones at your event means spectators can engage with their favourite sports teams. Consequently, they often spend more time at the ground before and after the match. This creates an opportunity for venues to generate further revenue during a sporting event by selling food, drinks and merchandise. Alternatively, a fan zone can be created away from the stadium in a market square or large park. This is a good solution for European football competitions or major events like the Olympics.

Fan zone structures

Clearspan marquees:

As one of the most popular types of event marquees, our clearspan structures provide the perfect solution for tailoring your Fan zone experience. Their spacious interiors, flexible design, and practical features make them ideal for creating impressive and functional large event spaces. Working around your available space and event requirements, Field & Lawn can install our clearspan marquees on any surface, tailoring the structures to your needs.

Specification options:

You can customise your setup with a range of finishes to enhance the aesthetic appeal of our marquees, creating an immersive environment that matches the atmosphere of the stadium. Our marquees are also compatible with various technical storage requirements, such as sound systems, lighting rigs, and AV equipment, so you will have everything you need to broadcast your sporting event should you want to include a large screen in your fanzone.

Fan zone marquee outside sports stadium installed by Field & Lawn

Where can you install a fan zone?

Our teams of expert marquee riggers are experienced at designing and installing event infrastructure for large venues, including a long-standing partnership with Murrayfield Stadium. Furthermore, our event marquees can be installed on virtually any surface, so your options for location and layout are practically unlimited.

When installing a fan zone, it’s crucial to think about the location in order to maximise the experience for your fans. You might want to consider the following:

Accessibility: Does the fan zone have clear entrance and exit points? Ensure clear entrance and exit points for fans to easily access the area.

Space: What size is the area do you have available? Determine the size of the space you have available and plan accordingly to accommodate your expected crowd size.

Layout: If there are going to be large crowds in the area, it’s important to allow for the flow of visitors to avoid queues. At Field and Lawn, we can help you design the optimal layout for your fan zone, allowing you to best utilise the space you have.

Barriers for crowd control in a fan zone outside a stadium

Additional event infrastructure

Our clearspan marquees have a multitude of uses and can even help with additional event infrastructure in your fan zone. Looking for additional structures for your venue? Field & Lawn can also provide:

Bar structures: Bars are crucial element of any fan zone, clearspan marquees can house dedicated bar structures. These marquees provide fans with refreshments including food and drink, creating a comfortable and inviting space to socialise.

First aid and security: At every event, safety comes first. With the right infrastructure in place to guarantee that first aid is quickly accessible to everyone in the fan zone, clearpan marquees provide an excellent means of ensuring the safety and well-being of guests.

Ticket checks: Clearspan marquees can be installed as ticketing points throughout your venue. These stations streamline the process of verifying match tickets and managing crowd flow, ensuring only authorised individuals gain entry to your event. This helps maintain order and enhances overall safety and security

Placemaking and branding

To create a memorable fan zone, consider incorporating branding and placemaking elements such as flags, banners, and illuminations. These additions can enhance the atmosphere and create a visually appealing environment that resonates with your audience. At Field & Lawn, we offer a wide range of sports-themed placemaking solutions. Why not take a closer look at our sports collection here?

Temporary event marquees for fan zones offer a fantastic opportunity to engage with sports fans and provide them with an unforgettable experience. By utilising clearspan marquees and considering the placement, layout, and additional infrastructure, you can create a vibrant and welcoming fan zone that keeps fans coming back for more. Let Field & Lawn help you design and install the perfect fan zone for your next sporting event!

Traditional Pole Marquees vs Clearspan Event Structures

Why choose a modern clearspan marquee?

At Field & Lawn, we’re the marquee hire specialists. We understand choosing the right structure for your event is essential. While traditional pole marquees are often a popular choice for many event organisers due to their distinctive style and the atmosphere they create, they do have some drawbacks.

We asked one of our experienced project managers, Dan Acford, about the pros and cons of each structure to get an expert opinion. Having delivered marquees for many high-profile events such as Glastonbury and WOMAD Festivals, Dan is an expert in the events industry and a seasoned professional. Continue reading to hear what he had to say:

A branded gable marquee at an agricultural show

First, what are the differences between the marquees?

A clearspan marquee is an aluminum-framed structure. They have no supporting centre poles, providing a clear internal space. Usually, they have flat gable ends, allowing these structures to be installed in bays, creating large event structures.

They are generally rectangular in shape with flat walls made of a durable PCV. One of the key differences is that the walls on a clearspan marquee can be swapped out to provide window walls or even solid walls.  This gives a good level of customisation for various events and applications.

A traditional marquee, or pole marquee uses supports in the structure to provide stability. This can impact the functionality of the space inside.  They are made of canvas rather than a more contemporary and durable PVC that you will find on a modern clearspan marquee.

Installation considerations

A traditional marquee can only be installed on grass or gravel as they do require guy ropes for structural support. This also means the footprint of the tent is greater than the actual usable space due to the additional area required for guy ropes. In comparison, a clearspan marquee can be installed on most surfaces, including hard surfaces by using ballast weights, and grass.

For example, if you are looking to install a traditional marquee at a stately home, this may damage the grass and may not even be possible if the venue has a grade listing or underground services. 

With a clearspan marquee, a level finish can be achieved, even on sloping sites with integrated flooring.  This is much harder to achieve with a traditional pole marquee as integrated flooring options are very limited.

Election marquee hire from field & Lawn marquee experts

Visual appeal

The visual appeal of a traditional pole marquee is one of the many reasons organisers often opt for installing this type of structure. They can create a vintage and rustic feel. There is no doubt that they can look fantastic on festival sites.

However, traditional structures tend to be older.  Sometimes, because of this, the structures do show their age more. 

They require additional maintenance and cleaning to keep them in tip-top condition. In addition, traditional structures are prone to needing repairs and are more likely to become damaged due to the more complicated and manual installation process.

When hiring a traditional marquee, keep in mind they are harder to wash and keep clean. Therefore, if a perfect, clean and fresh finish is important, you will need to carefully inspect the marquee before installation.

By comparison, clearspan marquees can be easily machine-cleaned and all our branches have specialist cleaning equipment to ensure that kit arrives clean, smells fresh and looks pristine.

All of our clearspan marquees are on a 3-year PVC renewal schedule, meaning you can be sure your marquee is spotless and ready for your event.

Customisation options

If you require a bespoke design or fit-out for your marquee, a clearspan structure from Field & Lawn allows you to have complete customisability. We can add a range of flooring and lining options, from carpets to vinyl and cassette flooring, creating a completely unique atmosphere.

If you want to create a themed marquee, a scaffolding frame can be created to sit around the clearspan marquee, this allows you to add signage, branding and graphics around the structure.  Alternatively, bespoke branding can be printed directly onto the gable of a clearspan marquee.

You are more limited in a traditional pole marquee as there are no additional options such as flooring, doors, clear roofs or gables. This makes the structures much harder to customise.

Inside the La-di-da Loos at WOMAD Festival

Health and Safety

Whether you choose to install a clearspan or traditional marquee, following correct health and safety procedures is paramount. Due to the weight of the canvas sides used on a traditional pole tent, there are additional safety concerns associated with installing them. Traditional marquees tend to be heavier to hoist and harder to install when compared to our lighter clearspan structures.

There is also the complication of lower wind ratings for traditional marquees, which can pose a serious problem in the UK. Traditional marquees are less resilient to poor weather conditions and can be susceptible to damage or failure in high winds. Clearspan marquees stand up much better to high winds and typical British weather!

Whatever structure you choose, health and safety is our number one priority. Our team will supply all the risk assessments and method statements before the build begins.

Our experts are the best in the business at installing and removing marquees, working closely with event organisers to co-ordinate vehicle deliveries, health and safety management and build schedules.

So, what should you choose?

To summarise, every outdoor event is different and if you want to create a charming rustic feel for your event, a traditional pole marquee will look fantastic.  However, if safety, customisation and high-quality fit-out are important, a clearspan event marquee is probably your best option.

Field & Lawn supplies high-quality premium event marquees for major events with national coverage. Long-term hire or short-term rental, our team are here to discuss your options at one of our local branches. Get your event underway today with Field & Lawn.

What are the benefits of hiring a marquee long-term?

Long term marquee hire from the experts

While marquees are often associated with a wide range of events such as weddings, parties, a corporate event or festival. They have a much wider application when hired for long term use.  

Our specification is adapted to you long term needs, with a range of bespoke options for extended marquee hire.

To explore the benefits of hiring a marquee long term, and look your options,  Project Manager, Helen Middleton shares here insight into extended hire commercial marquees and temporary structures. 

Helen is an experienced project manager and has helped hundreds of business hire marquees for long term requirements.  

How long is long term?

We provide long term marquee hire for a range of businesses, our rental periods range from as little as one week, through to several months.  Our rental agreements are flexible and can always be extended should you need you keep the extra space.  If you have a seasonal storage requirement, we can offer rental agreements to work around your needs.

It’s very common for businesses to extend either the hire term or physical space once the structure has been on site and has started to be used. The benefits are seen quickly!

Popular uses for long term marquees

The adaptability of marquee structures makes them perfect for a wide variety of long term uses. With their versatile design marquees present an ideal solution to longer-term needs. Businesses approach us if their existing structure is undergoing repairs, or when additional space is needed very quickly. In my experience, here are just a few examples of how we have helped businesses and the public sector with long term marquee hire:

Why do businesses choose a long term hire?

1. Cost-effective

Long-term marquee hire can be a cost-effective solution.  Hiring a venue for an extended period often incurs substantial costs, including venue fees, security deposits, and maintenance charges. In contrast, marquees provide a more affordable alternative with reduced overhead costs.

3. Customisation Options

Our marquees can be easily customised to reflect your brand with bespoke gables that feature your logo and brand colours. We have a wide range of customisation options for the interior and exterior of your marquee including various flooring such as vinyl, carpet and plywood options, interior tent linings and other fit-out options.

5. Environmentally friendly

Field and Lawn proudly operate as a carbon neutral company, meaning your marque hire will be carbon free! Furthermore, choosing these marquees for extended periods helps minimise the overall carbon footprint linked to traditional building materials and methods, promoting an eco-friendly alternative for events or disposable products.

2. Flexible

As marquees can be put up and taken down easily, exactly where you need the additional space, they provide a significant amount of flexibility. Our marquees are modular, which means they are constructed in 5m bays.  Marquees can be extended or shortened so over time the space can flex to suit your needs.  We can install a marquee on any ground surface too!  

4. Low maintenance

Our marquees are made from high-quality durable materials that are all quality checked before they arrive on site. Our marquee structures are designed to withstand various weather conditions and are resistant to tearing, UV damage, and water, reducing the likelihood of structural issues. Due to the modular structure of marquees, should any parts of your marquee become damaged or worn components are easily interchangeable without dismantling the entire structure.

How to spec a marquee for long term hire.

long term retail marquee

One of the big questions I get asked is what options are provided in the marquee.  It does depend on how and what it will be used for but our specification is one of the best in the industry.  We adapt the structure based on your needs and can provide everything required for a long term hire.  

Field and Lawn marquees can be hired with soft or solid walls, flooring, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and windows to create a high quality temporary space. An enhanced specification can be offered for corporate marquee hire for example, luxury linings and glazed bays and doors are often used to create a high end feel that is comparable to a semi-permanent structure. 

Helen's Expert Insight on long term marquee hire

Expert tip on heating and cooling: If your marquee hire will stretch over several seasons, we can offer a flexible hire option for ancillary items to save you money.  For example, you can hire a heater for just the winter months directly from us.  You won’t need to pay for it over the full term of the marquee hire. 

How long does a marquee take to install?

For a 12 x 9m structure, we can complete the marquee installation within a day, for a smaller footprint, it can be installed in a matter of hours. This means you won’t face disruption or delay and your space will be operational within 24 hours.

How fast can I hire a structure?

Field and Lawn have a large branch network and access to over 800,000 sq. ft. of marquee space.  This means we can provide a marquee in a matter of days.  Sometimes, even faster if you have an urgent need. 

We can provide a quick quote and we use experienced in-house installation teams which speeds the process up and provides a quality service.

What about long term marquee maintenance?

If you are hinging a marquee over an extended period, we will maintain the structure.  The initial calculations and design will enable us to provide a safe structure based on your local environment. Periodic checks will be required. We can also check that any means of securing the structure down are still safely in place, whether this is stakes or weighting. Ad hoc checks are also sometimes required following adverse weather conditions.

Whether used for hosting events, creating temporary venues, or providing shelter in various settings, our marquee structures offer a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and flexibility. 

For a competitive quote and cost for long term marquee hire contact us: