Case Study: Hammersmith Shopping Centre Festive Lighting Display

Enhancing Hammersmith shopping centre

Hammersmith Broadway Shopping Centre is a prominent retail hub in the heart of West London. Boasting a diverse range of shops and services, the centre attracts a large and bustling crowd, particularly during the festive season.  It is also a key transport hub, brining additional traffic from the London underground tube station.  

This year our festive lighting team were challenged with designing and installing an elaborate lighting display including interactive ground features and a feature cone tree.

Train walkthrough ground feature at hammersmith shopping centre

Key Features of the Display

The shopping centre connects the famous Piccadilly and District Line Tube stations, so our team installed a 7m long walk-through festive feature which served as a captivating and thematic entrance to the Hammersmith tube station. Its intricate design not only welcomed visitors but also provided an immersive and enchanting experience right from the moment they entered the building.

Additionally, our team set to work installing a 6m internal illuminated cone tree. Its prominent and strategic placement ensured that it was a captivating focal point, drawing visitors into the shops and increasing footfall during the festive period. The remaining areas of the centre were dressed with enchanting light curtains and icicle lights. These covered 3 voids, various columns, and 8 external trees, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Adapting to a Demanding Environment

The project faced logistical challenges due to limited access points and the constant flow of crowds within the shopping centre during the build-up to Christmas. This meant that health and safety was a number one priority during installation. Navigating these obstacles required meticulous planning and co-ordination from our team. Throughout the project the team implemented strategies to work efficiently amidst the busy environment, ensuring safety protocols were maintained while executing the display perfectly.

Internal Christmas tree at hammersmith shopping centre

Execution and Innovation

Despite the challenges, the team’s dedication and expertise resulted in the successful execution of the display. The attention to detail in crafting the train walk-through, and the precise placement of light curtains and icicle lights showcased both creativity and technical proficiency.

Field & Lawn’s Festive Lighting teams are always working hard to create innovative festive displays, which is why this year’s thematic ground features, especially the train walk-through, offered an interactive and memorable experience, captivating visitors.

To make the display even more magical the installation teams made use of energy-efficient lighting solutions to ensure a visually stunning display while maintaining environmental consciousness.

Another successful festive lighting installation

The collaboration between the installation team and the Hammersmith Shopping Centre resulted in a captivating and memorable festive lighting display. Overcoming challenges such as access limitations and crowded spaces, the team successfully delivered an enchanting display that welcomed visitors and enhanced their shopping experience during the holiday season.

If you’re looking to install a new Festive Lighting display this year, why not contact our team and start planning your installation today?

Sunderland Festival of Light

Delivering a themed winter lighting trail in Mowbray park

The Sunderland Festival of Light illuminated the dark nights in Sunderland during autumn, casting a magical glow over the city. The Field & Lawn Festive Lighting team delivered a stunning lighting installation in Mowbray Park. The main attractions this year included a breathtaking tunnel of light and many unique and family friendly selfie spots.

The journey to this spellbinding lighting display began with a close collaboration between our expert Festive Lighting team and Sunderland City Council. Together, we embarked on a mission to create a visual wonderland that would captivate visitors to the festival.

Flower arch at Sunderland Festival of Light

Selecting a theme

Concept designs were created, and bespoke illuminations fabricated from conceptual drawings. A crucial part of this process was selecting a variety of different themes for the lighting trails at the event. Among those chosen was a fairyland theme. Our team put their creativity to work, crafting a magical fairy trail that leads visitors through an atmospheric woodland glade.

The path takes festival-goers on an enchanting journey, leading to an illuminated fairy door that provides colour-changing lights and an immersive atmosphere. This was a highlight of the festival, grabbing the attention of visitors young and old.

In addition to the magical Fairyland theme, the Field & Lawn Festive Lighting team were able to provide a wide array of installations that lit up the grounds at Mowbray Park.

What did we supply?

The team were able to provide a wide array of installations that lit up the grounds at Mowbray Park. All of our lighting features have been supplied on a one-year hire basis. This ensures that the festival will be a one-off experience, keeping the display fresh and exciting year on year. 

Among the stunning products we’ve introduced are a 3D Walrus, and two spectacular 20m tunnels of light that grace the bridge connecting the two sections of the park. Our installation teams have expert knowledge of how each piece we supply fits together enabling an effective installation process.

Other ground mounted light features included floating flowers, swans by the lake, arched walkways, including a beautiful tulip archway. A 3m flower globe provided a fun and engaging walk through experience. The magical theme of the lighting trail continued with floating fairies, toadstools, butterflies and other friendly forest animals.

Light tunnel at Sunderland Festival of Light

Successful project delivery

The project didn’t come without its challenges, and the team had to work quickly in order to get everything delivered in time for the installation. Despite facing tight deadlines and logistical complexities, the team’s dedication to making a great event was clear as they overcame each obstacle.

With a dedicated project manager on site to co-ordinate and liaise with other contractors and stakeholders the installation ran smoothly. Thanks to the team’s hard work and a true collaborative approach with the client, the event was a huge success.

Gloucester Arcade: Sparkling Light Curtain

Another successful two-shift project at Gloucester Arcade

Our team have been hard at work this year installing a sparkling light curtain at Gloucester Arcade. As a result, they successfully transformed a central area of the shopping centre into a breathtaking festive display attracting shoppers from all over London. This two-shift project involved a morning installation team dedicated to setting up the tree and column wreaths, followed by two evening teams tasked with the intricate installation of a massive 7m wide and 70m long light curtain.

Morning Installation: Tree and Column Wreaths

Firstly, the project kicked off with a morning shift dedicated to installing key elements of the display – the grand tree and intricately designed column wreaths. Next, the team strategically placed the tree, ensuring it became the centrepiece of the entire installation. Simultaneously, column wreaths are carefully arranged, adding a touch of elegance and continuity to the overall design.

Evening Installation: The Grand Light Curtain

As the day transitioned into evening, the main installation began. Our teams started to install the light curtain which would become the focal point of the display. This visually striking element requires a high level of precision and teamwork. In order to cover the entire length of the central area, additional 6m wire crossing points are strategically positioned, allowing for a seamless and uniform display.

The two teams that worked during the evening shift carefully installed the curtain, ensuring it cascaded elegantly, creating a mesmerising effect. The central space was transformed into a captivating spectacle, attracting visitors and spreading holiday cheer.

Technical Considerations and Solutions

While executing a project of this magnitude, each aspect of the installation process needs to be carefully thought out to ensure structural stability. The primary challenge faced was ensuring the smooth integration of the 7m by 70m light curtain. The additional 6m wire crossing points were strategically positioned to overcome any potential technical hitches.

The coordination between the morning and evening teams played a crucial role in overcoming logistical challenges. Communication channels were streamlined to ensure the morning team’s insights and preparations were seamlessly transferred to the evening teams. This facilitated a cohesive installation process.

Health & Safety When working at Height

During any festive lighting installation, ensuring health and safety protocols are in place when working at height is paramount. Our team members undergo comprehensive training on the proper use of equipment to mitigate the risk of falls or injuries. Prior to any work, an assessment of the installation site is conducted to identify potential hazards and implement safety measures. It is imperative that all equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to guarantee its effectiveness. Additionally, clear communication among team members is essential to coordinate movements and prevent accidents. By prioritising health and safety practices, our teams not only ensure their own well-being but also promote a successful and enjoyable festive lighting experience for all.

Spectacular Results and Visitor Impact

The meticulous planning, technical considerations, and collaborative efforts brought together a spectacular festive display at Gloucester Arcade that captivates visitors. The Sparkling Light Curtain transforms the central shopping area and has become a focal point for all visitors.

The success of this project not only lies in its visual appeal but also in the efficiency and coordination demonstrated by our project managers and installation teams. The grandeur of the display establishes the Light Curtain as a must see display this festive season!

Thinking of installing a similar display in 2024? Why not talk to our team about your next project?

Classic Elegance at Longridge House: Festive Lighting Case Study

An elegant and cohesive Festive display at longridge house

Longridge House in Manchester is home to large Selfridges and Marks & Spencer stores. The aim of this project was to infuse the shopping environment with the timeless charm of a traditional Christmas. Our festive lighting team were working to a specific design brief that called for a scheme featuring classic Christmas trees adorned in gold and silver.

The focal point of the design was the shopping space between the two prominent stores, emphasising the need for an elegant and cohesive scheme that would resonate with the brands and encourage footfall between the two stores.

Key features of the display

The heart of the display at Longridge House included traditional Christmas trees with classic gold and silver decorations. In particular, this attention to detail ensured a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic, aligning with the identity of Selfridges and Marks & Spencer.

In addition, central to the shopping space, a twinkling ceiling of light was installed, and festive dressings were added to the bridge link between the two stores.

Innovative Power Solutions

A challenge our team encountered was the absence of a ground-level power source at the site. In response, a creative solution was implemented using battery-operated twinkle lights for all the Christmas trees.

The warm glow from these lights not only provided a welcoming and festive atmosphere while showcasing an environmentally conscious approach. Additionally, this eliminated the need for extensive wiring or reliance on external power.

Execution and Attention to Detail

The success of the project hinged on the precise execution of the design brief. Our installation team paid careful attention to every aspect of the display. This ensured the Christmas trees were aligned with the traditional theme in order to create a sense of classic elegance.

The timeless design choices, coupled with the strategic placement of the twinkling ceiling of light and bridge link dressings, transformed the space into a must-see festive attraction. Shoppers were greeted with a warm and inviting environment, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, as one of the UK’s largest providers of festive and Christmas lighting, we work with BIDS, councils, shopping centres and more to spread Christmas cheer by installing and maintaining incredible displays. Is your retail business is looking for a new sustainable display for Christmas 2024? Why not get in touch with our team to find out how we could help.

Festive lighting at Telford: Celebrating 5 years of success

Five years of Breathtaking Festive displays

The Field & Lawn festive lighting team have successfully completed our Telford installation for the fifth year in a row! The team installed this years display over one day and two nights, in order to transform the landscape into a visually stunning holiday display featuring:

  • 25 trees dressed with snowfall drop lights
  • 11 bushes wrapped with string lights
  • A large igloo walkthrough ground feature
  • 2 internal Christmas trees with decorations
  • 27 meters of garland
  • A large 3D Christmas tree
  • 3 column wraps
  • 20 star window decorations
Christmas tree festive lighting at Telford
Hanging star festive lighting decorations at telford

Preparing for a successful installation period

Due to our team having familiarity with this project after five years of installing successful displays on-site. As a result, they were prepared to adapt to any challenges that may be presented during the installation.

This allowed our team to plan ahead, ensuring a smooth and efficient process during installation. Furthermore, the complex schedule for this project required internal decorations to be set up during the day and external decorations to be installed at night. This was to allow for the precision required to put up internal displays.

Our warehouse team implemented a rigorous routine of visual inspections, cleaning and completing minor repairs as needed throughout the year. This was to ensure all the festive lighting features were ready and safe for installation.

Also, the installation and removal teams also play a crucial role in handling decorations with precision to avoid any damage. This display, like our others is handled carefully by our in-house installation teams.

Collaborating with our client to create a wonderful festive display

Collaboration with our client was equally important for this project’s success. The team liaised with the Building Manager, who facilitated the delivery of the necessary machinery for external feature installation. The project schedule was shared in order to get approval to begin work so we could align the installation with the switch-on date. Overall, this proactive communication allowed the Building Manager to inform all stakeholders about the impending work. Subsequently this ensured a smooth and well-coordinated execution.

Balcony and Christmas tree festive lighting installation at telford

Keeping displays sustainable year after year

As with all our festive lighting displays the decorations used in the installation were made of up to 50% recycled materials. This commitment to sustainability is a highlight of the display and aligns with the company’s values, contributing to environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, our meticulous care and maintenance program not only ensures the longevity of the decorations for festive lighting at Telford but also prevents additional costs and unnecessary waste. By focusing on the durability of the decorations, businesses who partner with us can expect a commitment to both creating a stunning display and environmental consciousness.

No matter how big or small your display, we can help create a wonderful festive atmosphere at your business, high street or shopping centre. Planning a display for 2024? Contact our team and get your project underway! With our in-house installation experts and 24-hour repair and maintenance services, we can ensure a successful display that brightens up your Christmas.

Pioneering Sustainability in the Events Industry with Carbon Neutral Certification


Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint, year on year, playing an active part in driving the event industry to a more sustainable future. Across all our sectors we are constantly innovating to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Field and Lawn are a certified carbon neutral organisation. Carbon offsetting is one of the many ways our business is tackling climate change. We are pleased to report that in 2023, 963 tonnes of carbon dioxide has been offset.  

That is roughly equivalent to planting 43,773 mature trees!

This means, 100% of emissions produced from UK wide operations are offset through an accredited process that is independently verified through Carbon Footprint Limited.

Why sustainability matters to field and lawn

At Field and Lawn, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a core value that drives decision-making at every level of the business. Field and Lawn understands that achieving sustainability in the events industry requires more than just carbon offsetting; it demands constant innovation and a commitment to adopting eco-friendly practices. 

Field and Lawn have made a steadfast commitment to sustainability with commitments to reduce waste, year on year and use the most sustainable solutions for festive lighting and event marquees from re-active air coatings on flags to sustainable lighting products.

About Field and Lawn

Field and Lawn, a leading player in the events industry, proudly stands at the forefront of this movement, having recently retained its Carbon Neutral Certification from Carbon Footprint Limited. In this article, we delve into the significance of sustainability for Field and Lawn, exploring their commitment, innovations, and contributions towards building a greener future.

An Enchanting Transformation at Barons Quay in Northwich

Our team returned to Barons Quay this year to install another breathtaking festive Lighting display

In its second consecutive year of collaboration with Field & Lawn, the Christmas display underwent an enchanting transformation in order to bring the shopping centre something different for 2023. The goal was to create a captivating and unique experience for visitors, building on the success of the previous year’s display. This year’s features embraced a Magical Fairytale theme, offering a fresh and immersive experience for shoppers.

Festive lighting display at Barons Quay

Key features of the 2023 display

The centrepiece of the 2023 festive lighting display was a stunning Castle walkthrough, strategically positioned in the main display area. This innovative addition replaced the previous year’s giant Igloo walkthrough, providing a fresh and distinctive focal point for visitors. Additionally, the Field & Lawn team installed a 3D illuminated snowman that stood 3 metres tall. The impressive feature welcomed shoppers to the centre, becoming a prominent attraction for visitors to enjoy.

Shoppers looking for an immersive experience had access to a range of selfie worthy spots! This included walkthrough snowflake arches that created a pathway through the winter wonderland enhancing the visual appeal of the space. The addition of an ice throne within the display area also become a popular spot for the coveted Christmas selfie!

Inside, the Fairytale theme continued with a large 3D parcel arch complete with baubles. Complemented by an internal Christmas tree, attracting footfall to the shopping centre this festive season.

Polar bear festive lighting

Visitor Engagement and Social Media Buzz

The carefully curated features of the Magical Fairytale theme provided visitors with numerous opportunities to engage with the display. The strategically placed selfie spots, including the Ice Throne and illuminated snowman, encouraged visitors to capture and share their experiences on social media. The resulting buzz generated increased footfall, creating a positive impact and generating business for the shopping centre.

The second year of collaboration between Barons Quay and Field & Lawn exceeded expectations, delivering an enchanting and visually captivating Christmas display.

Robi Gaine, Centre Manager at Barons Quay commented:

“The light installations from Field and Lawn illuminated Barons Quay over Christmas, bringing festive magic to Northwich by creating an unforgettable immersive experience for families and residents.”

Festive lighting selfie spot

The Fairytale theme, with its Castle walkthrough and other distinctive features, not only brought joy to visitors but also established Barons Quay as a must-visit destination during the festive season. Our commitment to delivering unique and innovative displays continues to enhance the holiday experience for all who visit Barons Quay.

Christmas lighting scheme installation update

Christmas light installation is full speed ahead!

As the holiday season approaches, our Christmas lighting specialists have been busy installing lighting displays, using sustainable LED lights, high impact Christmas decorations, and bespoke ground features. 

The objective is to create festive lighting schemes that attract people to visit and increase dwell time, creating “instagramable” designs and an enhancing Christmas atmosphere. Our team of in-house festive lighting experts are making great progress on a number of Christmas lighting schemes.  We are currently installing around 40 Christmas lighting schemes across the UK, with the number set to increase in the coming weeks.   Here is a quick update…

High street Christmas lights

Some of our largest high street and city centre lighting displays, such as Bond Street and Oxford Street in London are already well underway, with large cross street lighting elements installed.  Architectural lighting in Covent garden is progressing well. Projects for various Business Improvement Districts around the UK are moving forward at pace and the iconic, abstract neon Christmas tree in Kings cross is taking shape.

Lighting trails and Illuminated winter walks

Our Northern branch have completed the installation of a winter lighting trail in Sunderland.  The Festival of Light is a bespoke, seasonal outdoor lighting display which provides magical family fun  in Mowbray Park. Visitors will enjoy a glittering range of illuminated Christmas features

Corporate Christmas Lighting

This year we are bringing the festive magic to life for a number of commercial clients, installing high quality Christmas decorations in shopping centres here and in Europe.  Shopping centre Christmas lighting requires exceptional attention to detail and word class products.  

We work with leading suppliers to bring the most innovative, sustainable Christmas lighting products to market.  This year we are installing festive lighting at high profile, corporate and shopping centre sites such as Telford Plaza and the Red Lion Yard in Colchester.

Corporate christmas lighting strategy

Our approach to corporate Christmas lighting involves a combination of bespoke lighting and commercial grade trees and features. Tailoring each installation to suit the corporate setting, such as illuminating outdoor trees with corporate colours and creating custom designs that will get people the festive spirit.

Our efforts to illuminate the holiday season with carefully planned Christmas lighting schemes are well underway. This project involves the strategic deployment of Christmas lights, outdoor lighting, and related installations in various settings, encompassing high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

Christmas lighting installation & expert lighting design

The planning phase involves a meticulous assessment of the layout and design elements for the lighting scheme. We strive to strike a balance between traditional Christmas lighting and modern lighting design, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing display. The implementation includes the arrangement of lights on trees, wreaths, garlands, and other structures, aiming for an inviting and festive atmosphere.

Maintenance and Removal

Every festive lighting scheme installation is designed to maximise efficiency.  Once installed, our displays are low maintenance and highly reliable.  This is beacuse testing and checks are built into every scheme.  We offer nightly checks and maintain the lighting setups throughout the holiday season. Additionally, our team efficiently manages the removal and storage process.

Continued updates on our progress in Christmas lighting scheme installations will be available on our social media channels. Our aim is to spread the holiday spirit through thoughtfully designed lighting installations, embodying the warmth and cheer of this festive season.

Field and Lawn are industry leaders when it comes to designing, supplying and installing festive lighting.  We offer supply, hire and installation of commercial christmas lighting and can help you bring your Christmas lighting scheme to life.

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