Sunderland Festival of Light

Sunderland Festival of Light

Delivering a themed winter lighting trail in Mowbray park

The Sunderland Festival of Light illuminated the dark nights in Sunderland during autumn, casting a magical glow over the city. The Field & Lawn Festive Lighting team delivered a stunning lighting installation in Mowbray Park. The main attractions this year included a breathtaking tunnel of light and many unique and family friendly selfie spots.

The journey to this spellbinding lighting display began with a close collaboration between our expert Festive Lighting team and Sunderland City Council. Together, we embarked on a mission to create a visual wonderland that would captivate visitors to the festival.

Flower arch at Sunderland Festival of Light

Selecting a theme

Concept designs were created, and bespoke illuminations fabricated from conceptual drawings. A crucial part of this process was selecting a variety of different themes for the lighting trails at the event. Among those chosen was a fairyland theme. Our team put their creativity to work, crafting a magical fairy trail that leads visitors through an atmospheric woodland glade.

The path takes festival-goers on an enchanting journey, leading to an illuminated fairy door that provides colour-changing lights and an immersive atmosphere. This was a highlight of the festival, grabbing the attention of visitors young and old.

In addition to the magical Fairyland theme, the Field & Lawn Festive Lighting team were able to provide a wide array of installations that lit up the grounds at Mowbray Park.

What did we supply?

The team were able to provide a wide array of installations that lit up the grounds at Mowbray Park. All of our lighting features have been supplied on a one-year hire basis. This ensures that the festival will be a one-off experience, keeping the display fresh and exciting year on year. 

Among the stunning products we’ve introduced are a 3D Walrus, and two spectacular 20m tunnels of light that grace the bridge connecting the two sections of the park. Our installation teams have expert knowledge of how each piece we supply fits together enabling an effective installation process.

Other ground mounted light features included floating flowers, swans by the lake, arched walkways, including a beautiful tulip archway. A 3m flower globe provided a fun and engaging walk through experience. The magical theme of the lighting trail continued with floating fairies, toadstools, butterflies and other friendly forest animals.

Light tunnel at Sunderland Festival of Light

Successful project delivery

The project didn’t come without its challenges, and the team had to work quickly in order to get everything delivered in time for the installation. Despite facing tight deadlines and logistical complexities, the team’s dedication to making a great event was clear as they overcame each obstacle.

With a dedicated project manager on site to co-ordinate and liaise with other contractors and stakeholders the installation ran smoothly. Thanks to the team’s hard work and a true collaborative approach with the client, the event was a huge success.