Sarah Spooner discusses spring placemaking ideas

seasonal placemaking for a shopping centre

What is seasonal placemaking?

Seasonal placemaking refers to the transformation of public spaces to create vibrant, engaging, and dynamic environments that respond to the changing seasons. Common placemaking activities revolve around the change in seasons. 

It can also encompass key seasonal events including major sporting competitions and festivals. It involves the use of various elements, activities, and designs that reflect the characteristics of each season, aiming to enhance the overall experience of a place for visitors.

Sarah Spooner, a Project Manager with years of experience shares her ideas and inspiration for creating an Easter themed activation to draw crowds and create a social media storm:

When does spring start this year?

A spring bunny selfie spot inside a retail shopping centre

With spring approaching, Easter is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get creative with spring placemaking and city dressing. 

This Easter, you can transform your town, high street or shopping centre into an enchanting easter extravaganza. 

According to the The MET Office Spring officially starts on Wednesday 20th March 2024. With  Easter falling on Sunday March 31st 2024. We have a range of ideas to help welcome the change of season and celebrate the special occasion of Easter. 

Looking more broadly around spring, it is a wonderful season as the nights get lighter and the weather improves. It is an ideal time to entice shoppers to return to the high street after Christmas and the darker winter nights. 

Easter ground features and spring selfie spots

Size is important and a great way to impress shoppers is by providing large, bright and attractive selfie spots and ground features.  This 2m tall Giant Easter Chick forms the focal point to the display, surrounded by colourful Easter eggs, stepping stones and ferns.  

Another spring option for placemaking is a giant 3D Daffodil, surrounded by lush green grass which really does capture the essence of spring. It acts as a colourful illuminated backdrop to the display.  It will make for great selfies and work in a central atrium in any shopping centre or retail park.

Another option is our 2m tall giant 3D Rabbit with an Easter basket, this uses the same grass surround. Or a 2m tall Giant 3D Easter egg seat.  In my experience providing a seat is a great way to entice people in to engage with the feature. 

An easter placemaking display within a shopping centre

spring Chick

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny sketch design for placemaking feature

What makes these options so flexible is that they can be used throughout spring and into early summer to provide value for money.

placemaking solutions - available now

We are fortunate to hold a large stock of seasonal placemaking products and features.  In addition we can design and manufacture bespoke spring placemaking solutions.  You can see what we have available for rapid delivery and installation in our stock list. Our stock changes regularly with new features added so please check with your local branch if you discover something you love!  A large amount of our stock is illuminated! 


I have curated these ideas to encourage footfall, drive engagement and boost interaction with retail spaces. The designs link into the spring season with an overarching Easter theme.  The illumination options further enhance the visual appeal.

By specifying the central feature and keeping the surrounding backdrop the same, it gives you scope to refresh the placemaking display as seasons change.  For example, as we move into summer, we could provide a large butterfly feature, keeping interest.

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