Things to consider when specifying your new temporary building

Specifying your new temporary building with Field & Lawn

The importance of an expert site visit

Specifying and installing a new temporary building is a quick and efficient way to increase space. It also eliminates the complexities of undertaking a traditional construction project. Starting on a temporary building project, especially if it is your first temporary building, involves a fair amount of planning. There are so many options and avenues available that it can be confusing, especially when you want to ensure you are selecting the best temporary building option for you and your business.

You may have several questions that need answering before you start. For example, how does a ‘temporary’ structure compare to a traditional building? In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why a site visit and consultation should be a significant part of your process when specifying your new temporary building. It will cover how Field and Lawn Temporary Buildings can help you during your early market research.


Who will attend the on-site consultation?

Your local branch has a pool of experienced Project Managers. All our in-house Project Managers are trained and experienced in managing temporary structure installation. They bring a problem-solving and consultative approach and will answer any questions you have from building regulation compliance to timescales and lead times. They can even support you with a planning application if it is needed. Depending on the location, time and complexity, one of our in-house site foreman or National Sales Manager may also attend the consultation.

What happens during the consultation?

Get to know you. Firstly, we take care to understand your business, your products and services, your people and location. We look into how you intend to use the new building in order to gain as much information about your requirements as possible. We also cover why you need additional space to help you when specifying your new temporary building.

Get to know us. We are experts in our field, but we understand that you need to have confidence in our ability to deliver and the quality of our product. We will bring material samples, case studies and information about us so you can have confidence in our ability to exceed your expectations.

Site survey. We will review the current ground conditions at an early stage to discuss anchoring options and advise on potential costs such as a new base, pull tests and ground investigation reports. We can make recommendations on surveys that may be required such as utilities and topographics.

Options appraisal. We will discuss and summarise your options for us to prepare a Q&A.

Your opportunity to give us a grilling! Find out what you need to know directly from the experts.

Why is the consultation so important?

We can save you money and provide expert advice with an initial consultation. By investing an hour or two in a consultation, we will be able to provide a much clearer picture of the following aspects:

Design Development:

To offer the best solution and ensure that the building will perform for many years. Defining the purpose and design of your temporary building is paramount. Whether it’s for a temporary workspace, additional storage, or other specific needs, careful consideration of the floor area, load capacity, and welfare facilities is essential. This ensures the structure is futureproof and tailored to your unique requirements and long-term plans.

Site considerations:

Site surveys play a pivotal role in assessing available space. They can also determine the optimal location for your temporary structure, and address access considerations. Factors such as proximity to existing buildings, conservation areas, and world heritage sites must be evaluated during the planning stages. Our experts can help you with these important considerations.

temporary industrial warehouse

Planning permission and building regulations:

Navigating planning permission and building regulations is a critical aspect of the temporary building procurement process. Expert guidance is essential in understanding the local planning authority’s requirements and ensuring compliance with building regulations. This includes considerations for permitted development and licensable activities.

Costing and quoting accuracy:

Balancing the cost and time implications of your temporary building project is key to its success. A site consultation enables our experts to provide accurate costings, taking into account construction project timelines, temporary work requirements and potential working day constraints. This will minimise disruption and downtime to protect your business operations.

Aftercare and maintenance:

Ensuring the longevity of your temporary structure requires careful consideration of aftercare and maintenance. Our experts and structural engineers can give you guidance on load-bearing capacity and detailed design drawings, providing you with CGI sketches of your new building.

To summarise, a consultation will help us deliver a robust and highly accurate proposal, including a design concept that integrates into your existing premises.

How can I benefit from expert insight?

As part of our client-focused approach, we offer a free, early-stage on-site consultation with one of your local temporary building experts. To benefit from this expert insight, contact us and select ‘yes’ to the free consultation. Generally, the consultation takes an hour. When our team visit your site, the same team will be responsible for delivering your project, giving you complete peace of mind that we fully understand your requirements.

We have a pool of knowledge and experience providing the best temporary building solutions to many industries. Our approach is consultative and solution-orientated. We won’t push you down the wrong path for your new structure. You might think there isn’t enough time in the working day for a site survey. However, we are confident that our experts can help save you time and money. With their insight and expertise, they may provide options that you haven’t even considered.