School Canteen Temporary Structure

We were recently approached by one of our clients to supply and install an industrial clearspan structure in Bedfordshire. A secondary school needed extra capacity for students to use for lunches and breaktimes. We were able to quickly deliver a solution with a bespoke design that met the exact requirements of our client.

We fully insulated the structure with 60mm insulation panels and also installed an internal insulated roof liner to ensure good thermal efficiency. The whole structure sits on top of a custom steel sub-base flooring system which negated the need of costly and disruptive ground preparations.

On top of the steel sub-base we installed a layer of phenolic plywood which was overlaid with an interlocking moisture resistant board. Altro vinyl flooring was then installed and heat-sealed to provide a durable, low-maintenance and wipe-clean surface.

We also installed a full HVAC system to heat and cool the structure all year round and keep the temperature at a comfortable and controlled level for all users. Specialist lighting was fitted, designed specifically for the space and the type of use it will have.

Our industrial structures are the perfect solution for extending capacity at existing premises where the cost, time and inconvenience of a permanent building can be off-putting .

Our structures are manufactured to specification and can be built within a matter of weeks offering an ideal solution for adding useable space.