Reopening the High Street

We are all looking forward to the opening of our high streets from the 12th April. So we are working hard with BIDs and Local Councils to provide a whole range of services to help welcome back shoppers and visitors. Animating and enlivening our town centres has never been more important, both for businesses and the public, as we all hope to reconnect with our local communities.

The city dressing services that we provide include bunting, lamp post decorations, cross street flags and banners. We also supply a range of wayfinding services including information totems/toblerones, pavement vinyls and window wraps.

We can design, produce and install bespoke decorations to personalise your area, generating more engagement from visitors and encouraging them to share their experience. We can help deliver that favourite selfie-location for your town with an exciting creation as the backdrop.

We are also pleased to be introducing our range of urban greening solutions covering parklets, planters, green screening and living walls, and sustainable bike racks which can be provided on both short and long-term arrangements.

Planters and Green Wall Parklet with bench seating

We have a team of highly experienced project managers and installers already delivering our placemaking and city dressing services and if we can help or even just advise, please do not hesitate to contact us.