Ramadan Street Lighting Display: Case Study

a large Ramadan lighting display in central london

Bespoke Ramadan street lighting displays

Ramadan Lights UK, a non-profit organisation, was the driving force behind an ambitious vision to create a “first of its kind” lighting display in the UK.  The lighting display was designed to mark the holy month Ramadan in London. The project was made possible thanks to support from organisations such as Algbra, The Aziz Foundation, the Heart of London Business Alliance and many private individuals who have contributed.  

A moment in history

On March 21 2023, the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and Hamza Taouzzale, Lord Mayor of Westminster, stood on Coventry Street, central London and switched on the capital’s first-ever Ramadan illuminations.  It was a remarkable moment for everyone involved in the project and real moment of celebration after a lot of hard work to make it happen.  

Special guests gather to activate the street lighting display

How did we create a vibrant lighting display?

Field and Lawn specialise in lighting and placemaking projects and work frequently with the Heart of London Business Alliance.  We were engaged to bring the ambitious vision to life… 

Contextual research

Field and Lawn worked in collaboration with the client, Ramadan Lights UK to undertake contextual research to understand the cultural significance of Ramadan. The team were then able to source bespoke sustainable lighting products for the display.
The research and strong creative brief helped to identify the most appropriate lighting designs, symbols, and colours to create a bespoke display that would capture the true feeling of wonder.

Design and implementation 

The Ramadan lighting display design featured approximately 95m of lighting, including lantern symbols, crescents, stars, and other decorative architectural lighting elements. The design was inspired by the traditional practice of illuminating streets with Ramadan lanterns, which is common across the Muslim world. To create a sustainable lighting display, energy-efficient LED light bulbs and fully recyclable aluminium frames were used.

Customised LED lighting

The grand display features over 30,000 energy efficient LED blubs that twinkle and sparkle with pre-programmed unique messages throughout the night. The messages were designed to promote the spirit of Ramadan, such as peace, love, and harmony. Customised LED lights are where a great choice because they can offer complete flexibility.


The installation process was challenging, given the location of the display on Coventry Street, through to Leicester Square, a busy thoroughfare in London.  Our in-house installation team obtained the relevant permits and worked tirelessly through the night to install the display.  The installation was completed in just four nights with four teams working simultaneously for speed and efficiency. 

Maintenance and removal

To ensure that the lighting display was safe throughout the activation, rigorous testing was conducted. The testing helped to identify any technical issues and ensure that the display was functioning as expected. When the time comes to removing the lighting, it will require the same level of care and attention as the installation process. 

How to fund a community lighting display

This project was a great example of collaboration.  Bringing local communities, non-profit organisations and commercial businesses together to achieve a vision.

To save costs, our expert festive lighting team cleverly planned the display to use the existing Christmas lighting infrastructure.  This saved a significant amount of expense and time.  The chances are if you have previously installed festive lighting, be that on the high street or inside a shopping centre, then subject to the appropriate tests and checks, a bespoke lighting display installation will be possible. 

Specialist festive lighting and bespoke illumination

The Ramadan lighting display in London was a huge success, attracting large crowds and creating a magical atmosphere in the city that celebrated the significance of Ramadan. 

The display created a huge buzz on social media channels and hit the headlines, nationally and around the world.   The display brought footfall to local businesses, boosting the local economy.  Ultimately, bringing communities closer together to enjoy and reflect.

More than just festive lights!

TField and Lawn are well known for providing some of the best commercial outdoor Christmas lights, festive decorations and indoor displays across the UK.  We install displays in places like Regent Street, Bond Street, Edinburgh Airport and other major cities.  We consider festive lighting to play a key role in the wider cultural calendar of the UK.  The project demonstrated the potential of lighting and placemaking to promote cultural awareness, enhance community spirit, and support local businesses around the year.

We would be delighted to support business improvement districts create similar lighting displays for other key cultural events throughout the year.  We would be happy to provide case studies and visit your location to discuss a bespoke lighting project.

Field and Lawn are one of the UK’s largest and leading independent providers of festive lighting. We offer a full range of services from surveys to design, supply and installation for a range of cultural and religious festivals across the UK.