Plan ahead for the Coronation

placemaking and city dressing for the Coronation with Field and Lawn


King Charles’s Coronation will be on Saturday 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey in London.  As experts in placemaking and city dressing Field and Lawn are on hand to make sure the UK is dressed for a celebration like no other. Here are three ways to get your high street, town or city ready for the Coronation!


Flags, Banners and Bunting

This is an excellent way to dress the high street for any special occasion. We have installed hundreds of miles of bunting over the years and can honestly describe ourselves as true experts in the field! 

Union flags are available in PVC, fabric and mesh materials. They can add real vibrancy and impact. We offer a full supply and installation service, assisting you with planning permission, permits and consent, as well as taking care of testing, checks and infrastructure requirements. We can also provide a range of temporary flagpoles along with bases for hardstanding for the Coronation as well as permanent options.

A revolutionary, “Re-active Air Coating” option is available which offers a ‘pollution eating’ system to improve air quality in and around the display. Find out more about flags of the future here.

Projection Mapping

Create an immersive and engaging bespoke audio-visual experience to celebrate the Coronation with projection mapping.  Travel through the ages, visit the future and highlight how the Royal Family have played their part in history.  Full scale, impressive and a real draw to boost the visitor economy, projection mapping is a true crowd pleaser.

Urban Greening

King Charles III is a committed environmentalist with a long history of championing biodiversity and tackling climate change.  Urban greening involves the installation of parklets, planters, bike racks, green screens, lamp column planters, living walls and more. The Coronation is your chance to place a big green stamp on your local area to mark the occasion and mirror the commitment to protecting our environment, creating a lasting green legacy. 

Finally, did you know?

You can use existing infrastructure, usually used for festive lighting displays for flags, banners and bunting. Subject to the appropriate testing and checks. We are able to use our installation knowledge and expertise to offer a seamless service.

To book your free placemaking consultation, ahead of the Coronation, get in touch with us now:

Field and lawn can supply and install large outdoor flags for major events and festivals across the UK.  With decades of experience in installing banners, bunting and flags, projection mapping and urban greening.  Our in house installation teams take the stress out of organising outdoor decorations. Read on for a full case study…

Flags fit for a Platinum Jubilee!

In 2022, Field and Lawn had the pleasure of celebrating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.   The spectacular celebrations ran from Thursday 2nd June until 5th June to recognise this historic national event.

Field and Lawn helped high streets and towns across the UK to celebrate this landmark event by installing kilometres of Union Jack bunting and thousands of Union flags all over the country.

We can provide flags, banners and bunting in a range of sizes and materials, with either stock designs or completely bespoke artwork.

Flags of the Future

We are facing a climate emergency and effective, sustainable placemaking can help tackle the climate crisis, through urban greening or using new innovative technology.

Our production team can create sustainable Union Jack flags using ocean-recycled plastics.  We can also apply a “ReActiveAir” coating which helps to remove Nitrous Oxide from the surrounding air near displays.

Results from Sheffield University have shown that 1 square meter of treated material can take out about 2g of NOx per day.

Calculating this using an 8m2 flag can remove the pollution of approximately 3 cars every single day. A street with 25 flags on it can remove the pollution from around 75 cars per day. Quite a significant reduction from something as simple as a flag display!  As an added benefit, the coating performs as an anti-organic film, not allowing any dirt build, keeping the flags flying, looking fantastic for longer!

Coronation ready union jack flags