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If you run a Padel club, you may be looking at ways to further increase playing time as we head into the darker winter months.  Padel tennis is growing rapidly with new padel tennis courts springing up across the united kingdom.  Field and Lawn are experts canopy experts, having installed a range of solutions at various sports facilities.  

When it comes to sport and leisure facilities, the need for extra capacity and space is often a top priority. That’s where temporary buildings come to the rescue, offering a quick and efficient solution. From temporary gyms and sports halls to the fantastic addition of a Padel court canopy, we’ve got you covered!

A description of our padel court services

Padel tennis court canopy

If you currently have an outdoor padel court and require a padel canopy, we can install a bespoke solution in a matter of weeks.  

By investing in a  padel court canopy, you can train and play throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions. Say goodbye to rain stopped play and don’t be limited by the light! you can increase your clubs revenue throughout the year with a reliable court cover.  

Benefits of an outdoor padel court canopy

Sound containment: Court canopies not only protect you from the weather but they also provide valuable sound insulation. A enclosed court structure will keep noise more contained. 

Integration: Our padel court canopies can integrate with existing infrastructure such as floodlights and fencing. This means you can install a canopy structure without significant retro fitting.

Prevent light pollution: If  you have a floodlit outdoor court, you can keep your neighbors and local wildlife happy by containing floodlighting within a bespoke canopy. 

Bring outdoor games, indoors

Our bespoke, made to measure open-plan canopy profiles can cover a  range of sports, giving maximum height clearance. From cricket nets to MUGA courts and tennis court canopies, we have you covered. 

Sporting Facilities

Why invest in a padel court canopy?

Boost income: For sports clubs and tennis centres looking to generate additional revenue, investing in a sports court canopy is an excellent strategy. By providing covered and all-weather facilities, you can hire out the spaces during evenings.

Attract players: With top of the range facilities, players will choose you other other places to play and practice.  

Rapid installation: We understand the importance of reducing downtime at any sports facility. With our efficient installation and experienced in-house teams, we can typically install your new canopy in a matter of days, ensuring your sports and leisure activities can continue.

If you are looking for a short to medium term temporary solution, hiring a temporary industrial building may be the best option.  Once the hire period is complete, we simply collect the structure.  If you are embarking on a longer-term project and require longer term temporary storage, an outright purchase option may be the perfect solution to get the additional space you need

Want to know more? contact our team today

If you want to find out more about the possibilities of court canopies and coverings for your sports club, leisure facilities, gym, or training venue, our experienced team are here to help.  We can provide a bespoke quotation through to a complete turnkey service to get your canopy structure. 

Other sports and leisure canopies

Beyond padel tennis courts, we work with sporting organisations from equine to trampoline centres to install bespoke  canopy solutions.  With over 35 years of experience in providing bespoke solutions, we are well positioned to help you on your next project.  

A temporary building used as a horse riding centre