Marquee Hire for Schools

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Short and long-term marquee hire for schools

Field and Lawn provide national marquee hire for short-term and long-term temporary school accommodation. With four regional branches and over 800,000 sq. ft. of high quality marquee space available, we can rapidly deploy to provide high quality temporary space.

We have a range of clearspan marquees which provide open plan learning space.  These structures can be specified with flooring, heating, lighting, glazing and windows to provide a safe and comfortable environment. 

Rapid deployment

Short and long-term solutions

Quality heated structures

Marquee sizes and specification

Our marquee sizes range from small marquees with widths of 3m, 6m and 9m to medium and larger structures with widths of 10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, up to 25m.  Lengths can be extended in 3m, and 5m bays so you can customise the marquee to your requirements and school site.   

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Short-term marquee hire

If your school requires additional space at short notice, our marquee hire may be the perfect solution. Our marquees can be deployed rapidly, within days and installed quickly, depending on the size.  We offer marquee structures that can serve as temporary classrooms, canteen areas, dining halls, and examination halls. Here’s what you can expect from our short-term marquee hire:

Versatility: Our marquees can be installed on various surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, gravel, or grass.

Customisation: Marquees can be free-standing or connected to existing buildings, providing the extra space where you need it.

Comfort: We offer a range of flooring options, lighting, and heating to create a comfortable learning environment for pupils.

Safety and security: Field and Lawn have robust processes in place to deliver exemplary levels of health, safety and environmental performance.  We are Constructionline Gold accredited and have an approved ISO accreditation:


Extremely effective heating

All our marquees can be supplied with complete heating systems.  This will provide a consistent, warm temperature throughout the structure.  The system is subtle and may be thermostatically controlled.  

Flooring, lighting and installation

We understand the importance of cleanliness in school environments. Our marquee floors come with various flooring options, including industrial-grade carpets and non-slip vinyl flooring, which are easy to clean and maintain.

Our marquee structures are equipped with lighting options, ensuring a comfortable and well-lit space, even during the winter months.

We can install your marquee on practically any ground surface, we use a range of anchoring systems to from traditional pins through to complex cantilevered solutions.  We provide all the relevant risk and method statements and loading calculations so you don’t have to!

Wide range of space solutions

Field and Lawn offers a wide range of marquee sizes to accommodate your specific space requirements. Whether you have awkward spaces, need changing facilities, a fully functioning gym or sports hall, we can provide the ideal solution. 


Long-term solutions 

In addition to marquees, we can provide a robust, fully insulated temporary structure.  A temporary building is a hardwearing, long-lasting, highly durable structure. Temporary, refers to the fact that they are de-mountable, modular,  buildings that provide the ultimate in durability and flexibility. It’s a common misconception that temporary buildings are not built to stand the test of time. With the right care, temporary buildings have a life span of 20 years or more. 

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Field and Lawn is your ideal partner when it comes to marquee hire for schools and corporate events. We have the experience, expertise, quality standards and policies  to provide the perfect marquee solution.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and ensure your staff and pupils have the space they deserve while maintaining the highest safety standards.