Make Your Scottish Wedding Personal with Luxury Wedding Marquees For 2024

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The history and tradition of leap year wedding proposals

Did you know 2024 is a leap year? When it comes to weddings and proposals, a leap year carries a large amount of significance and tradition. On 29th February women get down on one knee and propose to their other half.

The tradition of leap year proposals is said to have several roots. One being that Queen Margaret of Scotland passed a law in 1288 declaring that women could propose once per year on the 29th of February. In the event that the proposal was refused, he had to pay a fine! This involved paying for a new gown, and gloves or alternatively, giving her a kiss. While there was no record of this law ever actually being passed it is a great way to create a unique and memorable proposal date. 

No matter who popped the question, where or how, our marquee hire team in Edinburgh have helped hundreds of happy couples celebrate in style under the elegance of a wedding marquee.

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So, your engaged! Luxury Wedding Marquees from Field & Lawn

Of course, now you don’t have to wait until February to propose to your partner. If you’re getting ready to pop the question, you may be on the lookout for the best possible venue.

Planning on getting married in Scotland during 2024 and want to do so in style, we can help. Field and Lawn’s large luxury wedding marquees offer a truly unique experience for the bride, groom and your guests.

For example, marquee wedding venues allow you to move freely between the open air and a specially prepared venue. This combines the feel of an outdoor wedding with an upmarket venue. Get the best of both worlds!

Our wedding marquees in Scotland

The most popular luxury wedding marquees we supply are our clearspan marquees. This allows you to create an open plan space, with a width of up to 30m. the marquee is extended in 5m bays giving you the perfect customisable solution for any space.

Moreover, a clearspan wedding marquee provides a captivating space to entertain the family and friends on your guest list, without obtrusive poles you may find in a smaller, traditional marquee.

Interior tent linings make the space truly yours. For an added touch welcome your guests in with a pagoda, a distinctively styled ‘Chinese hat’ style roof. These can be placed at the entrance to your structure to enhance the atmosphere on your special day.

A Personal wedding marquee hire service in Scotland

Our team are on hand to discuss your marquee requirements. Whether you need your marquee placed in a large family garden, in the grounds of a traditional wedding venue or beauty spot, Field & Lawn have the experience & expertise to make it happen.

What Can We Provide?

Wedding marquee hire with Field & Lawn guarantees you a stunning venue for your Scottish wedding day that you’ll never forget. Whether you require a marquee for your wedding reception, breakfast or a full wedding ceremony, we take care of the entire event infrastructure.

This includes power, furniture, and facilities so you can enjoy your dream wedding. If you require tables and chairs for your event, we can also supply furniture and equipment for your wedding day. We work closely with several expert HVAC distributors to provide heating or cooling products, so your guests remain comfortable throughout. We’ve got all the bases covered to make sure your venue is perfect.

Themed weddings and special extras

Whatever the wedding theme or colour scheme a luxury wedding marquee can be customised to meet your requirements. Most importantly, our wedding marquees come with a wide range of flooring options including plywood flooring, cassette flooring with a range of carpet and vinyl options. This means you can create the perfect dance floor for your guests to dance the night away. All our kit is cleaned, and quality checked before it leaves our depot to make sure your special day is perfect.

Above all, the key to all good events is planning and good planning comes from experience and attention to detail. The range of interior tent linings, fit out options and lighting we can provide means that you can tailor your venue to look exactly how you envisioned. Allowing you to create your dream space that suits guests’ needs perfectly.

Luxury wedding marquee by Field & Lawn


Leave the installation of your marquee to the experts. We provide wedding marquee hire across Scotland from our branch in Edinburgh. Furthermore, we have over 35 years of experience providing marquees for large and luxurious weddings, corporate functions and other major events. As a result, the Field and lawn team are perfectly positioned to ensure your luxury marquee is everything you dreamed it would be. So, if you’re thinking of a leap year proposal and require a wedding marquee for your big day contact us for our latest marquee hire prices and availability.