Expand Your Business, With a Loading Bay

The Field and Lawn Scottish branch have installed another loading bay canopy for a logistics company this month.

This company won a major contract and needed to expand their warehouse with a loading bay canopy in order to protect incoming and outgoing goods. Having been referred by a previous client we were advised that the canopy was required urgently, and the timeline was extremely tight for them to meet the demands of their new contract.

Field and Lawn carried out the site visit, designed the structure to the client’s needs and within 9 weeks from that first contact the structure had been installed and handed over. The canopy is a 24m wide x 15m long with a 5.5m eave and is located beside the existing building with connecting doors. It allows all trucks to be loaded and unloaded in a dry and safe environment, ensuring the quality of the goods being moved.

Our bespoke loading bay canopies are proving to be a popular solution for increasing covered loading space and warehouse capacity for many businesses. Our canopies can be linked directly to existing loading bays, warehouse buildings or can be standalone.

Engineered to any specification, our structures are designed to meet the relevant BS6399 and Eurocodes for wind and snow loading. They offer a quick, cost-effective and flexible solution to create more efficient use of existing space.

Our canopies can be erected in a matter of weeks from the point of order and, with a range of permanent or temporary anchorage methods, can be installed on a variety of existing surfaces. Please get in touch if you wish to find more.