Festive Lighting Installation at Lion Walk: Case Study

Festive Lighting Installation at Lion Walk Shopping Centre

Making Christmas shopping trips merry and bright: festive lighting installation at Lion Walk Shopping Centre

Our festive lighting team have been hard at work on their latest installation at Lion Walk Shopping Centre in Colchester. A wide range of lighting pieces transformed the shopping space into a dazzling celebration of the holiday season. The project comprised a carefully curated display of lighting elements, including:

  • 19 cone trees
  • 500 meters of cluster lights
  • 9 Cross street motifs
  • 200 meters of trunk wrapping
  • 1 12m x 2m light curtain
  • 27 hanging star decorations

In this case study, we talk about how our team successfully delivered the display whilst navigating the challenges of installing lighting products in a shopping centre.

The role of collaboration in project success

Collaboration was a cornerstone of the project’s success. The team maintained constant communication with the Centre Manager, fostering a strong partnership that ensured the provision of essential on-site facilities and logistical support. Daily updates to the client played a pivotal role in addressing minor issues promptly and adjusting the installation schedule to accommodate concurrent on-site activities.

Street Festive Lighting installation
Photos supplied by Actual Radio

Keeping our displays sustainable

Beyond its visual appeal, the installation incorporated sustainability considerations and unique factors that contributed to a positive environmental and community impact. Choosing overnight stays in Colchester not only reduced travel emissions but also allowed for more efficient working hours, speeding up the installation process for our client.

The decision to purchase consumables locally not only minimised the carbon footprint but also enabled us to invest in the local Colchester economy through hotel stays, consumable items, and meals. Moreover, the displays are made up of up to 50% recycled material!

Our careful planning looks at all aspects of the delivery to ensure we reduce our footprint as much as possible while supporting the local economy. This demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning the project with Field & Lawn’s broader sustainability goals.

Tackling individual challenges at each installation

Despite the team’s familiarity with the site from three previous installations, the project didn’t come without its challenges. Installing any display in a shopping centre requires specific attention to detail. With visitors being able to interact much more closely with the festive lighting than any normal display, every fitting must be perfect to ensure that the displays look as impressive as possible.

Pre-installation site visits proved invaluable in identifying necessary fittings that would be required. This enabled the team to remove the standard 13 amp plugs in each piece and pre-fit the required 16 amp plugs at the depot. This streamlined the on-site installation process. Having a proactive approach not only saved a considerable amount of time but also ensured a smoother execution, underscoring the importance of comprehensive planning.

Trunk wrapping from field and lawn at lion walk festive installation
Photos supplied by Actual Radio

Planning and collaboration for future festive displays

The success of this intricate display is a testament to meticulous planning and collaboration from both our project managers and installation teams. Their comprehensive approach resulted
in a captivating installation for the visitors of Lion Walk Shopping Centre.

Martin Leatherdale Managing Director of Lion Walk Shopping Centre commented:

Field and Lawn exceeded our expectations with their customer service and professionalism during the installation. The meticulous attention to detail from both project managers and the installation team brought our festive lighting display at Lion Walk Shopping Centre to life. I am impressed with the quality of the lighting and can confidently say that we would choose Field and Lawn for any future projects.”

Photos supplied by Actual Radio

Field and Lawn are one of the UK’s largest and leading independent providers of festive lighting. We offer a full range of services from surveys to design, supply and installation for a range of events across the UK. If you’re thinking about your next shopping centre festive lighting display, why not get in touch with our team today for some inspiration?