Lifting the lid on loading bay canopies

Loading bay canopy side on.

We share our expert insight into finding the right loading bay canopy for your business. Field and Lawn recently helped Oak Furnitureland install three new bespoke loading bay canopies at their logistics and warehouse hub in Swindon. Here are the key considerations you need to be mindful of when choosing a new industrial canopy structure… 

What size INDUSTRIAL canopy do I need?

When it comes to selecting the right loading bay canopy, one of the most critical factors is size. It is essential that your new loading bay can accommodate all vehicle sizes to future proof your business. This means considering the eave heights as well as span, allowing lorries with hydraulic tailboards, unrestricted access.  

If you have a smaller delivery operation, smaller docking bays can be created,  allowing delivery vehicles to reverse up to the main warehouse. If your warehouse or distribution centre has raised access points, vehicle ramps can be installed, giving quick and easy access for loading and unloading.  Our bespoke canopies can be installed into the smallest of footprints and do not require significant groundwork. 

Selecting the right COMMERCIAL CANOPY

There are several types of canopies available from free-standing and side loading to fully integrated canopies.   You may have heard them referred to as “loading docks” or “dock canopies.” They are all essentially the same thing.  A pre-fabricated shelter that provides a strong and robust canopy covering over one or more loading bays.    

If your current building permits, you can link a loading bay canopy onto the existing frame to create a seamless line of productivity. This mitigates the opportunity in which the product is exposed to the elements when loading, unloading, and storing. 

You may, instead, require a stand-alone canopy with space for multiple vehicles that are at different points of the loading process.  You will be able to keep your processes running smoothly, without the risk of causing a backlog. 

If you are worried about your stock being damaged by the weather, you can opt for a canopy structure that is enclosed on three sides. This will ensure that your product and personnel are protected from the elements throughout the year. 

For ease of access, you may want to choose a canopy that is either open on two sides or open on all four sides; the flexibility can increase your productivity.  Covered walkways can be added to connect the loading bays together or to link to your main building. Covered walkways will give warehouse staff and visitors clear and safe pedestrian routes with the added bonus of weather protection. 


Field and Lawn are also able to offer an extensive range of ancillary products to enhance your new canopy. We ensure each and every element of the project is considered so that we can create the perfect temporary building for your requirements. Optional extras and ancillaries for temporary buildings include: roof type, doors, flooring, walling, racking for goods storage, colours, heating, ventilation and cooling, (HVAC) and electrics. 

why are loading bay canopies so important?

Ultimately, your bottom line is dependent on how you receive and send goods; a warehouse canopy enables you to keep your operations flowing, all year round. 

At Field and Lawn, we recently delivered three new custom loading bay canopies for Oak Furnitureland. They were designed to seamlessly integrate into their existing operation and, were built on-site in a matter of weeks. Read the full case study here. The structures are exceptionally durable and benefit from a significant lifespan of up to 50 years. In addition to this, canopies can be dismantled, relocated, or modified, as your business needs evolve. If you move your operation, you can take your canopy with you! 

In today’s busy world, where time is at a premium, it is critical to get the right loading bay canopy for your warehouse and the wider operation. We collaborate closely with our suppliers, Protan Elmark, to engineer solutions that will meet all your requirements. This includes taking care of site-specific weather loading calculations. 

By working with industry experts, such as Field and Lawn, you benefit from support and guidance throughout the build, and beyond. We can offer a full maintenance package providing you with the peace of mind that your productivity is at the forefront of the operation.  

more on temporary buildings

Our expertise doesn’t stop at loading bays! If a loading dock or industrial canopy will help your business, then you may also benefit from other types of temporary buildings.  These can be a great addition to increase your on site storage space, quickly.  Temporary buildings are in the region of 70% cheaper to build than a traditional building and are pre-fabricated off site.  

This means they are installed quickly, minimising disruption to your business.  Just because they are classed as “temporary” doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.  They can be fully insulated buildings, specified to exacting standards.