In Focus: The Industrial Storage Tent

An industrial storage tent with PVC walling

The ultimate, re-locatable industrial storage solution.

If you are looking for short-term temporary storage space, an industrial storage tent could be the perfect solution for your business. Our industrial tents are not limited to specific industries. They are used by all types of business for storage, including warehousing for large vehicles, commercial storage, manufacturing, equipment storage and much more. Their adaptability and flexibility make them the perfect choice.  Find out how you can quickly increase your on-site storage space with a durable industrial tent from Field and Lawn. 

A grey industrial storage tent used for industrial warehousing

About temporary storage tents

It’s a common misconception that temporary structures are not built to stand the test of time. With the right care, temporary buildings have a life span in excess of 20 years. 

An industrial storage tent is suitable for a range of commercial, and logistics purposes. Our robust and durable structures, along with top-notch PVC tarpaulins, provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for your storage needs. Whether you need temporary warehousing, additional commercial storage, or a workshop structure, our industrial tents are the perfect choice.

Quick and economical logistics solutions: Our industrial storage tents are a quick and cost effective solution for short-term, temporary warehousing needs. As logistics operations demand flexibility and adaptability, our temporary warehouse structures can be installed in a matter of days, allowing you to adjust storage capacities according to your requirements. Typically, our industrial storage tents have a durable PVC roof and sides.  

This offers good protection against weather, allowing you to store stock, materials, and machinery in a weatherproof and reliable structure throughout the year.  The frame is designed to meet local wind and weather loadings, making them suitable for year-round use. Whereas a storage marquee, may not meet such high standards. 

What sizes are available?

Temporary buildings are built with engineered modular components.  They are generally constructed in “bays” which provide the length. These are typically manufactured in 5m lengths.  Eave heights of up to 10m can be achieved and the span, or width, can reach 40m across.  Larger spans can be achieved by linking buildings together. Moreover, the modular assembly means combining tents and adding entrances to meet your specific storage needs is easy. Our temporary structures are also relocatable, allowing you to re-locate quickly.

A large temporary storage tent

How long does it take to install an industrial storage tent?

We can install your industrial storage tent in a matter of days.  We have a dedicated, in-house team on installers Compared to costly permanent warehouses, our temporary structures offer a cost-effective alternative with a long lifetime and low assembly costs.

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Specifications and options

Your storage tent can be manufactured to your exact requirements. This includes custom doors and roller shutters, lighting, security systems and a wide range of additional storage and racking options.  This gives you complete control of the interior space.

Why choose Field and Lawn

A temporary building will give you much more than a typical storage container could ever provide.  Our temporary storage buildings can be:

  1. Industry expertise: 35+ years experience
  2. UK Based with short lead times
  3. Exceptional quality, backed by a comprehensive warranty  
  4. A portfolio of successful projects and happy clients – request a reference!
  5.  Flexible options, including rental agreements

Temporary building. Endless Possibilities

Our industrial storage tents are the epitome of versatility, thanks to their modular design. Whether you require a temporary warehouse, commercial storage, or a workshop, these tents can be customized to suit your exact needs. With spans ranging from 4m to over 12m and lengths of up to 20m, you can choose the ideal size and configuration that perfectly fits your storage requirements. The flexibility of these temporary structures allows you to add entrances, combine tents, or relocate them based on your evolving business needs.

About Field and lawn

With over thirty five  years of experience in delivering high-quality and versatile temporary storage tents we supply a wide range of clients, including:


We have four regional branches and offer a wide range of large, robust PVC industrial tents designed to meet your temporary storage needs. our product range also includes Our industrial tents are not only suitable for industrial and commercial storage but also serve as excellent solutions for workshops, showrooms, logistics operations, and commercial businesses. With high-quality materials, robust construction, and versatile options, our temporary warehouses provide the perfect solution for businesses seeking flexibility and cost-effectiveness in their storage.  Our quality assurance standards will give you piece of mind: