How to hire a temporary warehouse building

A large temporary building with insulated walls

The hassle-free way to increase on-site storage

Storage space is at a premium and warehouses are close to capacity.  Finding extra space can be a headache for many businesses. Field and Lawn provide short- and long-term temporary building solutions through hire or purchase.  Renting a temporary building is often a better option, when compared to hiring off-site storage space.  This article covers how your business can hire-in the space you need with a temporary building. 

Hire a temporary building

When renting a temporary building from Field and Lawn, you don’t have to compromise on quality. Our rental buildings are the same premium structures that we would supply for an outright purchase. They are fully inspected, tested and cleaned to ensure they are factory fresh for your business.


Our rental options are flexible.  If you have an immediate short-term requirement, we can provide an industrial tent, which is an ideal storage solution for a few weeks.  For urgent requirements, we have temporary building solutions that are ready to go and immediately available.

Our durable, semi-permanent temporary buildings are suited for both short-term rentals of 3-12 months and longer-term rentals of one, two, three (or more) years.  Our expert team can work with you to design, develop, and install the perfect solution on a rental basis or outright purchase.

long-term hire

Renting a temporary building is a popular option for increasing long-term space without committing to the purchase of a building. With renting, you can have a storage solution installed on-site quickly and without significant upfront capital expenditure. This means no expensive architects, consultants, or hidden costs. Once you no longer need the building, we will dismantle and remove it, ensuring a hassle-free process.

a large temporary warehouse building used for stock storage

Temporary buildings: Flexibility, durability and adaptability

Temporary buildings are semi-permanent structures, they can be installed on virtually any surface.  Thanks to their more efficient footprint we can install on tight and constrained sites, where traditional construction is simply not possible.  They offer a good alternative to permanent buildings because of their speed, flexibility and adaptability.  These benefits are maximised when you choose to hire!

Temporary buildings require very little initial groundwork and once the structure is dismantled, the space can resume its previous function. As modular structures, they are easily relocated to other sites, should the need arise. Hiring a temporary building is also a great way to ensure that it is the correct solution for you. If you initially rent, we can offer purchase options throughout the rental term. 

Renting a temporary building: The benefits of on-site storage

One potential option to increase your storage space is renting an off-site storage facility.  Whilst this is an option that should be explored, installing a temporary building on your site offers many advantages:

Productivity and efficiency 

If you have the space, it will save a huge amount of time and organisation, when compared with traveling to and from off-site storage facilities.  We know transporting stock and equipment can be a real challenge, not to mention the impact on effective inventory management.  Reliance on a third party for access and maintenance is also a risk our clients are always happy to see the back of.

Flexibility and resilience 

A temporary building will allow you to adapt, providing additional space for fulfilment, distribution, and manufacturing when compared to off-site storage, that will only ever be, storage. Temporary buildings are a flexible, multi-purpose addition to your existing site.  

Complete customisation 

You can create the perfect bespoke solution for your needs, to fit within your site.  You can expand to create additional space if required or even scale back due to their modular design. Why settle for a space that doesn’t perfectly meet your needs when you can have a custom-built, on-site warehousing space!

Temporary building rental stock

Renting a temporary building might be the solution you’re looking for.  It is a quick and easy process to have your new storage space up and running, on-site. 

At Field and Lawn, we offer a wide range of rental stock for instant storage solutions, temporary storage facilities, and warehouse space. Our rental stock is modular, supplied and installed in 5m bay lengths, with building widths of 10m, 15m, and 20m. Different leg heights can be used to achieve a range of building heights, with standard eave heights of 4m, 5m and 6m. Bespoke options are also available.

Start your temporary building hire today!

The first thing you will need to consider is where the building will be located and how much space you need.  We will assist with a free, no obligation site visit and quotation.  Our rental stock is readily available.

Field and Lawn can provide a complete turnkey solution from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our rental options and how we can help your business grow.


Adam Rochford is an experienced temporary building specialist.  

He has a track record of helping business by providing temporary buildings for a range of purposes.  

He has an in-depth product knowledge and can advise on a wide range of temporary building rental options and solutions for your business. 

An image of Adam


Protan Elmark are a leading suppliers of temporary buildings.  Working in over fifty countries they have a busy manufacturing operation.  Due to their size and scale, they can quickly provide temporary buildings for short term rental or longer term hire. 

Our combined engineering and project management expertise means we can design, manufacture and install a structure that will work in practically all situations.  Where a traditional building may not be possible due to site constraints, we can find a unique solution.  

Field and Lawn work exclusively protan elmark to create leading temporarybuildings