What are the benefits of hiring a marquee long-term?

A long-term marquee

Long term marquee hire from the experts

While marquees are often associated with a wide range of events such as weddings, parties, a corporate event or festival. They have a much wider application when hired for long term use.  

Our specification is adapted to you long term needs, with a range of bespoke options for extended marquee hire.

To explore the benefits of hiring a marquee long term, and look your options,  Project Manager, Helen Middleton shares here insight into extended hire commercial marquees and temporary structures. 

Helen is an experienced project manager and has helped hundreds of business hire marquees for long term requirements.  

How long is long term?

We provide long term marquee hire for a range of businesses, our rental periods range from as little as one week, through to several months.  Our rental agreements are flexible and can always be extended should you need you keep the extra space.  If you have a seasonal storage requirement, we can offer rental agreements to work around your needs.

It’s very common for businesses to extend either the hire term or physical space once the structure has been on site and has started to be used. The benefits are seen quickly!

Popular uses for long term marquees

The adaptability of marquee structures makes them perfect for a wide variety of long term uses. With their versatile design marquees present an ideal solution to longer-term needs. Businesses approach us if their existing structure is undergoing repairs, or when additional space is needed very quickly. In my experience, here are just a few examples of how we have helped businesses and the public sector with long term marquee hire:

Why do businesses choose a long term hire?

1. Cost-effective

Long-term marquee hire can be a cost-effective solution.  Hiring a venue for an extended period often incurs substantial costs, including venue fees, security deposits, and maintenance charges. In contrast, marquees provide a more affordable alternative with reduced overhead costs.

3. Customisation Options

Our marquees can be easily customised to reflect your brand with bespoke gables that feature your logo and brand colours. We have a wide range of customisation options for the interior and exterior of your marquee including various flooring such as vinyl, carpet and plywood options, interior tent linings and other fit-out options.

5. Environmentally friendly

Field and Lawn proudly operate as a carbon neutral company, meaning your marque hire will be carbon free! Furthermore, choosing these marquees for extended periods helps minimise the overall carbon footprint linked to traditional building materials and methods, promoting an eco-friendly alternative for events or disposable products.

2. Flexible

As marquees can be put up and taken down easily, exactly where you need the additional space, they provide a significant amount of flexibility. Our marquees are modular, which means they are constructed in 5m bays.  Marquees can be extended or shortened so over time the space can flex to suit your needs.  We can install a marquee on any ground surface too!  

4. Low maintenance

Our marquees are made from high-quality durable materials that are all quality checked before they arrive on site. Our marquee structures are designed to withstand various weather conditions and are resistant to tearing, UV damage, and water, reducing the likelihood of structural issues. Due to the modular structure of marquees, should any parts of your marquee become damaged or worn components are easily interchangeable without dismantling the entire structure.

How to spec a marquee for long term hire.

long term retail marquee

One of the big questions I get asked is what options are provided in the marquee.  It does depend on how and what it will be used for but our specification is one of the best in the industry.  We adapt the structure based on your needs and can provide everything required for a long term hire.  

Field and Lawn marquees can be hired with soft or solid walls, flooring, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and windows to create a high quality temporary space. An enhanced specification can be offered for corporate marquee hire for example, luxury linings and glazed bays and doors are often used to create a high end feel that is comparable to a semi-permanent structure. 

Helen's Expert Insight on long term marquee hire

Expert tip on heating and cooling: If your marquee hire will stretch over several seasons, we can offer a flexible hire option for ancillary items to save you money.  For example, you can hire a heater for just the winter months directly from us.  You won’t need to pay for it over the full term of the marquee hire. 

How long does a marquee take to install?

For a 12 x 9m structure, we can complete the marquee installation within a day, for a smaller footprint, it can be installed in a matter of hours. This means you won’t face disruption or delay and your space will be operational within 24 hours.

How fast can I hire a structure?

Field and Lawn have a large branch network and access to over 800,000 sq. ft. of marquee space.  This means we can provide a marquee in a matter of days.  Sometimes, even faster if you have an urgent need. 

We can provide a quick quote and we use experienced in-house installation teams which speeds the process up and provides a quality service.

What about long term marquee maintenance?

If you are hinging a marquee over an extended period, we will maintain the structure.  The initial calculations and design will enable us to provide a safe structure based on your local environment. Periodic checks will be required. We can also check that any means of securing the structure down are still safely in place, whether this is stakes or weighting. Ad hoc checks are also sometimes required following adverse weather conditions.

Whether used for hosting events, creating temporary venues, or providing shelter in various settings, our marquee structures offer a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and flexibility. 

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