Case Study: Hammersmith Shopping Centre Festive Lighting Display

Entrance to hammersmith shopping centre festive lighting display by field & lawn

Enhancing Hammersmith shopping centre

Hammersmith Broadway Shopping Centre is a prominent retail hub in the heart of West London. Boasting a diverse range of shops and services, the centre attracts a large and bustling crowd, particularly during the festive season.  It is also a key transport hub, brining additional traffic from the London underground tube station.  

This year our festive lighting team were challenged with designing and installing an elaborate lighting display including interactive ground features and a feature cone tree.

Train walkthrough ground feature at hammersmith shopping centre

Key Features of the Display

The shopping centre connects the famous Piccadilly and District Line Tube stations, so our team installed a 7m long walk-through festive feature which served as a captivating and thematic entrance to the Hammersmith tube station. Its intricate design not only welcomed visitors but also provided an immersive and enchanting experience right from the moment they entered the building.

Additionally, our team set to work installing a 6m internal illuminated cone tree. Its prominent and strategic placement ensured that it was a captivating focal point, drawing visitors into the shops and increasing footfall during the festive period. The remaining areas of the centre were dressed with enchanting light curtains and icicle lights. These covered 3 voids, various columns, and 8 external trees, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Adapting to a Demanding Environment

The project faced logistical challenges due to limited access points and the constant flow of crowds within the shopping centre during the build-up to Christmas. This meant that health and safety was a number one priority during installation. Navigating these obstacles required meticulous planning and co-ordination from our team. Throughout the project the team implemented strategies to work efficiently amidst the busy environment, ensuring safety protocols were maintained while executing the display perfectly.

Internal Christmas tree at hammersmith shopping centre

Execution and Innovation

Despite the challenges, the team’s dedication and expertise resulted in the successful execution of the display. The attention to detail in crafting the train walk-through, and the precise placement of light curtains and icicle lights showcased both creativity and technical proficiency.

Field & Lawn’s Festive Lighting teams are always working hard to create innovative festive displays, which is why this year’s thematic ground features, especially the train walk-through, offered an interactive and memorable experience, captivating visitors.

To make the display even more magical the installation teams made use of energy-efficient lighting solutions to ensure a visually stunning display while maintaining environmental consciousness.

Another successful festive lighting installation

The collaboration between the installation team and the Hammersmith Shopping Centre resulted in a captivating and memorable festive lighting display. Overcoming challenges such as access limitations and crowded spaces, the team successfully delivered an enchanting display that welcomed visitors and enhanced their shopping experience during the holiday season.

If you’re looking to install a new Festive Lighting display this year, why not contact our team and start planning your installation today?