Gloucester Arcade: Sparkling Light Curtain

Gloucester arcade festive lighting display

Another successful two-shift project at Gloucester Arcade

Our team have been hard at work this year installing a sparkling light curtain at Gloucester Arcade. As a result, they successfully transformed a central area of the shopping centre into a breathtaking festive display attracting shoppers from all over London. This two-shift project involved a morning installation team dedicated to setting up the tree and column wreaths, followed by two evening teams tasked with the intricate installation of a massive 7m wide and 70m long light curtain.

Morning Installation: Tree and Column Wreaths

Firstly, the project kicked off with a morning shift dedicated to installing key elements of the display – the grand tree and intricately designed column wreaths. Next, the team strategically placed the tree, ensuring it became the centrepiece of the entire installation. Simultaneously, column wreaths are carefully arranged, adding a touch of elegance and continuity to the overall design.

Evening Installation: The Grand Light Curtain

As the day transitioned into evening, the main installation began. Our teams started to install the light curtain which would become the focal point of the display. This visually striking element requires a high level of precision and teamwork. In order to cover the entire length of the central area, additional 6m wire crossing points are strategically positioned, allowing for a seamless and uniform display.

The two teams that worked during the evening shift carefully installed the curtain, ensuring it cascaded elegantly, creating a mesmerising effect. The central space was transformed into a captivating spectacle, attracting visitors and spreading holiday cheer.

Technical Considerations and Solutions

While executing a project of this magnitude, each aspect of the installation process needs to be carefully thought out to ensure structural stability. The primary challenge faced was ensuring the smooth integration of the 7m by 70m light curtain. The additional 6m wire crossing points were strategically positioned to overcome any potential technical hitches.

The coordination between the morning and evening teams played a crucial role in overcoming logistical challenges. Communication channels were streamlined to ensure the morning team’s insights and preparations were seamlessly transferred to the evening teams. This facilitated a cohesive installation process.

Health & Safety When working at Height

During any festive lighting installation, ensuring health and safety protocols are in place when working at height is paramount. Our team members undergo comprehensive training on the proper use of equipment to mitigate the risk of falls or injuries. Prior to any work, an assessment of the installation site is conducted to identify potential hazards and implement safety measures. It is imperative that all equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to guarantee its effectiveness. Additionally, clear communication among team members is essential to coordinate movements and prevent accidents. By prioritising health and safety practices, our teams not only ensure their own well-being but also promote a successful and enjoyable festive lighting experience for all.

Spectacular Results and Visitor Impact

The meticulous planning, technical considerations, and collaborative efforts brought together a spectacular festive display at Gloucester Arcade that captivates visitors. The Sparkling Light Curtain transforms the central shopping area and has become a focal point for all visitors.

The success of this project not only lies in its visual appeal but also in the efficiency and coordination demonstrated by our project managers and installation teams. The grandeur of the display establishes the Light Curtain as a must see display this festive season!

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