Fully Flexible COVID Testing Structures

Fully Flexible COVID Testing Structures

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, Field and Lawn has been at the forefront of suppliers helping those leading the fight against the virus and its control.

Educational establishments require structures that are flexible and practical. We can design structures to allow rapid and efficient testing of pupils and students that suit any school or college size.

We have supplied structures that range from 6m x 6m to 15m x 40m and can build any size to meet your needs. Having now entered the 3rd lockdown, structures like these are ideal for testing and vaccination centres.

We can supply units with flooring, carpet, vinyl, lighting, and heating that adhere to all the guidelines laid down by the government.

You can hire them for any amount of time, from a single day to over 12 months. We fully appreciate that many schools and colleges will require additional space for the testing needed once the lockdown ends.

We can design our rapid deployment structures to fit any requirement and install on any ground surface. Contact us for a no-obligation site visit. With offices in Bristol, London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, we can cover the whole of the UK at very short notice.

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