Flags of the Future

So far this year, we have installed 250 flags across London and the South. These cross-street displays are designed to bring colour, vibrancy and a message to the High Street. But now they have the chance to do so much more.

The Oxford Street flags are the first to be produced using 100% recycled yarns taken from ocean waste. This is a new offering for our clients which provides significant environmental benefits:

  • Each tonne of ocean waste which gets recycled reduces CO2 emission by 3/4 and saves 3.8 barrels of oil.
  • We use 100% clean natural gas for manufacturing energy, which helps reduce the emission of SO2 to almost zero.  
  • The heat-energy recycling system on the boilers improves working efficiency by 5% to 8% and the low Nitrogen Combustion technique reduces Nitrogen emission by almost 60%.

We are also able to provide flags with a Re-active Air Coating which is a clean technology to improve air quality around your displays. The Re-active Air Coating is a ‘pollution eating’ coating that can be used in a wide range of print applications. Once coated and open to the elements the catalytic process of Dioxide conversion to Oxide takes place.

Results from the University of Sheffield show that 1m² of coating can take out approximately 2g of NOx per day, so a set of flags or banners (c.50m²) can remove the pollution from a bus or about 20 cars every single day. As an added benefit, the coating also performs as an anti-organic film, not allowing any dirt or soot to build up, providing you with cleaner print materials for longer.

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