guests gather inside a corporate hospitality marquee

Field and Lawn have been hard at work creating 500m2 of temporary space for a new corporate client.

We provided a 15m x 25m clearspan marquee, which was used over multiple events during October and November. The structure hosted hundreds of guests over the weeks and was repurposed specifically for each event. When high winds were scheduled for the event day, we were on hand to reinforce the structure and build a 3m x 30m walkway to provide cover for arriving guests.

Our structure was equipped with flat white lining to give a luxurious feel, creating a perfect environment for a production company to create a unique themed space for the client. Within the structure, we organised the installation of rustic wooden furniture and a circular bar to allow for seamless service of food and drink to the guests.

The repurposing of this structure demonstrates the wide range of purposes our structures can cater for. We were able to deliver four separate events with different lighting, floor layout and themes. From corporate events and weddings to storage units and canteens, there is not much that our structures cannot accommodate.

Please get in touch with your local branch with any queries you have, we would be more than happy to help. 

inside a marquee ready for a Christmas party