Field and Lawn – 2021 and Beyond

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Business has always been a rollercoaster ride but it’s safe to say that 2020 was Disneyland, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Alton Towers rolled into one. It was only comparable to our first year when we were a group of daring 20-somethings, learning from scratch how to erect tents, with varying degrees of success. Similar to the past 12 months, we needed courage, spirit and a positive attitude. What we also experienced during this time was a clear sense of pride, teamwork and achievement. 

In March 2020, faced with the cancellation of £5 million worth of events contracts, facing zero income to support 80 livelihoods and families it was like starting all over again. The difference this time was our amazing team of experienced professionals, for whom failure was not an option. So we changed our focus, pivoted the business and fought back against the devastation to the events industry caused by the pandemic. We built test centres, social distancing structures, hospitals and ambulance bays. We supplied pavement stickers, hand sanitising facilities, wayfinding, provided cycle racks, outdoor seating and many other retail support facilities.

Field and Lawn – 2021 and Beyond Field and Lawn – 2021 and Beyond

As a multi-disciplined business with less than half of our income coming from the event sector, we were no longer reliant on this industry alone. However, we knew that our vast stock of event marquees could be used for a variety of applications, so we began to target a broader market. We put the business into launch control and made changes with lightning speed. We strive to embrace change, so we were in our element. 

We now have 4 distinct divisions covering the numerous sectors the business covers.

Event Marquees  Short and long-term rental of modular structures for events, businesses, retail, emergency response and temporary shelter

Festive Lighting – Hire, lease or purchase for the supply and installation of festive lighting for high streets, towns, cities, retail and shopping centres

Industrial Structures – The design, supply and installation of bespoke semi-permanent buildings for long- term rental or purchase

Placemaking – The provision of decorative displays and services to help enliven and rejuvenate high streets, towns and city centres, creating interesting, healthy and welcoming places for the public to explore.

Field and Lawn – 2021 and Beyond Field and Lawn – 2021 and Beyond

We are delighted to be re-branding to help our customers understand what we do. Our new logo represents our four main areas of business and a fresh start for Field and Lawn and all who are a part of it. We are hugely enthusiastic about the future as we remain firmly rooted to our core values. We are committed to customer service and leadership within our industries and we deliver with a first-class team of people who are keen to find solutions for you.