Festive lighting at Telford: Celebrating 5 years of success

Double balcony festive lighting installation at telford

Five years of Breathtaking Festive displays

The Field & Lawn festive lighting team have successfully completed our Telford installation for the fifth year in a row! The team installed this years display over one day and two nights, in order to transform the landscape into a visually stunning holiday display featuring:

  • 25 trees dressed with snowfall drop lights
  • 11 bushes wrapped with string lights
  • A large igloo walkthrough ground feature
  • 2 internal Christmas trees with decorations
  • 27 meters of garland
  • A large 3D Christmas tree
  • 3 column wraps
  • 20 star window decorations
Christmas tree festive lighting at Telford
Hanging star festive lighting decorations at telford

Preparing for a successful installation period

Due to our team having familiarity with this project after five years of installing successful displays on-site. As a result, they were prepared to adapt to any challenges that may be presented during the installation.

This allowed our team to plan ahead, ensuring a smooth and efficient process during installation. Furthermore, the complex schedule for this project required internal decorations to be set up during the day and external decorations to be installed at night. This was to allow for the precision required to put up internal displays.

Our warehouse team implemented a rigorous routine of visual inspections, cleaning and completing minor repairs as needed throughout the year. This was to ensure all the festive lighting features were ready and safe for installation.

Also, the installation and removal teams also play a crucial role in handling decorations with precision to avoid any damage. This display, like our others is handled carefully by our in-house installation teams.

Collaborating with our client to create a wonderful festive display

Collaboration with our client was equally important for this project’s success. The team liaised with the Building Manager, who facilitated the delivery of the necessary machinery for external feature installation. The project schedule was shared in order to get approval to begin work so we could align the installation with the switch-on date. Overall, this proactive communication allowed the Building Manager to inform all stakeholders about the impending work. Subsequently this ensured a smooth and well-coordinated execution.

Balcony and Christmas tree festive lighting installation at telford

Keeping displays sustainable year after year

As with all our festive lighting displays the decorations used in the installation were made of up to 50% recycled materials. This commitment to sustainability is a highlight of the display and aligns with the company’s values, contributing to environmental responsibility.

Furthermore, our meticulous care and maintenance program not only ensures the longevity of the decorations for festive lighting at Telford but also prevents additional costs and unnecessary waste. By focusing on the durability of the decorations, businesses who partner with us can expect a commitment to both creating a stunning display and environmental consciousness.

No matter how big or small your display, we can help create a wonderful festive atmosphere at your business, high street or shopping centre. Planning a display for 2024? Contact our team and get your project underway! With our in-house installation experts and 24-hour repair and maintenance services, we can ensure a successful display that brightens up your Christmas.