Edgware Road welcomes first-ever Ramadan light display

A child looks up at the Ramadan lighting display

Illuminating nutford place this Ramadan

Marble Arch London BID, in partnership with Field & Lawn and The Portman Estate, have brought the first Ramadan light display to Edgware Road, installing an illuminated crescent moon ground mounted selfie spot at Nutford Place which will be in place until Wednesday 10 April.

The bespoke 2.9m tall light installation is a majestic walk-through experience, adorned with warm white LED lights and elegant gold insets. Emblazoned with the heartfelt message “Ramadan Mubarak,” symbolising blessings and goodwill. The display runs throughout Ramadan and will be illuminated each day between 6am-11pm.

It is the latest public installation by Marble Arch London BID who fund Christmas lights on Edgware Road each year. It;s not the first time Field and Lawn have collaborated with Marble Arch London BID.  In 2023, we brought a 16ft bespoke illuminated replica of the St Edward’s Crown to Marble Arch which attracted thousands of visitors to the area over King Charles III’s Coronation weekend.

Building on the success of London’s Ramadan lights in Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, the Nutford Place display marks a milestone as the first Ramadan lights on Edgware Road, where so many people flock as they break their fast daily or celebrate Eid al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan.

Ramadan lighting display installed by field and lawn

We are so pleased to bring Ramadan lights to Edgware Road for the first time through this new display at Nutford Place. We hope that people from across London visit the installation over the next month while enjoying the fantastic array of restaurants and cafés we have on offer across the district.

Ramadan, observed worldwide, is a time of spiritual reflection, fasting, prayer and community gatherings. Along Edgware Road, from Marble Arch to the Marylebone Flyover families and friends come together in celebration.

The fasting period takes place from dawn until sunset, known as suhoor and iftar respectively. During suhoor, which commences with the morning prayer (fajr), many Muslims focus on consuming nutritious foods to sustain them throughout the day. As the sun sets and iftar approaches, the fast is broken with a series of snacks followed by a wholesome meal, accompanied by refreshing beverages. Desserts are also an important part of the meal and tend to be rich and sweet.

The vibrant Edgware Road is bursting with cafés, shops, and restaurants, selling traditional foods from Lebanese and Turkish cuisine to Iraqi, Egyptian and Indian fare. The gastronomic offerings are as diverse as they are delicious and have long been a draw for communities observing Ramadan.

Crescent moon Ramadan lighting display ground feature
Photography by Marble Arch BID

Westminster City Council’s support for a Ramadan light display on Edgware Road is a powerful symbol of its commitment to celebrating the togetherness of our diverse community and welcoming multi-faith cultures within the borough. Having Ramadan lights on Edgware Road, renowned for its Middle Eastern cuisine, is a great historic first for London. This initiative not only honours the significance of Ramadan for the Muslim community but also fosters inclusivity and understanding among all residents and visitors. Additionally, it has the potential to attract more people to the area and enhance the overall cultural vibrancy of Westminster.

Marble Arch London BID shines a light on its food and beverage operators year-round, with a comprehensive eating out guide, “A Taste of Marble Arch,” featuring over 100 restaurants and cafés including a special focus on the many eateries on Edgware Road as well as the best spots for sweet treats and desserts. The Marble Arch London app also serves as a valuable resource, highlighting local offers, discounts, and events from over 60 local businesses. Meanwhile, food tours showcase new opening and immersive masterclasses and demonstrations allow people to try out flavours from across the world.

As family and friends enjoy the rich culinary traditions of Ramadan along Edgware Road, they will be greeted by the illuminated crescent moon, which stands as a symbol of celebration and goodwill during this sacred month.

Marble Arch London BID marked the Ramadan light display with a photocall featuring Councillor Md Shamsed Chowdhury (left), lead member for Edgware Road, Aisha Desai (right), founder of Ramadan Lights, and members of the local business community.

Cllr Shamsed Chowdhury and Aisha Desai welcome Ramadan light display to Edgware
Cllr Chowdhury and Aisha Desai welcome the first Ramadan lights to Edgware Road – Photography by Marble Arch BID

When we started Ramadan Lights in 2020, our simple hope was to share the warmth and beauty of our faith with friends, family, and neighbours. Now, only four years later, the idea has grown beyond our wildest dreams, with Ramadan lights set to sparkle in Cologne, Oslo, Brisbane and across our great city of London. Edgware Road, with its rich diversity of cultures, is the perfect place for Ramadan lights. I salute Marble Arch London BID and The Portman Estate for celebrating with London's Muslim community.