COVID-Safe Test Event

It’s safe to say that the world looks like a slightly different place to what it did 14 – 15 months ago. It may never fully return to the pre-pandemic days as people, businesses and industries adapted to overcome the challenges they faced, potentially forever changing the way we live, work and socialise.

Field & Lawn even had a face lift, re-branding to show the growing and diversifying nature of our business and offering. However, we never stopped building marquees; right through the pandemic our structures were re-purposed to help with the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Whilst we were proud to assist in a national effort to control and overcome the fallout from the virus we were pleased to be approached by Festival Republic to provide structures for the first large-scale outdoor gig without social distancing in the UK in over a year.

As part of the Government’s Events Research Programme (ERP) The Blossoms headlined the mini music festival at Sefton Park in Liverpool on the May Bank Holiday weekend and we were ecstatic to be back to where it all started for Field & Lawn, building tents for events in fields!

Over the years we’ve worked with Festival Republic on some of the biggest and most famous festivals in the UK and although the pilot test event wasn’t quite on the scale of these mega events it was definitely one of the most, if not the most significant to date.

Providing the usual back of house structures, including medical tents, entrance structures and catering areas, the specification looked like any other festival, but the procedures surrounding working on site were a little different!

Just like all attendees of the event our site teams needed proof of a negative COVID test before being allowed on site. They were tested prior to entry on site, throughout the build and dismantle phases and beyond, to ensure the safety of staff and other attendees and provide further evidence and analysis as part of the study.

Nearly a month on, the dust has settled and the positive statistics and reports following the event study has raised hopes that large-scale entertainment can resume in line with the government’s proposed final stage of unlocking.

We still have our fingers crossed that everything goes to plan but whatever the outcome, Field & Lawn will be here to assist and help you host your event, restrictions or not.