(Covent) Garden of Festoon

(Covent) Garden of Festoon

For the Field and Lawn team, we hear the word October and immediately think of one thing – Covent Garden.

For the last five years, we’ve set up camp here to complete festive installations in the iconic shopping and entertainment hub.

In 2020, five teams work a day shift and five teams work a night shift to install over 10km of festoon lighting. It is secured up, down and across 60 buildings along three streets. That’s over 20,000 LED bulbs illuminating this London landmark!


(Covent) Garden of Festoon (Covent) Garden of Festoon


Ordinarily, we’d be slowed up by the hive of activity that takes place in this busy area of London.

But with fewer tourists, deliveries, taxis and even street performers, Covent Garden has been much quieter. Having fewer interruptions has, however, been countered by having to consider social distancing and our additional onsite COVID protocols.

We are fortunate to have a strong contingent of operators who have been working hard under these difficult conditions, and thankfully, we are experts in project planning and meeting deadlines.

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